Why rent with Bahía Sexi Rent a Car? 

We recommend that you rent a vehicle with us, because currently more than 85% of the Tour Operators that operate on the coast from Estepona (Malaga) to Adra on the Almeria coast, work with us. Our journey with tour operators began in 2009 with the late giant Thomas Cook.

But not only do Tour Operators also recognize the service and good work of private customers, since another element to highlight why renting a car with us is our careful and meticulous work in all aspects, where the personalized treatment stands out. And it is not that we say so, but that Bahía Sexi is recognized as one of the two best companies of all those that operate at the Malaga International Airport in the personalized treatment of its clients, as indicated in the article by the critics / collaborators of Tripadvisor following:

Article in TripAdvisor

Among other things, because it receives its customers directly at the Arrivals hall at the Airport and at the Renfe station, the rental car will be delivered without complications or waiting. 

In addition, we have more than 25 years of experience in the rent a car sector. And we are dedicated to the transport of travelers with driver or transfer (Auto Sexi) since 1999. We started with our first office in Almuñécar and currently we have in La Herradura, Órgiva, Malaga Airport, Torremolinos, Nerja, Motril and Salobreña.