Beaches of Torrox Costa that you will like to visit

We find the famous beaches of Torrox  Costa. Because Torrox is a village divided into two parts. Torrox village and Torrox coast. In this second we find along the National Highway 340 several urban and semi-urban beaches. They are separated either by natural or artificial “frontiers”.

You can get from Malaga Airport to Torrox Costa in about 50 minutes with your rental car. And the list of the famous beaches of Torrox is here:

First of the beaches of Torrox Costa that you would love

Ferrara Beach

First of all, a very extensive beach and with all the comforts. It has a family atmosphere. At its eastern end there is a small cove called ‘Playa Chica’, and then the mouth of the river Torrox.

It has a length of just over a kilometre, a width of 50 metres and a high degree of occupation.

Las Dunas Beach and El Cenicero

We find this beach between El Morche and Plaza Ferrara. Also, it offers all the services, also has a length of just over a kilometre and a width of about 75 metres. In addition, its occupancy rate is medium.

El Morche Beach

Urban beach with good equipment. It has a promenade and all services. With a high occupancy rate and an average width of 70 meters. As it is an urban beach its occupancy rate is also high.

El Peñoncillo Beach.

Extensive and urbanised beach very close to the N-340a road. It has some services. Its western end called ‘Playa de Los Cuartos Catalanes’.

El Sillón beach

Narrow beach next to the N-340 road, with low public traffic and few facilities and services. Separated from the beaches of Cala Chica and Peñoncillo by rocky areas. And with a length of 700 meters.

Beach of Calaceite.

Small beach next to the N-340 road. Disabled accesses and wooden walkways. Adapted showers and washbasins.

The last of the famous beaches of Torrox Costa is: Cala Chica Beach

Very small beach between Ferrara beach and Torrox river.

Finally, remember that Torrox is a paradise because it has the best climate of Europe. You can enjoy the Famous beaches of Torrox in each season of the year. And only a few minutes from the Malaga airport in your rented car.

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