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Capileira’s History

The origin of the town of Capileira goes back to the time of the Goths, although some authors consider that it could have been even earlier, from the Roman period.

Its current name comes from the Latin word capillaris, “highest place”, due to its almost impregnable location which was one of the last places to be conquered by the Arabs and later by the Christians.

The second highest municipality in Andalusia stands out for its numerous fountains of natural water and splendid landscapes, lush vegetation and spectacular views such as the Eras de Aldeire, the river Poqueira or the Refugio.

Although, nothing less stands out for its beauty and the patrimonial value of its urban nucleus.

Its town centre preserves the traditional Alpujarra architecture. The white houses with flat roofs, known as “terras”, give shape to its steep and zigzagging streets that adapt to the mountainous terrain.

Likewise, its typical “tinaos” are peculiar constructions of communication between streets or houses made of stone and chestnut wood – exclusive of the Alpujarra – that configure unique structures of their kind.

This small village houses notable buildings such as the Church of Santa María la Mayor or the Pedro Antonio de Alarcón Museum of Popular Arts and Customs.

There are also two traditional public washing places under the fountains of Honduras and La Pileta, which were in use until 1965.

This example of an authentic Alpujarran village that has managed to preserve its natural, historical and cultural values was recognised as a Historic Site along with the other two municipalities that make up the Barranco de Poqueira in 1982.

The Barranco de Poqueira is, as a whole, the most important and spectacular tourist centre in La Alpujarra, where tourists can also find rugs, tapestries and jarapas alpujarreñas of the highest quality along with handcrafted saddlery and guadameciles.

And, in your rest, be surprised by the forceful flavours of the game meat or the more serrano pickles that make up the typical “alpujarreño dish”.


But how would the weather be when you take your cheap car hire in Capileira?

The climate is temperate and warm in Capileira. Winters are rainier than summers in Capileira. According to Köppen and Geiger climate is classified as Csa. In Capileira, the average annual temperature is 12.1 ° C. Rainfall here averages 591 mm.

The driest month is July. There is 10 mm of precipitation in July. The highest amount of precipitation occurs in March, with an average of 73 mm.

With an average of 22.2°C, July is the warmest month. The lowest average temperatures of the year occur in January, when it is around 4.2°C.

Precipitation varies 63 mm between the driest month and the wettest month. The variation in temperatures throughout the year is 18.0°C.


Monuments that are worth to visit with your cheap car hire in Capileira

The Capileira Utility Room

The municipality of Capileira is located in the Alpujarra (Granada), in the Poqueira ravine. It has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site as it preserves the physiognomy of the ancient Berber settlers.

One of the most charming corners of Capileira that was in use until 1965. The wash basins are in a very good state of conservation.

In the surroundings of Capileira

On the outskirts of Capileira (Alpujarra) is the Abuchite Bridge. This construction allows us to cross the Poqueira river and cross from one slope of the Poqueira ravine to another.

The starting point is called Eras de Aldeire and we follow the stone path. After a few meters we will find a sign that will indicate the direction to follow.

An element to emphasize of the route are the ditches and the great quantity of walnut trees that there is by this zone. We will also enjoy great views of the Poqueira ravine.

It is necessary to pay attention to a point of the route since we will deviate from the main way. This happens when we find some wide stone staircases of possible medieval origin.

From this point on, the path becomes steeper and we will find old buildings in ruins. After a short while we will see the Abuchite bridge surrounded by many poplars.


Take your cheap car hire in Capileira and go to eat the best food!

Among the most typical we find the migas alpujarreñas, the choto capilurrio, the plate alpujarreño with potatoes to the poor thing, the ham and eggs, the gachas pimentos, the soup alpujarreña with chopped almonds, the puchero de berza, the wild boar in sauce, the truchas with almonds or the lomo de orza.

Pork is the main base of the gastronomy alpujarreña. It is worth mentioning, among a wide variety of sausages, the ham.

Due to their geographical location, the Alta Alpujarra in general, and Capileira in particular, are ideal places for drying the pieces.

The cold, dry air from the Sierra Nevada undoubtedly contributes to this. This region acquired the denomination of origin of “Jamón de Trevélez” in 1992.

Other delicacies such as sausage, black pudding and artisan sheep’s cheese are also of special importance.


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