Bahia Sexi wants to show you the attractions of Estepona. In this way, you can visit each corner in your own thing and you won’t miss anything with your rental car. So read this post to do  better organization of your vacation.

About Estepona

In Estepona there are remains of civilization since prehistoric times. Because flint tools and dolmens have been found.

Roman remains have also been found.

Already in Muslim times, the existence of a fortress called Al-extebunna is known.

In 1342 there was an important naval battle of about thirty galleys in the waters of Estepona. The fleet of Aragon clashed with those of Castile. With victory for the Aragonese.

It was conquered by the Christians in 1456.

In the middle of the reconquest period, the coast was protected with the construction of a new village, the previous one had been practically destroyed, and a fortress.

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One of the attractions of Estepona is the old town:

The old town, Estepona still the structure of the typical Andalusian village. Almost all of its recently remodeled streets have a pedestrian or traffic-restricted appearance.

Also adorned with flowerpots in each street of a different color and stone drawings on the floor of the roads. In addition there are also large murals that occupy the facades of the buildings.

Other historical attractions of Estepona are:

Torres Almenaras: They are of Muslim and Castilian origin, they formed a defensive system along the 21 kilometres of coastline. Distributed along its 21 km of coast are 7 towers almenaras:

  • Tower of Velerín.
  • Arroyo Vaquero tower.
  • Saladavieja tower or old celada.
  • Padrón or Paredón tower.
  • Tower of Guadalmansa or Desmochada.
  • Tower of Saladillo and tower of Casasola or Baños.
  • Remains of San Luis Castle: in the centre of the old town you can see the remains of San Luis Castle and walk around them.
  • Punta Doncella lighthouse.
  • Dolmens of Corominas.
  • Ruins of the Castle of El Nicio, from the 9th century.
  • Roman Villa of Las Torres

But in Estepona there are also modern attractions:

  • The Puerto Deportivo (Sport Harbour).
  • Selwo Aventura, an impressive zoo.
  • The botanical-orchid park.

How can you explore the best attractions of Estepona

You will need a vehicle to explore Estepona and surroundings freely if you don’t have yours. You can make 2 choices:

  • The cheapest way to travel is the public transport. But there is a big disadvantage, because you will have to worry about its schedules and waste time waiting for them.
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