Summer is approaching, and you may be wondering where to spend your vacation. If what you like is the sun and the beach, and you need a relaxing vacation, keep reading because today Bahia Sexi will discover one of the best options you can find on the Costa del Sol. We are talking about Torremolinos, a tourist city very close to Malaga bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and Andalusian culture. If you are thinking of spending your holidays in this wonderful place, we recommend Car Rental in Torremolinos to be able to enjoy them to the fullest without worrying about transport.


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Torremolinos is a city totally focused on tourism, in it you will find a large number of services and activities focused on generating a good experience. Throughout this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to make the most of your stay. What places to visit, what to eat, where to stay or what are the activities that it offers us. Are you ready for the trip? We’re going over there!

What to do in Torremolinos?

If you think that in Torremolinos there is only sun and beach tourism, you are very wrong. In this section, we tell you what to do in Torremolinos and what places to visit in this emblematic city with a lot of history before returning home.

Places of interest in the city

Molino de Inca Botanical Garden

If you like nature in this 40,000 square meter botanical garden you can find more than a thousand species of plants. Palm trees, trees and shrubs from all corners of the world where dozens of different birds live.

In this park you can also find a replica of the old Inca Mill, which works through an old hydraulic system. And a Japanese garden where it is worth missing a day to relax.

You can find the botanical garden on the Camino de los Pinares, near the water park and on the side of the road. It’s time to make use of your car rental in Torremolinos.

Calle San Miguel

It is the main tourist street in the city. In it we can find the Torre de los Molinos, the church of San Miguel Arcángel, and a large number of shops, bars and establishments that fill the street with life all day.

Bars and discos

The night in Torremolinos is pure spectacle and fun. Along the promenade of Playamar and Los Álamos we can find many places that offer hammocks during the day and good music and party at night. A clear example is the Café del Sol, the Sala Batey, the Moliere Playa or the Maracas pub. Each one with a different atmosphere and music for all tastes, electronic, Latin, commercial … you just have to find the one you are most passionate about.

In addition, the city center of Torremolinos has become a benchmark for the gay scene in Malaga.

La Bateria Park

It is an ideal place to disconnect from the city and relax, enjoy nature and breathe fresh air. This park is located north of Carihuela. It is a park of more than 74,000 square meters dedicated to leisure.

In it, we can find an artificial lake where we can rent boats and row a little. A Venetian-style carousel, a 15-meter-high gazebo and numerous areas for physical exercise.

Its name comes from the ancient defense battery of the coast that was in that place previously. You can still see some artillery weapons and two underground bunkers.

Casa de los Navajas

is a property declared of historical interest in 1991. It is located on a cliff in front of El Bajondillo beach and consists of two floors with viewpoints. In the past it was a Mudejar-style residential palace built for Antonio Navajas, a businessman dedicated to the local sugar cane.

Tivoli World

If you like amusement parks, you’re in luck. Tivoli World, located in the neighboring municipality of Benalmádena, is the only amusement park on the Costa del Sol. The park is made up of numerous attractions, restaurants and large parks and fountains. A place to spend the day with the family and full of emotions.

To get there you will need to travel by bus or opt for a car rental in Torremolinos with Bahia Sexi.

Crocodile Park

It is a theme park dedicated entirely to these prehistoric animals. In it we can see dozens of species of giant crocodiles from around the world. Learn about their history and hunting methods, even spy them from less than 2 meters away. If you are not willing to be a little scared, better wait outside the enclosure: D

Whale and dolphin watching

One of the best experiences you can experience if you travel to the Costa del Sol is the sighting of cetaceans, especially dolphins, in the high sea. In all the cities of the coast, excursions are organized that will allow you to observe these majestic animals.

These are some of the activities you can do during your holidays in Torremolinos, but they are not the only ones. The list could be much longer, so we invite you to investigate everything the city offers: water parks, days of diving and snorkeling, game and entertainment centers, boat trips …

Torremolinos beaches

As it is well known as one of the most important attractions in the area are the beaches. In this section, we talk about some of the best known and what each one offers. Ready to tan?

La Carihuela

is the longest beach in all of Torremolinos. Of dark sand and usually with calm waters. If something stands out, this beach will have the support of many shops and beach bars where you can enjoy a good plate of fried fish. There are palm tree areas with grass where you can protect yourself from the sun and get some sleep. For the rest, it is a very complete beach, with a rental of all kinds of services, hammocks, showers and large areas to play.

Los Álamos

This beach is further from the city center, but it is not quieter because it contains some of the most famous places in Torremolinos. This place is an ideal beach for kitesurfers or spend a day playing golf. It is also very close to the Plaza Mayor shopping center, so we can use the car rental in Torremolinos and spend a day shopping.

It is a very atmospheric beach at night, don’t hesitate to party at Café del Sol, Kokun or Maracas.


It is located between Los Alamos beach and El Bajondillo, making it a closer beach, just 18 kilometers from the city center. Due to its characteristics, it is ideal for practicing water sports such as windsurfing, sailing or diving. Throughout the summer there are numerous shows and it is always full of life.

El Bajondillo

This beach is located in the heart of Torremolinos. It is a very familiar beach as it is equipped with children’s games, swings, volleyball and rental of all kinds of services. As it is one of the best known and most central beaches in the city, it should be noted that it is very busy, so you will need to get up early to get a good spot.

Festivities in Torremolinos

Throughout the year a large number of traditional festivals are celebrated in the city. Each one has its particular charm and is dedicated to something specific, here we tell you some that will improve your vacation experience.

Night of San Juan

Everyone celebrates on the night of June 23 the entry of summer. It is a night on the beach in the light of the bonfires where all the attendees establish their camp along the beach and accompany the night with music and food. On some beaches, the party is accompanied by stages and fireworks. It is a day to celebrate with friends and family with the pleasant company of the sea.

Carmen Feria

The resident celebrates this fair in the neighborhood and on the beach of La Carihuela every year in honor of this virgin, patron saint of sailors. Throughout July 16, cultural and gastronomic activities, parties and concerts take place. Also in the afternoon, the Virgin goes out in procession through the city and finally ends up getting on a boat and walks through the sea of ​​Torremolinos.

Feria de San Miguel

The last week of September is the festival dedicated to the patron saint of the city, San Miguel. After a pilgrimage, people take to the streets to share music, food and drink. In the evening, you must visit the fair on the esplanade of San Miguel, with attractions and shows.


Day One day in May, Skate Day is celebrated by bicycle. A party promoted by the City Council to promote sports among the population. This day there is a bicycle race along a route that will take you through the streets of Torremolinos. If you are an athlete, you can rent one and enjoy this wonderful day.

Tourist Day

It is celebrated on the first Thursday of September with the motivation of thanking the visitors who have chosen this town for their vacations. Throughout the day there are numerous acts and events throughout the city, and two foreign couples of honor are proclaimed in a beautiful performance.

Dia del “pescaíto”

It is a gastronomic festival celebrated in June. This day the streets are full of music, laughter and “fried fish”. The bars and restaurants bring food to the streets and cook all kinds of specialties such as sardines, anchovies, squid, octopus … You will enjoy eating like a child.

Foreign Resident Day

It is a day dedicated to paying tribute to the tourists of dozens of different nationalities who visit the city of Torremolinos every year. This day there are numerous acts and shows of popular dances, typical gastronomy and folkloric events of 21 different nationalities. It takes place the first weekend of April in the Plaza de La Nogalera.

Discover the best viewpoints

Torremolinos has a magnificent natural spot just a few minutes from the centre of the town. The most outstanding enclave is La Cañada del Lobo, the perfect place to get to know the environmental richness.

We can divide the mountains of Torremolinos in three:

  • Cerros del Viento.
  • Sierra Llana.
  • Sierra del Cañuelo.

The best of the viewpoints of Torremolinos: La Cañada del Lobo

There we have to look for, in these mountains, the Cañada del Lobo, refuge, hostel and magnificent viewpoint. Because from this viewpoint you can see the coast, the mountains, the Hoya de Málaga and, in the distance, Sierra Nevada.

This is a well-kept viewpoint with the sculpture of a wolf, which gives it its name. It has a beautiful panoramic view of everything that surrounds us arriving to see Sierra Nevada (Granada).

For that reason, it is a formidable landscape in spite of the quarries to open sky.

Also from La Cañada del Lobo we can follow a lot of trails. These trails cross a forest of pines, holm oaks, cork oaks and other Mediterranean species.

As far as animals are concerned, occasionally, in the higher areas you can see mountain goats. Among the birds, the most common birds of prey are the booted eagle, the sparrowhawk or the common kestrel.

A beautiful natural environment in which to discover impressive viewpoints from which you get some of the best panoramic views of the Costa del Sol.

By these paths we can make some circular routes to finish where we started. However, there are also routes that lead to the surrounding villages, such as Alhaurín de la Torre and Benalmádena.


Typical gastronomy of Torremolinos

It’s time to talk about food. For people who enjoy tasting the typical delicacies of each place and discovering new dishes, we offer a summary of the essential elements of the city.

Torremolinos has the honor of being the place of origin of fried fish dishes or as it is known in Andalusia “fried fish. In any of the restaurants or beach bars in the city you can enjoy a wide range of fried and crunchy specialties (anchovies, salmon, mackerel …).

In addition, there are many other dishes that make up the typical cuisine of the area. You can try some typical clams of the Malaga coast called “coquinas”, enjoy a healthy and fresh “gazpacho” or have hotter dishes such as paellas or seafood soups. In addition, like neighboring cities, pastry has an important role in its traditions. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the “cakes”, an Arabic-inspired sweet made entirely by hand.

It should be noted that Torremolinos is a city totally focused on tourism, and there are people of hundreds of nationalities every day of the year. So, in the main streets, like San Miguel and Mercedes, you can find dozens of restaurants of different nationalities where you can try typical food from all over the world. There is so much to choose from!


Let’s learn more about Torremolinos

When we decide to travel to a place, one of the first things we must do to get a good experience is to know its history. The past of a place tells us about the meaning of its traditions, its buildings or its way of life. To forget it would be to live a half experience.


Different seasons in the History of Torremolinos


The first tangible evidence of human presence in Torremolinos dates back to the Neolithic period. A Neolithic people from Mesopotamia crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and settled here.

This dating is based on the study of the numerous remains of human skulls, bones, clay pots, axe points and arrows. All of them found in the excavations carried out in the caves of El Tesoro, Tapada, Los Tejones and El Encanto.

Ancient Age

The Phoenicians founded the city of Saduce very close to Torremolinos. However, it was the Romans who settled in the territory of the present Torremolinos.

There were remains of some public thermal baths in the Rock of the Castle, which is today the Castle of Santa Clara. In 1881 a storm unearthed the remains of a swimming pool with a coloured mosaic.  The most important inheritance left by the Romans was a road that linked Gades (Cádiz) with Malaca (Málaga). On both sides of this roadway they built villas and fish salting factories. Also in the 90’s a Roman necropolis appeared that confirms the existence of a village of about 2000 years old.

Middle Ages

With the Arab domination a new industry will appear: the mills.

The Arabs knew how to take advantage of the aquifer treasure and the great riverbed that was born in the mountains up to the beach. Nineteen grinding and milling mills built.

During the Arab domination the present Torremolinos was baptized with the name of Molina.

The vulnerability of the territory from the sea. The Nasrid dynasty (12th to 15th centuries) built a defence tower. This tower was at the end of Calle San Miguel.

Modern Age

After the Christian conquest of the Kingdom of Granada, Torremolinos was exposed to pirate raids.

The problem of piracy led to the construction of the Castle of Santa Clara in 1763. And also a battery of cannons in the nearby hills of Montemar. Today it can be visited in the Parque de la Batería.

The explosion of the tourism in The History of Torremolinos: Contemporary Age

During the first half of the 20th century, Torremolinos was a fishermen’s quarter in Malaga.

From the 1950s onwards, the tourism boom began. And the big Hollywood stars of the time came to spend their holidays in Torremolinos. Thanks above all to the proximity to Malaga International Airport.

Later it became independent from Malaga.


The historical center

Torremolinos Town Hall

The first place to discover in the Historical Center of Torremolinos is its Town Hall.

It is a modern building, where the political administration of the city is managed. In addition its main interest, is that in that same point we can find an office of tourism, ideal to make us with maps and to advise us on any type of information.

For that reason a place that is quite advisable to visit since it can not only inform us of things referring to Torremolinos. They will give us information about other points of interest or activities to be carried out by nearby municipalities.

Parish of Cristo Resucitado

The Church of the Resurrected Christ is located in the Calvary District, built in 1981. It is close to the Town Hall and can be visited depending on the season.

Also to his back is the House of the Culture, in the street Horacio Lengo. It is a circular building, made of red bricks. There are also numerous cultural activities and an auditorium.

Street of San Miguel

Calle San Miguel is a pedestrian thoroughfare and the most important shopping area in the entire city. It also has all kinds of shops and souvenir shops. Also good restaurants, bars and bakeries, among other things.

It is framed in the old town and is crowded with people during business hours. At the end of this street is the Torre de los Molinos. Which is a defense tower that was built by the Nasrids around 1300. And it is one of the pieces of the chain of defensive towers that were erected along the coast of the ancient Kingdom of Granada.

The surrounding streets are also a shopping paradise. Among them is the Avenida de Palma de Mallorca, which has a beautiful square called Costa del Sol.

Independence Square

In the northern part of Calle San Miguel, is the Plaza de la Independencia. Which is a corner of the city that does not shine for its great beauty. However, it symbolizes the moment when Torremolinos was free again and ceased to belong to the city of Málaga.

It is frequent that events like the election of the Queen and Ladies of the local festivities and in her take place. There is also a Tourist Office here.


The weather in the city

Torremolinos Torremolinos enjoys a quiet and ideal time to spend a vacation throughout the year. The influence of the Mediterranean Sea and the protection offered by the mountains of Malaga mean that the temperatures are mild and with little rain almost every month.

The maximum temperatures are between 15 and 30 degrees, with the hottest months being July and August. Meanwhile, the rains reach 500 liters per square meter, the least advisable months to travel in this regard are November and February.

Spring in Torremolinos is very pleasant as the temperatures oscillate 24 degrees, and you can already see people sunbathing on the beaches. It is a good time to walk around the city and visit the green areas such as the botanical garden of Molino de Inca or the Battery Park.

In autumn, the climate is enviable, since the last rays of the sun of the year are peaceful and fill the terraces of the bars and pubs at noon.

But if you decide to travel in the most extreme seasons, in winter and summer, you won’t have a bad time either. Winters are very mild, temperatures never drop below 8 degrees. While the hot and dry summers, with temperatures reaching 35 degrees, are perfect for swimming on its beaches. Although, don’t forget to use sunscreen so you don’t spoil your vacation with heat stroke!


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More information about Torremolinos

If you want to know more about the city, we recommend that you visit our blog dedicated to the city.


 Finally, you know the basics to start a good vacation in this wonderful city. Once again, we remind you that if you need a rental car in Torremolinos, you can count on the services of Bahia Sexi and enjoy an experience that will make you want to come back every year. Enjoy your vacations!