Would you like to know the attractions of Frigiliana?

You cannot miss the attractions of Frigiliana, if you want to know a typical Andalusian town. You can explore its narrow streets with white houses and feel the relaxing atmosphere. So read more info in this post. 

Would you like to visit a typical Andalusian town?

Frigiliana is a picturesque town in the Costa del Sol, which has the typical Andalusian style. You can take a pleasant walk through its narrow streets, where you can admire the white houses decorated with flowers. In addition, Frigiliana has wonderful sea views.

If you want to feel the authentic Andalusian atmosphere, Frigiliana is your ideal destination. 

Do you know the main attractions of Frigiliana?

attractions of Frigiliana

Frigiliana is a beautiful town in the Costa del Sol, where the climate is one of its charms. The weather in Frigiliana is very special, because there are mild temperatures and about 320 sunny days a year.

In this way, you can also the attractions of Frigiliana, such as:

  • The old town has the picturesque style of Andalusia. You should get lost in its beautiful streets, which are narrow and white. Moreover each corner is decorated with flowers. Don’t miss the wonderful sea and mountains views.
  • The Archeological Museum has a privileged location in the Casa del Apero (Ingenio), which is a place form XVII century. The museum shows the cultural and historical heritage of Frigiliana. In this building you can also visit the tourism office and de public library.
  • Botanical Garden has a selection of plants, which were useful to the Frigiliana´s people, such as sugar cane or esparto.
  • Fuente Vieja is an ancient fountain, which works from the early 19th century. 
  • Ermita del Ecce Homo is a baroque small church, which was built in XVIII century. 
  • San Antonio church is the main church in Frigiliana, which was building in the XVI century. It has Muslim Spanish style. 

Come to discover Frigiliana with our car hire

If you want to explore Frigiliana and its surroundings, it is necessary a vehicle. The best option is your own vehicle. But if it is no possible, you will have to make a choice how are you  traveling:

  • In this area there are a buses service, which are a low cost way to explore the region. However the disadvantage is that you will have waste your time waiting for them.
  • On the other hand, you have the possibility to book one of our car hire in Frigiliana.  In this way, you will drive freely around the area. 

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In conclusion, if you are interested in exploring the Costa del Sol, you should visit the attractions of Frigiliana.In this way, you will know better the authentic Andalusian traditions. So think it no more and book the car hire of Bahia Sexi to discover Frigiliana freely.


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