When we decide to go on vacation, one of our first concerns is about what to do at the place we’re staying. That’s why the cheap car hire Almunecar can be so important.

Not just to move around but to feel the freedom we need when we have our holidays. Becoming the owners not just of our time but also of our steps.

At this blog, you may find a guide to discover the most amazing and beautiful places at Almuñecar.

Let’s start! 😉


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Thinking about your car hire in Almuñecar? Let’s talk about history first

History is one of the most valuable things when we chose a place to stay for our vacation time. So, we’ll explain you a bit of the history of Almuñecar.

History of Almuñecar

A long time ago, Almuñecar, was known as “Ex” by it firsts settlers: the Phoenicians. These citizens made famous the salted fish of this town.

We know a lot of this settlers by the necropolis Puente de Noy that was found around the city of Almuñecar. From this extractions, we discovered the materials, objects to work and different items of clothing that the citizens were wearing at that time.

Materials like wood, mud, and ceramics with the lathe were really useful and important to the Phoenicians.

After this first people, the Romans will make an amazing city out of this land, the famous Firmum Iulum Sexi.

This city became really important for a fisherman who wanted to make a successful business, so after time, it was an important place to buy fish.

With the car hire in Almuñecar you could easily go and visit some of the monuments that the Romans had left behind.

For example the Aqueduct of Almuñecar, with more than 7km of length going around the neighbourhood of Torrecuevas.

Another treasure of this period was the cave named Cueva de Siete Palacios, an absolute must on your trip to Almuñecar.

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You can find more information about that era at the Municipal Museum of Almuñecar.

This town had many transformations, so after the Romans the Arab citizens arrived and made a difference to the architecture of this city.

Not just improving the constructions made by its first settlers but also giving more importance to this town as it great location.

In 1489 the Arab started a war against the Christians, defended by the Catholic Kings who had the intention of expulsing the Muslim from Spain.

Even if they achieved their goal, a lot of Arabic essences remain in those buildings.

Right! Now that you know a bit more of this town let’s see where you can go with your car hire in Almuñecar!

Let’s start with the most famous attraction of this city, the beach.

Going to the beach with the car hire in Almuñecar

The beaches of Almuñecar had received awards for its quality and easy access by foot. We will talk to you about the 4 beaches that are qualified with a Q from the tourist office.

1. Playa de San Cristobal

Located in the west we can find one of the most popular beaches in Almuñecar, San Cristobal. Surrounded by hotels and restaurants, it’s a crowded place on a sunny day.

The kind of sand that you will find it is dark and gross.

2. Playa de la Herradura

Just at four kilometres from the urban centre, we can find this amazing bay, La Herradura. If you are a lover of the watersports or the scuba diving this is a place to go.

With the same kind of sand as the San Cristobal’s beach. But with the difference that this may be a more familiar place, not so urban and centred.

3. Playa Puerta del Mar

The most popular beach of Almuñecar, this is the place to end a beautiful walk around the centre of this town.

Turistic and very surrounded by bars, restaurants and of course hotels. If you are seeking for intimacy, this may not be your first choice.

But still, indeed, a place to enjoy.

4. Playa Velilla

The most extensive beach in the city, protected from the west wind is a nice walk and joyful place to stay the day.

Sharing the same kind of dark and gross sand as the others, you will not find a problem to walk around and not get all your skin full of sand.

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Let’s go to eat at a restaurant in Almuñecar! What a beautiful way to enjoy your day!

Like any other city, Almuñecar, has its own gastronomy and is amazing! Known as the tropical coast, the dishes of this town are baptized as tropical gastronomy too.

Related to the sea and with the mountain, the variety of those dishes are spectacular.

There is plenty of different fishes to choose at Almuñecar, but the most famous ones will be: sardines, groupers, snapper, sea bream, corvina, bream, conger eels, prawns…

But also get in touch with the tropical fruit and vegetables that this city has to offer: mangos, avocados, sweet pumpkin, medlar, guava, papaya…

All kinds of seasoned fish, fresh vegetables and barbecues are possible. But of course every place has its own special one, there are the ones you need to know

1. Prawn salad with mango

Because of the weather and the emplacement, Almuñecar has tropical fruits too. One of them is the mango, so sweet and amazing to combine with the seafood from the city.

2. Baked chicken with avocado leaves

The perfect way to mix meat and fruits can be by baking it in the oven. Do you love avocado? This is your dish then, don’t hesitate and try it. 😉

3. Grilled sea bream

Any kind of fish can be good by the grill, but the sea bream from Almuñecar is one of a kind! Absolutely tasty and totally recommended, this fish will make your mouth water for long hours.

But you may ask… Where can I eat in Almuñecar?

So, here is the list of the restaurants that you may get to know and go to enjoy their food.

Restaurante Mar de Plata

One of the most famous restaurants in Almuñecar is Mar de Plata, known for its amazing seafood and local dishes to enjoy. This is a stop that you may do if you are going to eat in this city!

The ratio between the money that you pay and the quality of the food you get is absolutely correct!

Restaurante Titoyayo

Known for their dishes made with rice and the typical fishes of their coast, this restaurant is a place to go and enjoy a sunny day near the beach while eating amazing food.

Here you could ask the famous prawn salad mentioned before in this post.

Lute y Jesús

This place is called a “freituría”, which means a fried food place. But don’t get it wrong, it doesn’t mean is a fast food place, no! It is a typical place where they serve the fried fish in a very special way.

If you want to try the fish as the locals, you may stop at this place and ask for a variety box of “fritura“. Like this, you can easily try a lot of the different fishes the city has.

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Restaurante Árbol Blanco

If you are seeking for something less local, but more elegant and superb with the food… This might be your restaurant!

With delicatessen like the typical fish but with a twist on the tropical gastronomy and diet, this restaurant will surprise you with every bite that you will take.

Chiringuito Uha

Last but not less, this chiringuito that means an open-air restaurant in Spanish. An experience very different than a normal one, with the sand from the beach at your feet, sun on your roof and the amazing climate from Almuñecar.

Also if you want to enjoy a late drink it will be a great place too!

Venta Luciano

A typical family restaurant famous for its barbecue food and flamenco shows. Do not miss the opportunity to try their roast chicken on the wood fire, or their special sausages. In this restaurant each client cooks his food on the barbecue to his liking.

What to do if you rent a car in Almuñecar? Let’s see what the weather says

One of the most important things to check when you choose a place to go on holidays, is obviously the weather. There is plenty of people who will like a sunny day, but to go to a tropical zone is a different story.

The tropical weather can be amazing during the summer time and not heavily cold during the winter period, being the normal temperature around the 18º along the year.

In Almuñecar there is not a lot of rain, with an average amount of 334mm of rainfall.

The driest month of the year is July, descending till 2mm of rainfall. A season that the tropical vegetation is used to. The same happens when January is coming back, when the rains can be more often, getting till the point of 49mm of rainfall.

When August is here, the temperature can rise till 26º, but the previous years because of climate change it raised till almost 32º in a normal summer day.

If you visit with your car hire in Almuñecar this town in winter time, don’t suffer, you will finde a temperature of 11º, totally handle.

Where to go on a sunny day at Almuñecar?

Our advice is that giving use to your car hire in Almuñecar you could make a walk after lunch that will make you smile and awake, fighthing against the Spanish siesta! 😉

Botanic Park “El Majuelo”

In this park, you could find different kinds of plants and vegetables that are common in tropical places, like Central and South America, New Zealand and Philippines.

Located at the old centre of the town, this place is perfect to go and sit at the sun for a little bit with your loved ones. You can constantly see local activities having place at this park.

Leisure harbour Marina del Este

Located between Almuñecar and La Herradura, at the Punta de la Mona. If you want to see how is the sea life, this might be a useful walk.

With 227 moorings at the harbour, half of it from private owners and also from nautic services. Is kind of impressive to walk around and look at the amazing boats that you will find there.

Mediterraneum Park

A park with 38.000m2 of extension, this place will be great to explore with your car hire in Almuñecar, being able to approach the nature and a quiet place to share moments with the people you want.

Some of us seek peace when we are on holidays, others prefer some party. Wich, also we will explain in this blog.

Aquatic park AQUATROPIC

If you like to go on slides and have fun this may be a perfect place to spend your day. With a moderate price, you can have a funny and sunny day.

A place full of swimming pools and slides to share, make a competition with your family and friends and prove that you are the faster one!

Almuñecar’s aquarium

If you want to get to more closely nature and sea animals that live around Almuñecar, this might be a beautiful place to explore: the Almuñecar’s Aquarium.

It will give you not just an idea of nature around of the city, but also information about how to conserve this spaces, be careful with the environment and respect the animals.

A plan during day and night with your car hire in Almuñecar!

But if you don’t want to bother and think about an amazing plan for the day and night… Don’t worry! We got your back!

Here is what we will do on a normal sunny day at Almuñecar.

What to do in the daytime in Almuñecar?

To start your day, you might like to take the first dip into the sea choosing one of the four beaches we have described you before.

And if you are a diving lover, it will be nice if you take some scuba diving lessons or windsurf, kitesurf… All sports are very joyful to practice!

Followed up with a nice walk at some of the parks we offered before, to get a complete perspective of the city: combining sea and mountain.

Midday is here, so let’s eat some of the famous seafood from Almuñecar, you might like to get closer to some chiringuito after your meal, so find a place that after getting your belly very full and will allow you to roll to the bar! 😉

Do you feel like relaxing a little bit more? Then maybe you will find nice to go to some of the spas that Almuñecar has.

What to do in the nighttime in Almuñecar?

After having an amazing day at the city, having a dinner at a nice restaurant by the beach… Why not party a little bit?

If you have a car hire in Almuñecar, don’t worry to park nicely while you go dancing a little bit. Of course with the full responsibility of taking care what you drink, remember you are not alone on the road.

You will find plenty of discos open, as well as pubs and bars where the music and the nice Spanish smiles are guaranteed.

Almuñecar Christmas Activities 2020

 Almuñécar has already installed its Christmas street lighting. They have also been prepared to enliven the streets of the Charangas at Christmas, which will go out for a few days during the year. 

 Also during Christmas there will be campaigns with the shops, such as a Christmas decoration contest both in shop windows and in the houses.

 These competitions will also have prizes consisting of vouchers for those lucky enough to spend them in the shops.

 This atypical Christmas is going to be very participative, because the whole town is encouraged to go out and visit the shops. But always under the restrictions by the Covid19.

 Three Kings’ Parade in Almuñecar

 On 5 January it will be the children of Almuñecar who will visit Their Majesties the Three Kings. Because it will be a static parade given the health situation and to be held in the open space. This will be the ‘Francisco Bonet’ football stadium with limited capacity.

 The children will pass in front of Their Majesties, where they will be able to greet them and ask for their favourite toys. There will be sweets, parades and all the safety measures in a big ‘Christmas Carol’.

Despite the restrictions due to the pandemic, illusion, magic and gifts will be present at Christmas in Almuñecar. Joy, emotion and dreams will be in Almuñecar this Christmas and, in particular, in the children who have been one of the groups most affected by the pandemic, due to the closure of parks, classrooms and home confinement.

Did we help you to enjoy your car hire in Almuñecar?

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We recommend you that even if you are staying in Almuñecar for your holidays, will be interesting to visit some places around.

Our suggestion for this moment is Nerja! 🙂

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