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Hotel Albero features

The Hotel Albero is located at Santa María de la Alhambra St, close to the motorway in a quiet residential area. Probably the location is its best attribute due to is about 5 minutes far from La Alhambra but far away from the noise of the centre. In addition, the accessibility to the road is perfect to take your car hire and go away to visit Granada and nearby areas.

Hotel Albero is a little accommodation but it offers you all amenities you need to have a pleasant stay. Free Wi-Fi, safe-deposit box, air conditioned, Telephone, TV, etc among other in a recent building.

The TripAdvisor reviews are really positives so in this Hotel you can find the perfect balance between quality and low-cost.

Getting to Granada

If you are not going to take your rental car of Bahia Sexi Rent a Car at Malaga Airport, you will need a transfer solution to go to La Herradura. We show you some options:


After leaving the arrivals hall at Malaga airport, you have to go straight ahead to the bus stop, you are not required to pre-book or buy your bus ticket before as you can buy your ticket on the bus. We recommend you to check out the bus timetables to avoid a long wait or the surprise of losing the last one of the day. This is the cheapest way to getting to La Herradura but the most uncomfortable.

Malaga Airport Taxi / Transfer Service

You can Pre-book your private taxi transfer service with AutoSexi, your reliable taxi firm that operates to & from Malaga Airport. For the second consecutive year According to Findtransfers customers that operate with more than 500 transfer companies at 48 different airports around the world, AutoSexi is rated as the best transfer company, for more information regarding our transfer service reviews.

Granada airport.

Granada airport has just national flight until recent time but nowadays, this airport receives international flights. The airport of Granada is located at the nearby town of Chauchina which is about 20 minutes far from Granada centre.

How to get your car with our meet and greet service

You have two options with us to get our car hire hotel Albero service. You can get your cheap car hire at Malaga Airport where we have meet and greet services. A member of our staff will look forward you at arrival hall of Malaga airport. He will transfer you to our office to sign the contract also show you the rental car. He will solve you all doubts you may have also explaining you how to get to Granada.

Rental car delivery service to Hotel Albero in Granada

Maybe you don’t need a car for all your stay long, so we can provide you delivery service. You just have to fill in the form of our website selecting Hotel in Granada and then, write Hotel Albero also date and time. We will deliver you the rental car to Granada, meeting with you at the reception of the hotel. After signing the contract, we will show you the car and solve every doubts you may have. To return your car is so simple like to park in an allowed area near to the hotel and bring the keys to the staff of reception. We will back to collect the car making as easy as possible your holiday in Granada.

What to do in Granada

In Granada, we have a saying which is “All cities have their charm. Granada has its own, and from all others”. Granada is beauty, is sensitivity, is a walk to the past and magnificent times where glorious pages of history went written.  But besides of these, in this city, you can enjoy the typical entertainment of a current city. Shopping and nightlife, sports and activities in nature.  Art and cultural visits and, of course, gastronomy and folkloric festivities.

Granada news

If you want to be informed about the real Granada life, the best way is navigating by an Online newspaper. We recommend you also as the most rigorous news from Granada city also province.

Granada FC and other sport

The football team of Granada was recently at Primera División of Spanish league, but Granada FC lost this category at 2017-2018 season. Anyway, you can enjoy intense matches at Segunda División where is one of the strongest teams. The field of Granada FC is called Nuevo Los Carmenes which was built less than twenty years ago.

Others sports as basketball also winter sports are practised for its resident. In addition, playing Golf it’s possible thanks to the nearby golf course of Las Gabias. Although is not a usual activity for Spanish resident, Granada offers you this choice for visitors and tourists.

Granada for young people: nightlife and studios

Granada is the favourite destiny in Europe for Erasmus students. The University of Granada receives the higher number of students of Erasmus program in all of Europe. Perhaps because the cost of living of the city is truly cheap compared with other European cities. Maybe it’s is boiling nightlife that attracts many young people. Its cultural wealth and the free tapas are some of its lures, among others, make Granada a usual city to live for a time.

Local Festivities

Easter week

The religious festivity merges with the ancient and cultural custom. The people show their devotion to religious figures or simply like to see the promenade of the devotes beside the music band. The folkloric set is appreciated due to its beauty and because of deep feelings that the festivity produces.

Festivity of Corpus

Another festivity with religious origin but nowadays it has lost this concept. Now it means fair, folkloric music and dresses and “rebujito” (which is a mix of soda and local wine).

Cross Day

The origin of this festivity mix religion and paganism. Currently, the local residents perform a cross with an original design and include some ornaments around. The people enjoy looking the beauty of the cross in addition to listening typical Spanish music while drinks.

Pilgrimage of Saint Cecilio

Well, not be surprised if I tell you that this festivity has its origin in… religion, of course. Every 1 of February, the local resident like going up to visit the Abadía del Sacromonte (literally translated as Abbey of the holy hill). Finally, the people show their devotion to the local saint of San Cecilio.

Sierra Nevada

The magnificent Sierra Nevada is about 30 minutes far from Granada. Get your car hire Hotel Albero and don’t miss the opportunity of visiting the highest peaks of Spanish peninsula. The road to Sierra Nevada is used by several car companies for their test of its new vehicles models. Here you can find the highest road in Europe and it’s possible to cross with a “ghost” car that may belong to the famous companies of Mercedes, Audi or BMW among others.

But Sierra Nevada will provide you fun especially for his mix of “sun & snow”. Probably, the best climate in the world to enjoy winter sports. In addition, several options to get fun for you and your party with snow activities.

Coast of Granada

Another option to make the most of your car hire Hotel Albero is visiting coastal towns. You can get the beach in about thirty minutes. So It’s perfectly possible to do sky in the morning at Sierra Nevada and then, to have a sunbath in the afternoon.


The main town of Costa Tropical of Granada. Name “tropical” comes from its unbeatable weather which consists in mild temperatures all year long in addition to a short period of rains. The beach Playa Granada is the most recommended to spend a sunny day in the sand.


With a large history, not just their beaches will make you enjoy this coastal town. The Phoenician fish factory, the Castle of San Miguel and Peñón del Santo, which is a big rock with a viewpoint at the top. These places, among others, are required to visit if you go Almuñécar. Also, you can visit our main office of Bahia Sexi Rent a Car that is located at DIA supermarket parking.

La Herradura

A long beach promenade also its famous Marina which name is Marina del Este, are waiting for you to have a nice day. Its natural surrounds of cliffs and hills make of this place a special area. Quiet, relaxing and beautiful, with several restaurants and bars to reload energy with good and cheap food.

Monumental Granada

We suppose visiting monuments and historic buildings is your preference. Granada is absolutely famous for the Arabic fortress of La Alhambra. But in this city, there are many places worthwhile to visit.

El Generalife

The summer and resting villa of Arab kings when they dominated Granada. This palatial area is composed of historic buildings, magnificent gardens and beautiful patios. The structures for water use are essential in Generalife, as well as other Arabic builds. Have a walk by its gardens and take a picture from the balconies, feel deeply sensations inside you. It’s something absolutely magical.

The Carmen de los Mártires

The concept of “Carmen”, in addition to a feminine name, was the ancient name of an Arab property composed by a house and surrounding gardens. This one is the most beautiful of Granada and it is composed by a little palace, romantic gardens and magnificent views of Granada city besides Sierra Nevada.

The Cathedral and Royal Chapel

The construction of the Cathedral began in 1523. But it was not until the eighteenth century when it was completed. That’s why this cathedral has 3 different styles: first Gothic, following Renaissance and finally Baroque. This is the mayor Christian building in the city and it meant the triumph of Christianity over the Muslim religion.

The Royal Chapel was an original idea of Catholic kings, who conquered Granada from Muslim domination. So they decided to rest after death at the new Chapel attached to the Cathedral.

Sacromonte Abbey

Outside the urban area, on a hill whose original name was Valparaíso, some relics of disciples of the Apostle Santiago were found in 1526. In addition to these relics, mysterious plumb books appeared, which spoke of the martyrdom of Saint Cecilio. This event surprised at all the local residents that ran to Valparaiso hill to rise a cross in devotion to Saint Cecilio. More than 1200 crosses were raised up in his honour, of which only four remain. The current name of Sacromonte means “holy-hill”

Nowadays an Abbey is in this place to remind these first Christians in Granada. The building became a centre of high studies and wisdom but it was closed like a centre of studies in last century. Currently, is a residence of priests besides a museum of religious art. Every 1st of February the people from Granada goes to the abbey because of festivity of pilgrimage of Saint Cecilio

Carrera del Darro and Paseo de los Tristes

Some people think that the street named Carrera del Darro is the most beautiful street in the world. Obviously, it’s just an opinion, but you can imagine how wonderful this place can be.

After the end of Carrera del Darro, you can find the Paseo de los Tristes that means “promenade of sad people”. This name belongs to the ancient era because it was the usual way to the cemetery. Nowadays, it’s one of the prefered places to take a coffee where you can enjoy beautiful views of the Alhambra. The square is shared sometimes with some people who like playing music to earn some coins.

The neighbourhood of Albayzin

The ancient neighbourhood of Albayzin is, after La Alhambra, the greatest jewel of Granada city. We can not resume all of its several places to spend some time enjoying the views and the surrounds. Some of them are: Mirador de San Nicolás, Dar Al-Horra palace, the Zirí ancient wall, the Arrabal of Teterías, door of Fajalauza, ancient Arab bath of El Bañuelo… And hundreds more of them which deserves a book for each one.

The neighbourhood of Realejo

The ancient neighbourhood of Jewish inhabitants, here you can find numerous artistic and historic buildings that deserve a visit. In this historical area is located La Alhambra and a small Arab fortification of surveillance called La Silla del Moro. (The Moorish chair).

The neighbourhood of Sacromonte

As we said recently, the name means “holy-hill” and currently is inhabited by oldies, bohemians and gipsy people. In this area, there are very common the caves where the people live. Some of these are refurbished like a local business where you can enjoy a folkloric performance of Flamenco dancing, singing and music.


Granada Alhambra Tickets

You have little likelihood of success if you want to buy your Alhambra tickets on the same day of the visit. So we recommend you to buy some weeks prior to your visit through Alhambra tickets official web. Buying tickets by a touristic agency is much more expensive. Beware of scams if you didn’t book your tickets. Alhambra tickets are much appreciated and some people can take advantage of your wish to enter on the same day.

Guided visits through Alhambra

If you want a guided visit of Alhambra, we can recommend you a collaborator, who is bilingual and official guide. Curro Muñoz, who comes from a family with a long tradition of guides of the Alhambra. Dozens of years of experience will provide you with the best Alhambra visit. Mr. Muñoz is one of the most requested guides in La Alhambra.

Email us at to quote your guided visit for a reasonable price besides reliable and professional service.

Granada weather

Cold in winter (remember that we are in Spain, cold is a relative concept) and too hot in summer. Too hot means that is usual to reach 40ºC in July and August.

The rains period goes from autumn to spring, but the coldest months of winter like January and February are not wet. Anyway, we have to remind you that Granada climate is almost desertic because the average rains per year are less than 500 litres. But tons of sun will make you feel happy and unstressed. So some fresh drinks in summer and a coat in winter will help you to survive in this Spanish climate of Granada.

Additional info and some tips 

Bahia Sexi Rent a Car want to provide you with the best experience of your car hire Hotel Albero. Currently, we are improving our website so if you can not find Granada Hotel as an option for delivery service, please, contact us and we will inform you about it.

Beware of some centrical streets of Granada old town which does not allow driving with your rental car. In fact, not any private car is allowed to drive in these streets, excepts resident inhabitants of the area. The police of the city or the staff of Albero Hotel can inform you about forbidden streets to avoid any fine.


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