If you are thinking of a car rental in Nerja, Bahia Sexi Rent a Car is your best option. Located just 60 km from the capital, it is one of the best options if you want to enjoy the beach in impressive coves, or visit some of its famous sites such as the “Caves of Nerja” or the Balcón de Europa “. To enjoy your Visit this city and its surroundings, coasts and coves that require mobility, so a good option would be to get a cheap rental car in Nerja. In Bahía Sexi you can choose the one that best suits your needs to enjoy his visit.

However, in this postwantedfocus on giving to know the city, its history, climate, gastronomy, visits “required” and all the activities offered.

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Let’s walk through time first

When visiting any place To enjoy the experience at a higher level, it is essential to know its history and customs. Knowing the meaning of its monuments and emblematic places will greatly enrich our stay.

History of Nerja

The exact date of the founding of the city is unknown, the first records of it are narrated in some documents of the Arab poet Ibn Sadí. He was a traveler who crossed it in 917. At that time the city was already important and acquired great fame for the manufacture of colored fabrics and silk fabrics.

The Arabs gave it the name of Naricha or Narija which means “abundant spring”. At that time it was part of the province of Rayyam, the population settled under the protection of its castles, of which we can still find traces on the road to Frigiliana.

Before this stage, no reference is made to settlements in the area. However, there are theories that already in the Upper Paleolithic there was a human presence in the area, for example in the famous Caves of Nerja. There are also those who believe that there was a settlement in Roman times, since in the vicinity there was a town called Detunda, the current Maro.

With the arrival of the Catholic Monarchs, Isabel and Fernando, an era known as the Reconquest emerged in Spain, in which the Christians expelled the Muslims from the country. However, in Nerja, Christians, Muslims and Jews continued to live together for a time. Until a new order forced all non-Christians to convert or leave the region.

There are stories that say that the now known “Playa del Salón” was so named because it witnessed the exodus of hundreds of Jews who said goodbye with the word “Shalom”. And the end was sad for the Muslims who were forced to leave a land where they had prospered for years.

Nerja was very uninhabited during the 16th century until the repopulation of the old Christians was ordered to occupy the abandoned houses. In compensation, they were granted exemption from paying taxes.

The 18th century is known as the golden age in Nerja, its streets improved, its buildings and churches expanded, it benefited from the trade in wine, honey, sugar and flour and opened its doors to Malaga and Almería with the construction of roads.

Currently, this city is one of the most prosperous and visited in the province of Malaga. Tourism and its incalculable beauty have made it one of the jewels of the Andalusian coast, so do not hesitate to rent a car in Nerja and fall in love once again.


The weather in Nerja

If you have already decided to get your car rental in Bahia Sexi in Nerja, one of the most important issues to worry about is the weather in Nerja. This varies depending on the month of the year and the season, but the Malaga coast is characterized by mild and warm temperatures throughout the year. The annual average temperature is 18.2 degrees.

Also, there are few rainy months, so rain is unlikely to ruin your vacation. The driest month is July and the greatest amount of precipitation occurs in November, with an average of 57 mm.

As for temperatures, the warmest month is August, however, the sea breeze along with the Mediterranean coastal climate make summer days very pleasant. You just have to be careful with a characteristic weather phenomenon of Malaga called “terral”. It is intense, warm and dry. Those days the heat intensifies and you will appreciate having the beach close by. We recommend not going out during the hours close to noon and protect yourself well from the sun, with sun protection and hats.


Now is the time to take your rental car and talk about what to do in Nerja.

The city of Nerja offers many leisure activities, both day and night, adapted to the taste of all types of visitors. Beaches, sports, gastronomy, natural monuments and beautiful places … Here is a list of what to do in Nerja.

Go to the beach with your car rental in Nerja

One of the main activities for tourism in this town is to spend the day on one of its beaches or reserved coves, take a bath and enjoy its beauty. It has more than 17 beaches and these are some of the best known:

1. Burriana Beach

It is a large sandy beach located at the eastern end of the city and is the main bathing location in Nerja. If what you like is to be surrounded by people and meet the locals, do not hesitate to visit it.

2. Playa el Salón

It is the closest beach to the Balcón de Europa, accessed through a winding sandy path. It is one of the best beaches in the city. In it you can rent a hammock to sunbathe or eat typical food in the many beach bars that are spread throughout the promenade.

3. Torrecilla Beach

It is a clean beach with crystal clear water ideal for people who like diving. It is one of the most popular in Nerja and has hammock and jet ski rentals. To access, you just have to take an exit from the national road N-340.

4. Maro Beach

It is one of the most famous and recommended coves in the area. It has a wild and natural look and is located under some cliffs, it also has beach bars where you can eat or have a drink. We can leave your car parked at the top of the cliff.

5. Playa de la Caletilla

It is a beach near the old town, accessible from the promenade. In it, we have wonderful views of the Balcón de Europa and the Maro cliffs, for which it is so famous in summer.

These are some of the beaches that we recommend in Bahia Sexi. However, if you are not a person who only likes sun and beach holidays and needs to do other activities, we recommend visiting some of these places.


Other recommended activities and visits in Nerja

Contemplate the views over the Balcón de Europa

The “Balcón de Europa” is a beautiful viewpoint located in the center of the city. It is one of the most famous places in Andalusia. It is a meeting point for tourists and artists, where you can take an idyllic picture of the Mediterranean Sea.

The name was given by King Alfonso XII, of whom we can find a statue in the viewpoint, after the great earthquake of 1884 that affected much of the region.

Immerse yourself in the Caves of Nerja

Located in the municipality of Maro, a few kilometers from the city, we can easily get there with our rental car. They were discovered in 1959, inside paintings of seals dated 42,000 years ago were discovered. They could be the first works of art of mankind.

Photographing the Chanquete boat (La Dorada), famous thanks to the Spanish series Verano Azul.

In the “Verano Azul” park we can find the original ship of the series. Verano Azul was one of the most famous Spanish series of the 80s. You can also book a guided tour to learn the whole history of the series and its anecdotes.

Adventures in Los Cahorros on the Chillar River.

Finally, if you are an adventurous person, we recommend you travel along the Chillar River. About sixteen kilometers (round trip) to enjoy the flora and fauna alone or with the family. It is suitable for all audiences!


Time to enjoy! Where to eat in Nerja

The following section is dedicated to the sweetest tourist, or for those tourists who enjoy getting to know the gastronomy of the places they travel to.

The typical products of the gastronomy of Nerja are fish and tropical fruits such as avocado, custard apple and mango, among others. With these, typical dishes such as pickled anchovies, sardines, clam chowder or cod omelettes made with cane honey are made.

To enjoy the food of the city, as in other Andalusian municipalities, one of the most attractive ways to try the food is to visit the tapas bars. Some of the best known are La Biznaga, on the walkway of the viewpoint, La Pulguilla on Almirante Ferrándiz Street or La Puntilla Street in Bolivia.

In addition to these bars, we can visit some of the typical restaurants and savor traditional recipes.

Patanegra 57 Restaurant

Focused on the most select tourists. With an elegant place and an extensive and varied tapa of very elaborate dishes. It is highly recommended, and we can choose fresh meat or fish dishes. It is located on Almirante Ferrandiz street.

Restaurant Oliva

It is the best rated restaurant on Tripadvisor, despite having a high price, it offers a variety of traditional recipes. We found him in a place on Pintada street.

Hotel Carabeo

It is a small hotel located on Calle Carabeo, where we can enjoy a terrace with tapas or traditional food dishes. It has wonderful views of the sea and the cliffs. If you want to know where to eat in Nerja with your partner, this is your place.

Puerta del Mar Seafood Restaurant

If fish and shellfish are your thing, you can’t leave Nerja without visiting it. With views of the sea, and dishes of affordable prices and quality. We recommend the lobster rice soup, they will make you want to come back to town.


Time to think about your car rental in Nerja and choose accommodation

If you are planning to spend more than one day in the city and need a place to stay. We recommend one of these hotels, we care about the relationship between quality and price.

Hotel Monica

This hotel is very close to the environment and the beaches, right on the promenade. With spacious and modern rooms, it offers free breakfast buffet and WiFi. Also, if you are one of those who prefer fresh water to salt water, you have a pool.

Hotel Perla Marina

It is a more informal hotel, with rooms overlooking the beach, a restaurant and a beautiful terrace where you can have a breakfast with the smell of the Mediterranean Sea. This hotel is ideal for families with pets, as they are allowed in this hotel. It is located on Mérida street, very close to Burriana beach.

Hotel Parador de Nerja

This hotel is located on a cliff overlooking the Alboran Sea, 4 minutes from the beach. The rooms are quiet, spacious and most with sea views. It has a restaurant and a cocktail bar. It also has a swimming pool and parking where you can leave your rental car in Nerja.

Nerja Campsite

Finally, if you are one of the people who prefer a tent, the Nerja campsite is located at kilometer 296 of the N-340 road. It has pitches for tents and bungalows. It is situated on a hill overlooking the sea, close to the natural landscape of Maro and the Caves.


Now is the time to have fun. See all the festivals in Nerja

Finally, to complete an incredible vacation, we cannot say goodbye to Nerja without knowing its traditional festivals. Undoubtedly some experiences that will enrich your visit and will make you fall in love with Andalusia and its people.

San Antón in Maro

This festival takes place in Maro on January 16 and 17. Traditionally, animal owners lit bonfires in honor of San Antón to protect them and not get sick. If you visit Nerja in summer, do not hesitate to take a walk through its streets, you will find bonfires and musical performances throughout the night. It’s time to dance!

Nerja Carnival

It is one of the best parties in Nerja, held for three days. The dates vary each year. The second day there is a costume parade, where everyone who wants can participate. So go ahead, dress up and have fun with this colorful parade.

Holy Week

It is celebrated between the months of March and April. For a whole week, the passion of Christ is celebrated. It is a very famous festival in all Andalusian cities, for its processions and tradition.

Cruces de MayoMay

On3, the day of the crosses is celebrated in Nerja. Floral crosses are placed in the main squares of the city and are accompanied by music and typical food.

San Juan

The night of San Juan, which is from June 23 to 24, is celebrated on the beaches of Nerja these holidays to start the summer. The beaches are full of bonfires in which the participants can burn papers where the bad is written to give way to the good. The party is accompanied by stages with music and performances.

Nerja Fair

The fair takes place the second week of October, on the occasion of the fertility of the city’s patrons. This week there are many activities, in addition to being able to enjoy tents with music and attractions for children.


The day of the dead is celebrated in Maro one of the most picturesque festivals in the city. All the inhabitants gather in the streets to eat typical products such as chestnuts or sweet potatoes surrounded by monsters, vampires and witches. Trick or Treat?

There are many other festivities throughout the year in Nerja. So, if you have decided to visit this wonderful city, do not hesitate to inform him of all the activities, since fun is guaranteed. And the best advice is to interact with its inhabitants, nice people who will undoubtedly be happy to show you their traditions and customs.

Finally, don’t forget that Nerja is surrounded by other wonderful places to visit. It is a unique place since in addition to the beach with our rental car we can visit other cities such as Malaga or Granada in less than an hour, get to know other nearby towns such as Almuñecar or enjoy a day of skiing in Sierra Nevada. So don’t hesitate and book your cheap car rental in Nerja Bahia Sexi, we are waiting for you!



Nearby airports in Nerja:

Malaga International Airport

This airport is located next to the city of Malaga, capital of the province of the same name. Where is Nerja. There you can rent a car or request a transfer to get to Nerja. It takes approximately 50 minutes from Malaga airport to Nerja on the A7 motorway. Although you can also go along the National Highway 340, the trip is a bit longer because it has more curves. But you can enjoy impressive landscapes of sea, cliffs and mountains.

This airport is currently the fourth largest airport in Spain by volume of traffic. It is also the third in the Iberian Peninsula. It also ranks 20th in the European Union.

In 2018 it reached 19,021,704 passengers (16,208,244 on international flights). It is the great gateway to tourism in Andalusia as it represents around 85% of all international traffic in the community.

Granada International Airport, Federico García Lorca

Granada International Airport is located between the municipalities of Chauchina and Santa Fe, both in the province of Granada.

It is the third largest airport in Andalusia in number of passengers and cargo, with a total of 1,126,389 passengers in 2018.

There are two routes from Granada Airport to Nerja. The first one is along the coast of Granada, crossing the A44 motorway from the city of the Alhambra to Motril, passing through Almuñecar. And arriving in Nerja from the East. The other is going to Malaga on the A92 and then taking the A7 towards Nerja. For which Nerja is reached from the West.



Getting to Nerja

If you are not going to take your rental car from Bahia Sexi Rent a Car at Malaga airport, you will need a transfer solution to go to Nerja. We show you some options:


After leaving the arrivals terminal at Malaga airport, you have to go directly to the bus stop, it is not necessary to book in advance or buy your bus ticket before, as you can buy your ticket on the bus . We recommend that you check the bus schedules to avoid a long wait or the surprise of missing the last day. This is the cheapest way to get to Nerja but the most uncomfortable.

Malaga airport taxi / taxi service

You canbook your private taxi transfer service with pre-AutoSexi, your reliable taxi company that operates to and from Malaga airport. For the second year in a row According to Findtransfers customers operating with more than 500 transfer companies in 48 different airports around the world, AutoSexi is rated the best transfer company, for more information regarding our transfer service reviews.

 What to do in Nerja?

If you are wondering more reasons to travel to Nerja, do not hesitate to visit our personalized blog , in which you will find all the necessary information to soak up this charming town.