Bahia Sexi car rental service in Torrox delivers your car thanks to our personalizedMeet & Greet” service. Pick up your vehicle at Malaga airport, as well as at your hotel. If you want to visit this town on the Costa del Sol, in this publication you will find information about what to do in Torrox.


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What to do in Torrox?

A walk through the town

Torrox is located on the Costa del Sol East in Malaga.It is located between the mountains of the Sierra de la Almijara and the Mediterranean Sea in the “Axarquía” region. It is divided into 2 parts: Torrox Pueblo and Torrox Costa. There are 4.6 km between them that only takes 8 minutes with your car rent a car Torrox.

Torrox has more than 18,000 inhabitants. There is the largest German colony in Spain that lives here all year round.


Old Town The old town is on a hill from where you can see excellent views. This city has the typical Andalusian style because it has narrow streets. Many flower pots decorate their white houses. It is a quiet city that invites visitors to discover all its secret corners. The most interesting monuments are:

  • The church “Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación”

It is the most important church inTorrox.In the same place there was an old mosque, but when the Catholics arrived in Torrox they decided to destroy it and build a new church. It was in the 15th century and has a baroque style.

  • The “Nuestra Señora de las Nieves” Convent:

It belongs to the order of the minimum friars of San Francisco de Paula who ordered the construction of the convent in the 16th century. Its style is Baroque and Mudejar.

  • The house “La Joya”

It is a palace in the heart of the old town. Its owners were an important family that makes a lot of money exporting raisins and nuts. King Alfonso XIII spent the night in this house when he visited this region in 1885.

  • Plaza de la Constitución

It is pleasant to walk through this square that has the most emblematic buildings of the city, such as the church or the Joya house.

  • The sugar factory “el Ingenio”

There were 2 sugar factories, “el Ingenio Alto” and “Ingenio Bajo”. The first is the oldest that worked for Muslims and Catholics, but it burned down in the rebellion of 1569. Then the Muslims tried to build it, but the Catholic Monarchs expelled them before they were finished. Juan Triviño rebuilt the Ingenio Alto and it operated from the 17th to the 19th centuries. Pedro de la Barreda finished the Ingenio Bajo in the 17th century. It is located in the Rabitilla neighborhood that is between Torrox Town and Torrox Costa. It can be a great idea to go with your Torrox car rentalbecause it is not close to the center.


Places to visit

It is not more than 40 years old, but there are some remains of ancient civilizations, which used to live here. For example:

  • The castle and the house of light

The Catholic Monarchs ordered to build a castle to defend this area, then the French rebuilt it in the Napoleon era. However, the French destroy it when they abandoned it. Today there is no castle anymore, but there is a picturesque lighthouse.

  • Clavicum: The Roman Villa.

There are some Roman remains whose name was “Clavicum”. They lived here from the 1st to the 8th century and today there are remains of a Roman villa, baths, etc.

Beaches in Torrox Park, El Peñoncillo

Torrox Park, also known as Peñoncillo is a small fishing village. It has a 15th century watchtower “Torre Calaceite”.

  • Mazagarrobo Beach

The beach is very quiet because it is in a semi-urban area. This means that it is not close enough to go on foot, therefore, the best way to get here is with your Torrox car rental. It is on the N-340 road so it is easy to find.

  • Calaceite Beach

It is a natural environment so it is a very quiet beach. If you want to spend a day at the beach away from the crowds, this is your beach. It is only 400 meters away and has dark and fine sand that is a hidden corner that tourists do not know yet.

  • Wilches Beach

The Wilches Beach is a hidden gem known only to a few people. This is a small beach in a natural environment where you can enjoy its fine dark sand. It is not difficult to get here with your Torrox car rentalwith the N-340. It is worth this trip to enjoy a quiet day at the beach surrounded by nature.


Beaches in the Morche

This small town belongs to Torrox, but has its own identity since 1200 BC. It has a watchtower to defend it from pirate attacks, whose name is “Torre Vigía de Güi”. The economic pillars of El Morche are tourism, fishing and greenhouse agriculture. It is easy to get here with your Torrox car rental because it is on the N-340.

  • El Morche Beach:

It is a lively and busy beach with a family atmosphere. Its sand is dark and fine and its waves are not usually too big, making it the perfect beach to enjoy with the little ones. You will find everything you need for a day at the beach, such as restaurants or hammock rentals. There is a nice walk to walk and enjoy the sunset.

  • Playa “El Cenicero” It

does not take more than 10 minutes from Torrox Pueblo to this beach if you come with the Torrox car rental. It is located in an urban area, so it has numerous services such as restaurants, parking, hammock rental, etc. The beach is 1200 meters long with dark sand that is recommended for families.


Traditional festivals

The open character of the inhabitants of Torrox and their ancient traditions mean that at their festivals everyone is invited to join in the fun.

  • Fiesta de las Migas

This is one of the most popular festivals in Torrox. It is December 16 and 17. Lots of people come from all over to have a fun day here and taste the crumbs. These festivals began to be celebrated in 1981 and today it is a festival of cultural interest.

  • Feria de TorroxTorrox

Thefair is in October and lasts 5 days. The fair begins with parades of giants and big heads and during these days everyone goes out to eat and drink with friends. Visitors are always welcome at the fair.

  • The tourist’s day

It is usually in September and the people of Torrox invite the tourist to try the Migas and other typical dishes. At night there are fireworks and concerts on the beach.

  • Carnival

Carnival is in February and everyone dresses up and goes out to have fun. There is also a group of “chirigotas” which are humorous songs with lyrics about current events.

  • The cross day

On May 3, people can decorate their streets with flower crosses and dance flamenco in the streets. It is also a gastronomy day.

  • San Juan

The night between June 23 and 24 is a magical night. You can make a wish and burn it in the fire that people make on the beach to make it come true. Another tradition is that at midnight everyone has washed their faces on the beach and will be protected until next San Juan.

  • Feria de El Morche

From August 15 to 19 there is a festival in El Morche. During the day, the fair is in the town hall square and at night the party continues at the fairgrounds. There is a maritime procession of the Virgen del Carmen, as well as many cultural and recreational activities.



The nightlife in Torrox is lively, especially in Torrox Costa. Most of the pubs are close to the promenade, some even have a terrace to have a drink on the beach. But there are also some pubs in the city of Torrox. In summer, the pubs are more crowded due to the arrival of tourists. If you want to go out we recommend some fun places where you can drink and dance:

  • Sala viva

It is a great nightclub where you can dance to the rhythm of Latin music. It is on the promenade of Ferrara beach, near the lighthouse.

  • O’Connor’s Pub

In Torrox Pueblo there is an Irish pub with a pleasant atmosphere where you can drink beer, play darts or dance.


Market in Torrox

Mondays are the day of unruly sales. About 175 stalls sell their products in Torrox Pueblo, Torrox Costa and El Morche, which are all outdoors. The largest is the Torrox Pueblo market which has around 125 stands. You can find anything there, from fresh fruit to clothes.


Excursions to nearby cities

With your Torrox car rental you can easily visit nearby cities. We recommend the most interesting ones to visit:

A Nerja

The old town of Nerja is lively and picturesque. Its narrow streets end at the “Balcón de Europa” which is an incredible viewpoint towards the Mediterranean Sea. You can visit their cave which is very nice.

To Malaga Malaga

airport is the most important in Andalusia. It is also an amazing city with modern tourist facilities and at the same time it has an ancient history. There are many cultural events here and there is always something new to do.


This city is near Torrox, it is only 15 km away. It is the typical Andalusian town with white houses that is famous for its sweet wine and raisins.


You only need 2 hours to get to this English colony. With your Torrox car rental it is so easy to go there. Here you can visit the Rock and the monkeys that live there.


Marbella is the city of glamor and can be visited in 1 hour by car. You can walk through Puerto Banus and feel the luxury of its boats and its boutiques. You will discover the old town full of history and charming corners.


At the same distance as Marbella you have Granada, which is the city of the Alhambra and your visit is essential. However, it is not the only attraction; theneighborhood Albaycin the really amazing viewpoint of “San Nicolás” and the old town is really amazing.

Torrox has the best climate in Europe, quiet beaches and everything you need to spend an unforgettable vacation. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Torrox and its surroundings with your Torroxcar de Bahia Sexirental.


Gastronomy and restaurants

The traditional gastronomy of Torrox is based on the Mediterranean diet, which is one of the healthiest in the world. This way of cooking uses olive oil to prepare tasty dishes based on fresh food. Like the entire province of Malaga, in Torrox people also eat a large amount of fresh fish from the area fried in olive oil. You can order in restaurants like “fried fish“.

The most typical dish of Torrox gastronomy are “Migas“. The ingredients are semolina flour, water, olive oil and salt and you can eat it accompanied by many things like “fried fish”, chorizo, fried green peppers or even melon. It is the typical dish when it is a rainy day.

There are many good restaurants to taste the gastronomy of Torrox. If you want to drink something and try some tapas, you must go to the town hall square of the city of Torrox. There are several places where you will find it, for example, bar la plaza or bar Paco. But if you prefer a formal restaurant where you can order a more variety of dishes, you have to go to the Pata Negra Restaurant in the Laguna Beach urbanization.


Accommodation in Torrox

Torrox is a popular holiday destination for which it has a very good range of accommodation for all budgets.


We recommend the best hotels in Torrox:

Hotel La Casa

It is a small and familiar hotel in Torrox Town whose owners are English, so there is an interesting mix of Andalusian and English atmosphere.

Iberostar Malaga Playa ****

It is located on the Ferrara beach and has been recently renovated. This hotel has a fun and family atmosphere where you can enjoy your vacation. It has a pool, spa, free wifi, etc.

Urban Dream Hotels ****

You will find it in Torrox Costa in front of the beach and here you will rest on your vacation. It has an amazing pool overlooking the sea, as well as activities for children in the afternoon.


Camping el Pino

It is only 900 meters from the beach and has a quiet and family atmosphere. You will have sunny places for the winter, as well as shady places for the summer. You can also reserve a bungalow. Its services are laundry, playground, swimming pool, wifi, etc.


Fuerte Calaceite Apartments

It is 200 meters from the beach, however, all apartments have a terrace with beautiful views of the sea. These apartments offer visitors the best facilities such as swimming pool, hammocks, fully equipped kitchen, etc.

Beach Club Apartments

They are located on Peñoncillo beach and have a garden, swimming pool, barbecue place and free parking for your Torrox car rental. Each apartment has wifi, fully equipped kitchen, hair dryer, etc.

Bed & Breakfast

Casa Colina

This villa is on a hill and has wonderful views of the sea. If you are looking for a different accommodation in a family atmosphere, this is your B&B. it is in a natural environment away from the hustle and bustle.

Cortijo Amaya

This B&B is a country house with an Andalusian style. It has a swimming pool, tennis court and an open-air restaurant. It is only 800 meters from the beach, so it is a very quiet place. With your rent a car Torrox you can move freely around the area.


Let’s learn more about Torrox

History of Torrox

The Phoenicians were the first to arrive on these coasts to trade, however it was the Romans who founded the city. They were located where the lighthouse is today and its name was Caviclum. The Romans stayed here from the 1st to the 5th century.

Later the Visigoths arrived but the Muslims conquered this territory in the 8th century. Torrox was an important city that belonged to the Caliphate of Córdoba. Torrox produced excellent quality silk, sugar cane, figs and raisins for export. They built a fort to defend the area.

In 1488, the Catholics conquered the city and drove out the Muslims and the area was almost depopulated. In 1570 the Catholic Monarchs gave this land to the Christians to avoid this depopulation.

During the time of Napoleon (1810-1812), the French occupied the castle that the Muslims had built. When they lost the war of independence they destroyed this castle leaving only its ruins.

Another historical episode was a strong earthquake in December 1884 that left a lot of damage in the city, for this reason King Alfonso XIII visited the city.

In the 19th century it was a time of wealth due to the production of cane sugar, at this time the most luxurious houses were built.


Famous people from Torrox

Emilio Baeza

Emilio Baeza Medina was born in Torrox on 28 February 1892 and died in Malaga on 24 December 1980. He was a Spanish lawyer and politician of the Radical Socialist Party. Emilio stands out for being the first mayor of Malaga during the period of the Second Republic.

He was also a councillor in the Town Hall of Malaga in 1919 and again in 1931. With the proclamation of the Republic in April 1931 he was mayor of Malaga.

However, the most important thing is that he created the Independent Radical Socialist Republican Party.

After the end of the Civil War he went into exile in Mexico. And he finally returned to Malaga in 1953.

It also has a dedicated street in Malaga: Alcalde Baeza Medina street, in the neighborhood of Ciudad Jardín.

The most famous people from Torrox: Almanzor

But if there’s the most famous people from Torrox, it’s Almanzor. A powerful Muslim warlord. Compared to the Cid Champion. He was born in Torrox approximately in 938 and died in Medinaceli in 1002. Hayib de Córdoba (978-1002).

He was a descendant of an Arab family from Yemen established in the region of Algeciras since the Muslim conquest of the Iberian Peninsula. He studied in Cordoba and, during the caliphate of al-Hakam II, held important administrative posts, such as director of the mint (967) or mayor of General Galib’s army (972).

In 976, the premature death of al-Hakam II placed Hisam II, a boy only eleven years old, at the head of the Caliphate of Córdoba. So Almanzor took over the reins of power. That same year he was appointed guardian of the young caliph, with the help of his mother, Subh.

Two years later, in 978, after having turned Hisam II into a political puppet and postponed such influential figures as al-Mushafi and Galib. Almanzor had himself named hayib or prime minister, a dignity that allowed him to exercise absolute authority over the entire Hispano-Muslim territory.

His first decision was to expel the Slavic mercenaries from the Caliphate army and replace them with Berbers. This measure gave him enormous popularity. He also made a deep restructuring of his troops in order to put an end to their tribal organization.

Endowed with a charismatic personality and a great military talent, between the years 977 and 1002 he carried out a total of 56 campaigns in Christian lands without knowing defeat.

The most memorable deed of the Arab warlord occurred, however, on August 11, 997, when he destroyed Santiago de Compostela.

The weather in the city

Its privileged geographical location causes mild temperatures throughout the year. The annual average temperature is about 18 degrees, so this region has the best climate in Europe. Torrox shows 2900 hours of sunshine a year to enjoy your holidays. This incredible climate also allows you to grow tropical fruits like avocados and mangoes.


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More information about Torrox

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How to get to Torrox

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