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Iberostar Torrox in Torrox Costa

Iberostar Torrox Hotel is located in the town of Torrox Costa. This fabulous Hotel is next to the beach and close to the main way. With no doubt, this is the best hotel in Torrox and surrounding area.

This complex has 406 rooms, a big swimming pool, spa, quality gastronomy,  activities for your children among other services. More than you need to feel really happy in a relaxed environment. Get your “all included” for your maximum comfort and your party. Recently reformed and consequently modern, this hotel is ideal for families. You just have to take a look the many favorable reviews you can find navigating.     

Anyway, it’s a good idea to have an excursion to nearby towns like Nerja or Frigiliana. Take your car rental in Iberostar Torrox and spend a little time visiting the Costa del Sol.


What to do in Torrox

Bahia Sexi wants you not to miss anything when you come on holiday to Malaga. That’s why in this post we show you what to do in a day in Torrox.

What to do in a day in Torrox

Among the most outstanding activities to be carried out in the locality is to know the history of the region. It can be done through the different monuments found along its streets.

And of course you can also enjoy the beach and the best climate in Europe.

The Torrox Lighthouse


The Torrox Lighthouse is the star attraction of the village. Built in 1864, it is one of the few in Malaga open to the public. Its purpose is to host cultural exhibitions that help the visitor to get a faithful idea of the history of this municipality. There is also a Roman site inside its enclosure. In which it has inside the Marine Museum of Torrox.


Spending a day at the beach in Torrox Costa, during the summer is the main activity. Its beaches are urban and with all the comforts.

Also in Torrox in one day you can visit a lot of churches.

Also the Plaza de la Constitución one of the most beautiful in Andalusia.

Visit the Museum of Miniatures

The Museum of Miniatures, with works by the local craftsman Antonio Medina and an impressive model of the municipality, as it was in the mid-twentieth century.

House of Hoya

The Casa de la Hoya (also known as Palacio de la Joya) is a 19th century house. Which welcomed King Alfonso XII on his visit to the region in 1884.


Route to Torrox Costa and Torrox Pueblo

We deliver Hotel Iberostar Torrox car hire but if you prefer, we can provide your car rental at Malaga airport. We have meet&greet service at arrival hall where you will find a member of our staff. He will show you the car, providing you info as you request and the way to leave the airport.

Taking the MA-20 to Almeria direction, after the false tunnel in the exit of Malaga city, you have to follow until having the A7 motorway. Running about 40 minutes from the airport, you can take the exit to Torrox Pueblo or Torrox Costa. Leaving the A7 highway, you have to turn to the right going down straight to the beach. Once you arrive at a first traffic light, take to your right side and follow about one kilometer. You finally will see a big building at left side with a beautiful entrance and its own roundabout. Anyway, if you need some help to guide yourself, we can provide you with a GPS when you book your rent a car.


Know the Roman villa of Torrox

First of all its origin is the late Republican era. Because the last phase of construction in the 4th century A.D. is documented. Also on the basis of the known materials of the excavations and the analysis of the mosaics. Coins and ceramics dating from the 6th century AD have also been recovered.

The complete site

In the residential area there is also an atrium with a central impluvium of masonry. There are also other rooms and a rectangular peristyle. Slate has been used in the construction of the villa.

Both the atrium area and the various rooms were paved with geometrically decorated mosaics from the 2nd and 3rd centuries.  As for the polychrome mosaics, ornamental themes typical of the 4th century are identified.

The subsoil of the Roman villa of Torrox

Also in the basement of the villa is located a double gallery vault like a cistern. Another noteworthy element is the presence of a structure on the western side of the façade that could be interpreted as a fountain.

Of the remains that make up the villa’s decorative system, a marble hermes of the “Macedonian Kings” type stands out. And also a bronze representing Minerva with peplo crossed by the strophium. In addition to other statues such as that of a bronze lion that presents abundant and curly manes, as well as open jaws with a small opening.

Other buildings in the Roman villa of Torrox

After the construction of the villa, some balnea were built at the end of the 1st century AD. Several service rooms, two caldaria, one laconicum and two tepidaria with a warm water swimming pool have been distinguished, forming part of these baths.


Discover Gay Bars in Torrox

The nightlife in Torrox is very lively, especially in summer. Most of the pubs and discopubs are on the promenade and offer all kinds of atmospheres, live music and salsa classes.

It also offers many possibilities of leisure and fun for all ages and tastes. In addition throughout the year, although in summer when there is more affluence of tourism.

Most of the pubs and discopubs are on the promenade and many of them have terraces open to the sea where you can have a drink sitting on the terrace or dance.

In Torrox Park, the Casa Maria bar offers Happy Hour every Sunday and live concerts every Monday, perhaps the only bar in this area that has a Monday atmosphere, especially in winter. It is open every day from 11 am until late.

Although there is a lot of gay atmosphere. But which is not very localized. If we can highlight the following Pub:

Los Amigos Club

They have tribute acts, karaoke, bands, soloists, duos, DJ’s for musical entertainment. The list continues other ways for people to be entertained. Bowling, contests, morning coffee and charity events.

Please don’t misunderstand me also have quieter nights where you can continue to meet wonderful people and make new friends.

Your food is also fabulous! ADVANTAGE!

We look forward to coming back for Elton John’s Christmas tribute!


Tourism in Torrox to do in your holiday!

To make better tourism in Torrox in this post we make an introduction of the places and activities that stand out. Also in our blog you can find more post on the beaches, squares, monuments and restaurants of Torrox.

Because in addition to its nine kilometres of beaches. And also the charm of an Andalusian white village. Tourists have a great variety of activities to enjoy during their stay in Torrox.

A long history and tradition

Because Torrox is the fruit of an ancient culture. And there are also testimonies that can be visited such as the Roman ruins, the lighthouse or the viewpoints.

But for the more curious there are also guided tours. And in addition to its history Torrox also looks to the future from a bright present.

With infrastructures capable of providing adequate accommodation and first-class services to visitors. Torrox also has first-rate municipal sports facilities. And very soon there will also be a golf course, a Marine Theme Park and a marina.

Companies for tourism in Torrox

In Torrox there are many companies dedicated to alternative sports:

  • paragliding
  • scuba diving
  • mountain biking, hiking
  • trek
  • paint
  • photography
  • regional cuisine
  •  flamenco dance.


The Squares of Torrox that you and your family can enjoy!

First of all, Torrox Pueblo, must be differentiated from Torrox Costa, is located in southern Spain on the Eastern Costa del Sol. There are several squares of Torrox that you must visit.

Just 44 km from Malaga airport and less than 10 km from Nerja and its famous cave. Access is quick and easy via the Mediterranean Motorway in the direction of Motril – Almeria if you are coming from the Western Costa del Sol or Malaga.

The village is 145 metres above sea level.

In Torrox Pueblo, traditions and craftsmanship are well touchable. Because you can buy handicrafts using forge, wood, esparto grass and cane.

Of course you can also enjoy a dish of its varied cuisine: migas, gazpacho, potatoes to the poor, roscos, arropía, as well as wine from the land.

But in addition to other historical and natural attractions of Torrox that we have already seen in other post. Here are two places worth visiting that may go unnoticed, they are the most famous squares of Torrox:

Square The Gate of Torrox

We find it at the confluence of the streets “Alta” and “Baja”. It is a place that the people from Torrox call “Puerta del Sol”.

It is a passageway that communicates, through it, with a network of narrow streets of marked Arabic layout.

Also in the nineties the Town Hall decided to cover with exposed brick and forms part of the “Almanzor Route”.

Other of the Famous squares of Torrox  is The Constitution Square

Finally, this square in the centre of Torrox Pueblo is the nerve centre of the town. If you come to Torrox it is worthwhile to stop by the Plaza de la Constitución in the centre.

Its buildings end in striking Roman busts. The Casa de la Joya, the Town Hall and in the background the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación.


Know the museum of miniatures in Torrox

In this post we know you to the museum of miniatures in Torrox. It is a curious museum that represents the town of Torrox but on a small scale so that inhabitants and visitors can see it from another perspective.

But if you want to know all the secrets of Torrox, visit our blog. Because every day we bring new post of Torrox and the Costa del Sol.

Inside the historic centre of Torrox is this interesting museum of miniatures. In which, in addition to other antique pieces, the impressive model of the municipality of Axarquía stands out.

First of all this museum is in what was known as the old Mint. It also houses the works of the local artisan Antonio Medina. This is how this artist’s dream comes true. Because he also sees how his efforts to see his exhibited works have culminated. It is a magnificent museum of barely twenty square metres.


The Museum is located in the heart of the Historical Center of the municipality, in the Calle Baja. In the course of the so-called Route of Almanzor, urban tourist route marked through sixteen ceramics alluding to the history of the town, dating from the ninth century.  It is located in an old historical house traditionally known as the Mint, because it was the seat of a “mint” in the sixteenth century (place of coinage). The building, acquired by the municipality, was recently restored through a Workshop School.

In this space the great model of Torrox stands out in which the artist has spent several years in its construction. But other works are also shown where you can see elements of everyday life in the locality. And also some very significant photographs.

How much is it worth to know the museum of miniatures in Torrox?

Admission is free and with the collaboration of the Almedina Women’s Association. It is open from 10.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. Monday to Sunday.


Torrox Christmas Activities 

 On the Sunday before Christmas Eve, Torrox celebrates the Migas Festival. It has the title of National Tourist Interest of Andalusia. 

But in 2.020 everything is a little different due to the circumstances. For that reason, it has been possible to follow through the Social Networks and 101Tv Malaga the special tribute that has been done. We could not let this date pass without giving it importance. So the party has consisted of publishing the dishes of migas, that each one prepared from his house.  

 Torrox organizes some ‘virtual crumbs’ for the coronavirus pandemic. 

 In addition that day there have been carols with flamenco touches, as well as the Choirs and Dances in charge of opening the party every year.  

 Also, the City Council of Torrox this year has launched a campaign to promote local trade to increase economic activity. 

 That is why a draw will be made for 3 Gift Baskets valued at 2,000 euros (VAT included) each with products or vouchers from the participating establishments. The draw will take place on February 1, 2021 with all the ballots deposited in the ballot boxes.  

 The drawing of the lucky winners will be broadcast on social networks to provide transparency. 

 All the people who make a minimum purchase of 20 euros in each of the five different establishments adhered to the activity will be eligible for the baskets. To do so, they will receive a card that they will fill in with their details and on which they can stamp these purchases. 



Climate and weather in Iberostar Torrox

East side of Costa del Sol is dry compared to the west side so sunny days are usually all year long. Mild temperatures every season, not being too cold in winter even not too warm in summer. Rarely you will have to worry about meteorological circumstances driving your car rental. Or taking a sunbath in the swimming pool while your kids play in the water.

How to combat the heat in Torrox and survice the summer

But during the summer there can also be warmer days, especially between 12:00 noon and 17:00 hours.


Beaches of Torrox Costa that you will like to visit

We find the famous beaches of Torrox  Costa. Because Torrox is a village divided into two parts. Torrox village and Torrox coast. In this second we find along the National Highway 340 several urban and semi-urban beaches. They are separated either by natural or artificial “frontiers”.

You can get from Malaga Airport to Torrox Costa in about 50 minutes with your rental car. And the list of the famous beaches of Torrox is here:

First of the beaches of Torrox Costa that you would love

Ferrara Beach

First of all, a very extensive beach and with all the comforts. It has a family atmosphere. At its eastern end there is a small cove called ‘Playa Chica’, and then the mouth of the river Torrox.

It has a length of just over a kilometre, a width of 50 metres and a high degree of occupation.

Las Dunas Beach and El Cenicero

We find this beach between El Morche and Plaza Ferrara. Also, it offers all the services, also has a length of just over a kilometre and a width of about 75 metres. In addition, its occupancy rate is medium.

El Morche Beach

Urban beach with good equipment. It has a promenade and all services. With a high occupancy rate and an average width of 70 meters. As it is an urban beach its occupancy rate is also high.

El Peñoncillo Beach.

Extensive and urbanised beach very close to the N-340a road. It has some services. Its western end called ‘Playa de Los Cuartos Catalanes’.

El Sillón beach

Narrow beach next to the N-340 road, with low public traffic and few facilities and services. Separated from the beaches of Cala Chica and Peñoncillo by rocky areas. And with a length of 700 meters.

Beach of Calaceite.

Small beach next to the N-340 road. Disabled accesses and wooden walkways. Adapted showers and washbasins.

The last of the famous beaches of Torrox Costa is: Cala Chica Beach

Very small beach between Ferrara beach and Torrox river.

Finally, remember that Torrox is a paradise because it has the best climate of Europe. You can enjoy the Famous beaches of Torrox in each season of the year. And only a few minutes from the Malaga airport in your rented car.


Restaurants & food

Discover the 5 best restaurants in Torrox

Bahia Sexi wants to recommend you some of the best restaurants in Torrox. You have to decide, which is the best option for you.

  • El Desvan Restaurant

This restaurant serves gourmet tapas and Mediterranean and original dishes.

  • La Casa Bar-Restaurant:

It is located in the old town of Torrox, which has a pleasant terrace with wonderful sea views. At this restaurant you can order national and international dishes, while you enjoy a flamenco show.

  • Chiringuito Jose Jimenez:

It is located right at the beach, where you can taste the typical dishes from Malaga, such as sardines espetos, paella or pescaito frito (fried fish).

  • La Farola Restaurant:

La Farola Restaurant is the best restaurant to order fresh fish, as well as the rest of its dishes have fresh ingredients. In addition, it is right on beachfront.

  • Craig’s Steak & Schlemmertreff:

It is the paradise of carnivores, because the grilled meat is the specialty of the house. You can cook your own meat on a heat stone and it is delicious.

The gastronomy of Torrox is very varied. But if there is a dish to be Typical food of Torrox, we opt for the famous migas.

This is a very simple and important dish for the people, as it is a great Torroxeña culinary tradition.

For that reason it has until a day of celebration only for the migas. On that day it is customary to distribute this delicious dish to all visitors, accompanied by the typical arriera salad, another typical dish of Torrox. Other delicacies are: fennel stew, jureles that can taste at any beach bar on the coast.


Best seafood restaurants in Torrox

Restaurant La Farola

Undoubtedly the best place to eat in Torrox Costa, whenever we go to Torrox we eat there. The treatment of the staff is unbeatable and the quality of the food is very good. It is necessary to emphasize the Ali oli that they put before the food arrives, very rich. And also to say that it has good views to the sea.

Restaurant El Picadero

It’s a first-class seafood restaurant in Torrox. Specialists in paella and fish. In addition it has an ample letter with the most exquisite plates of the international and Spanish haute cuisine.

Also with more than thirty years of experience for tourists in Torrox-Costa.

And of course, also an extensive wine list.

That’s why here you can taste the best fish from the coast of Málaga.

José Jiménez Restaurant

The chiringuito José Jiménez is a classic from Torrox Costa. It is right on the beach and has magnificent views. The service is fast and attentive. During the summer you have to reserve a table or wait a while, because it is usually full. And even more so on weekends. And it is one of the best seafood restaurants in Torrox.

In general the food is good, highlighting the sardine skewers, gazpacho or marinated dogfish.


Restaurants with views in Torrox

Jose Jimenez Restaurant

First of all this restaurant is located on the beach, on the first line of beach. So we must consider it a chiringuito. Which has a magnificent location and therefore incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea.

We can also say that it is a classic Torrox coast. It is located right on the beach and has magnificent views. The service is fast and attentive, although in the summer you have to reserve a table or wait a while, as it is usually full, especially on weekends.

In general the food is good, highlighting the sardine skewers, gazpacho or marinated dogfish.

La Farola

A restaurant of the best of the Costa del Sol, very good genre. In addition to good service given by good professionals and a very pleasant atmosphere. very good quality price, I totally recommend it, very good anchovies of the Cantabrian, artichokes with Iberian and exquisite prawns and the very good panacota, if you go through Torrox do not miss this site.

Also near the beach to enjoy the landscape of the Mediterranean Sea in all its splendor.


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More information about Torrox

If you want to know more about the city, we recommend that you visit our blog dedicated to the city.



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Getting to Torrox

If you are not going to take your rental car of Bahia Sexi Rent a Car at Malaga Airport, you will need a transfer solution to go to Torrox. We show you some options:


After leaving the arrivals hall at Malaga airport, you have to go straight ahead to the bus stop, you are not required to pre-book or buy your bus ticket before as you can buy your ticket on the bus. We recommend you to check out the bus timetables to avoid a long wait or the surprise of losing the last one of the day. This is the cheapest way to getting to Torrox but the most uncomfortable.


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