3 best viewpoints of Nerja that you might visit

In Nerja there are many things you can do and visit. In this post we want to introduce you 3 best viewpoints of Nerja. Also at any time of the year. Because its climate is exceptional. It must also be said that Nerja is only 40 minutes from Malaga International Airport.

Places in Nerja that are worth to visit

Visit the Cave of Nerja

I think the first thing is to visit Nerja’s Cave. Because it is the most famous of the village. It is also one of the most famous caves on the Costa del Sol.

They are also a Historic Artistic Monument and the fourth most visited natural monument in Spain.

On the way to the Cueva de Nerja you will also see the Acueducto del Águila, another interesting place in Nerja. It dates from the 19th century and you will find it on the outskirts of Nerja.

3 Best Viewpoints of Nerja

The obligatory visit to Verano Azul Park

Blue Summer Park is named after a famous television series from the 1980s. The Blue Summer series was recorded on the streets and beaches of Nerja. The town of Nerja is known all over the world.

Due to the great repercussion that the series had, it was decided to create this park in his honor.

The Blue Summer Park is a small space for leisure and recreation in the municipality of Nerja. It was inaugurated in 2001. It is also next to the mouth of the Chillar River.

For that reason, the views to the river and the surroundings are beautiful. The streets that run through it are also named after the different characters in the series.

Of the park, the boat La Dorada is worth mentioning. It is a replica of the Chanquete boat.

Also the enclosure counts on numerous green zones by which to walk. As is the football field of artificial turf. It can be used by anyone who wants.

There are also several playgrounds for children to enjoy. On the other hand, for adults there is a set of petanque courts to practice this sport.

Next to this, there is a small cafeteria with a terrace. The ideal place to have an aperitif while you enjoy the facilities.

And finally the Best Viewpoints of the Mediterranean Sea is in Nerja: The Balcony of Europe

In the centre of the village is the Balcony of Europe, a viewpoint with imposing views of the sea. The name “Balcony of Europe” was proposed by King Alfonso XII who visited the area in 1885 after an earthquake.

It was King Alfonso XII, who approached the Axarquía to check the damage caused by the earthquake and gave it its current name.

It was also called the Balcony of Europe, because when it appeared it seemed as if Europe ended there. Because the next thing there is Africa, hence the name “Balcony”.

We think these are the 3 best viewpoints of Nerja. But we are sure that there are more that you can discover with your rental car in Costa del Sol with Bahia Sexi.

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