Where to eat in Salobreña? Bahia Sexi recommends the 5 best restaurants in Salobreña, where you will enjoy the local cuisine based on the Mediterranean diet. So you don’t have to worry about finding the best restaurants, just read this post. And just worry about having fun in Salobreña.


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Discover the delicious dishes at the 5 best restaurants in Salobreña

One of the attractions of Salobreña is its tasty gastronomy. All its typical dishes are made with fresh ingredients such as fishes, vegetables, etc. In addition, this area farms tropical fruits, which you can also taste as dessert or salad. 

So you should try all of the 5 best restaurants in Salobreña to discover your favorite. So let’s know the suggestions of Bahia Sexi: 

  • La Traviesa Restaurant

You can discover Mediterranean cuisine with its creative dishes, while you admire the fantastic views of the old town. In addition, you can also have a good time because of the performances of jazz or flamenco music.



  • Talassa Restaurant

This restaurant serves the freshest products, such as tropical fruits and fishes of this zone.   Its menu offers very elaborate and original dishes. It is a different place, which serves the typical dishes with its own style. 


  • Carne a la Piedra Restaurant

If you are a meat lover, you cannot miss this restaurant. The specialty of the house is the “carne a la Piedra” as its name suggests. And it means that you can grill your meat yourself to your taste on the heat stone. 


  • La Biznaga Restaurant

Close to the beach you will find this restaurant, which serves traditional dishes. You have the opportunity to taste the Andalusian and sailor flavor.


  • Miba Restaurant

At the Hotel Miba you have this restaurant, which serves signature cuisine, while you admire the best views of the old town and the castle. The chef fuses Asian and traditional cuisine. In this way, he creates delicious and innovative dishes. 


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In conclusion, if you are interested in gastronomic tourism, you have to visit the 5 best restaurants in Salobreña. In addition, you can complete your vacation with our car hire to explore the surroundings. So book it with Bahia Sexi and come to taste Salobreña.


Images: Tripadvisor