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But first let’s talk a little bit about the history of this place, in order to get to know it better!


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Take your cheap car hire in Puerto Banús and ride along the history of the town!

The history of Puerto Banús is way different from any other city or dock that you will ever know. This place was meant to be a second Beverly Hills, full of skyscrapers.

So, when the architect Noldi Schreck travelled to Marbella to have a meeting with José Banús (owner of the dock), he suddenly realized that this place was not designed to be a dock full of flats.

He had another vision and purpose, thinking about what to do in Puerto Banús, Schreck thought about creating an Andalusian village next to the sea.

Together, Banús and Schreck achieved the vision they had and Puerto Banús became one of the most successful touristic places.

The placed opened to the public in 1970 and had important guests as the prince and princess from Spain, also famous people like Grace Kelly, the cinema director Roman Polanski or the founder of Playboy Hugh Hefner.

As you can see, people with fame and quality lives were visiting Puerto Banús. This started to give a special feeling to the place.

That caught the attention of the governor of Road at that time, Salmán bin Abdulaziz, who started to visit the coast of Málaga.

One funny detail is that the very first night he spent in one of the hotels, he reserved 32 rooms for all his guests and workers.

But because he was very usual at Puerto Banús, he decided to make two beautiful palaces, using 200.000m2 of the territory. Years later he would also buy some of the marshes around the village.

All these facts are important cause this created a tendency for Puerto Banús, and it’s very common to see a lot of well-known families spending holidays at Puerto Banús.

Also, creating a path for the fashion business to develop some shops and glamorous restaurants at this place, because it was very usual that they would spend a lot of money there.


Let’s see where you can go with your cheap car hire in Puerto Banús!

To summarize all the things you can do in Puerto Banús, we will make you a list of all our recommendations and how you can enjoy your day here taking all the chances this places offers you.

1. Make a walk at the Ribera Dock

One of the most typical things to do around Puerto Banús is to take long walks at the docks, and the most famous one is the Ribera Dock, which is full of amazing restaurants and boats.

But there is another hobby… Look at the spectacular cars that they have parked just in front!

If you are a fan of Ferrari, Masseratti or Hammer, Mercedes or Lamborghini… This is the place to be!

So, to answer the question how I can get transfers from Puerto Banús to Málaga airport? This will be a breakdown to reconsider expending more days in our city 😉

2. Walk along the Fame Boulevard

Yes, this is not Beverly Hills but of course, it has some similarities because of the architect that built this place.

The Boulevard was made to honour the people that helped to make famous Puerto Banús and also Marbella, not just in Spain but around the world.

Any day would be lovely to walk around this place, but we recommend you to do it on a Saturday morning, cause you will also see the local market that sells antiques and beautiful objects.

Look around when you walk, cause you could be stepping on top of the star of Julio Iglesias, or Antonio Banderas or Lola Flores.

Also, if you want to go shopping, there are a few malls nearby.

If your apartment is at the same Puerto Banús, you won’t need a car to visit this place.

3. Spend some time at the beach in Puerto Banús

You would be crazy if you keep asking yourself how to get trasnfers from Puerto Banús to Málaga airport! Let’s keep enjoying and make of the answers is not “go to the beach”!

This dock is separated by two different beaches:

  • Río Verde
  • El Duque (also known as Nueva Andalucía Beach)

The Río Verde beach starts right where the leisure port ends, and it has a length of more than 1,5km.

The Nueva Andalucía beach starts right on the other side of Puerto Banús, is not that long but is more famous because it has two of the best beach clubs from Marbella.

We will talk about them later on.

4. Make some sport at Puerto Banús

But if you are up for a vacation where you expect something more than relaxing and enjoying some food, you can also practice some sports in this little village.

Of course, the sports will be also glamorous. So you can practice some golf, paddle, tennis and more.

One of the cool things from the many sports tracks that are around this place is that they open till very late at night you might not lose any time during the day for this.

5. Take a ride to Selwo Aventura

If this is a family trip, or even if it’s not, you may want to look around and visit some cultural and special places.

Selwo Aventura could be one of those.

Because is not a regular theme park, or a zoo, or a museum, is a place where animals are wild and free and you can drive next to them and discover how magnificent these species are.

But if you are up for something more energetic, you might find interesting to go to Aqualand near Torremolinos, a place full of slides and swimming pools to have fun.


Take your cheap car hire in Puerto Banús and go to eat the best food!

Going to a restaurant will always have different opinions and choices, there is a person who wants to eat local, others want some elegant place and anothers will prefer a simple bar with some wine and food.

So, Puerto Banús has places for all of them. 😉

Eating local at Puerto Banús

This is the places that you should try if you want to know what to do in Puerto Banús when you want to try some local food.

1. Restaurante DOM

Cooking the typical fishes from Marbella in a beautiful style is their main thing. Also, this restaurant looks very nice and has a good service.

The presentation of the dishes are spectacular and the price is affordable.

2. La Habana Lounge

This is a special place indeed, famouse for the person who manages the place: Carmen. She gives something to the customers that made her very popular around.

Also, the food is amazing, we will recommend you to take some of the rice they make and also… Don’t miss a dessert from Carmen!

3. Restaurante Piucaro

At the right spot in Puerto Banús, you can find the Piucaro.  A restaurant famous for their special salad with strawberries and the risotto with shrimps or the octopus carpaccio.

It might be a little bit more expensive than the other two mentioned before but is totally worth it.

Eating at an elegant restaurant in Puerto Banús

This is the places that you should try if you want to know what to do in Puerto Banús when you want to try some elegant restaurants.

1. D-Wine Restaurant

If you love the wine… This is the right place to be. An amazing selection of different wines to taste.

Also, a good quality when we talk about food and beautiful presentations to discover in every dish that you will order.

Our advice would be that if you want something more focused on the food, this is not the right place cause is more an experience about the combination of food and wine.

2. Restaurante Los Bandidos

The service and the food from this place has a lot of popularity in Puerto Banús. Being a place that Tripdavisor will totally recommend.

It’s a classic, so totally a must that you should see when going to this village.

Amazing food and a good relation between price and quality.

3. Albert & Simon

This is a curious place to discover, is like when you buy a book an doesn’t expect such an amazing story behind his cover.

Albert & Simon is a restaurant that serves little dishes with their special touch.

Most of the customers recommend the camembert, the soufflé and the Iberian prey.

But you may ask… What exactly is a typical dish from Puerto Banús?

As a good foodie, we will recommend you this typical dishes so if you read them in the menu of the place you choose… Go for it and try them!

So when you ask yourself what to do in Puerto Banús? Going out to a restaurant and ordering some of this dishes will be the right choice to make.

Gambas al pilpil

This dish, which can be taken as an entree, main course or tapa, is one of the veteran favorites for expats and locals alike. It’s simple but it tastes great and consists of prawns with garlic and chili served in very hot olive oil.

Espetos de sardinas

This is the typical specialty of Malaga. The sardines are made in the traditional style: pricking them in a cane and roasting them with the smoke of fire in the open air.

Ideally stuck in a traditional fishing boat converted into a barbecue on the beach.


Any trip to Marbella is not complete if you do not try their famous anchovies. As a tapa or as a starter, fried or cured meats with vinegar, olive oil and garlic are usually served.

Fritura Malagueña

Try the best of the Mediterranean with this varied fried fish dish. This selection of local fried fish, floured and salted, served with a slice of fresh lemon, is one of the favourite Andalusian dishes.

Queso Curado

A classic and much more than the favourite dish of shepherds, it tastes better with Serrano ham. The best varieties of cured cheese are those made with sheep’s milk or goat’s milk.


This cold tomato soup may be well known but it is best done in Malaga. It’s served in any tapas bar and even better: it’s easy to do, so you can impress your friends when you return home!


Enjoy the night with your cheap car hire in Puerto Banús!

Puerto Banús is a nightlife, it is a party until the wee hours of the morning. Clubs, pubs, bars, private clubs…

That is why is one of the favourite place for young people to party, it’s impossible that you get bored in Puerto Banús.

You have to consider that all these places are more focused on foreign tourism and not the national, till the point that in some places you can only ask in English.

This is the price to pay for the enormous success among international tourists that Puerto Banus has.

That said, if you’re looking for a more Spanish atmosphere, the old town and the marina of Marbella is the best choice.

When people want to know what do in Puerto Banús at nighttime, we recommend that you let yourself lose and be open to meet a lot of new people.

Cause this place is usually frequented by bridal showers.

Although Puerto Banús is a moderately expensive place, there are alternatives for all budgets: you will undoubtedly spend more than if you go out for drinks in the center of Marbella, but that does not mean that only the most fortunate can enjoy an evening of walking in the dock.

Of course, if you want to spend and splurge, the places where you spend 1000 euros (no kidding) in a bottle of champagne are not lacking at Puerto Banús.

There is two really famous places to discover and have some drinks:

  • The Ocean Club Beach: if you are seeking style and luxury, this is the right place. Also, very famous for the appearance and the elegance of the club, which has a swimming pool at the centre.
  • Buddha Beach Club: a place to enjoy a cool dj set, good company, great environment and a beautiful swimming pool while you drink the best cocktails.

Are you enjoying your cheap car hire in Puerto Banús?

The ride doesn’t end here, enjoy your cheap car hire in Puerto Banús and drive along the city to discover the secrets that this town has inside.

Let us know what you thought about the city and if your guide was useful for you as well as our car hire. 😉

Enjoy your holidays!