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Pick up your inexpensive rental car in Benalmadena and explore the history of the city!

The first settlements of which we have reference in Benalmádena date from the Late Upper Paleolithic, as can be deduced from the remains found in certain caves of the municipality (Cuevas del Toro, Los Botijos or La Zorrera).

The Phoenicians arrived on these coasts in the 7th and 8th centuries BC, giving rise to an exchange of cultures focused on agricultural techniques, animal husbandry and trade.

Proof of this is the existence of some remains of Phoenician colonies in the town.

Later came the Romans, many vestiges of which remain in the coastal areas of Benalmádena.

Of particular relevance are the ruins of a salting factory in the Benal-Roma region and the remains of other villas and fishing facilities in the Torremuelle and Capellanía regions.

After a time during which various cultures passed to Benalmádena, the arrival of the Arabs to whom the name of the municipality took place took place.

It is attributed to the same Arabic sound “Ben al Madina” which means “Children of the mines”.

This may be due to the existence of a series of mines in the area from which it was mined, since the time of the Phoenicians, iron ore and, above all, other.

However, after the reconquest by the Christians, there is a dark period in the history of the city because this zone is practically depopulated by the fear of the inhabitants vis-a-vis the attacks of the sea.

On several occasions, the repopulation of the commune is researched, but all with little or no success.

It was not until the 18th century that the region began to regain a certain normality in terms of population settlement, which is in part due to the creation of several paper mills (four white paper mills and two brown paper mills). ) and social stabilization.

The boom in this industry lasted about twenty years and continued, at the dawn of the 19th century, with a settlement of agricultural work, in particular of the vine, which became a monoculture throughout the region.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the plague of “phylloxera” produced a loss of all crops and a significant economic decline.


During these years there is systematic destruction of what were once the fortifications and Benalmádena Castle (which occupied the current site of the Benalmádena Pueblo Wall) so that hardly any physical remains of the time have survived to this day.

The symbol of the city is a bronze girl, known as the “Little Girl of Benalmádena”, who has been standing quietly in the Plaza de España since the end of the 60s of the last century.

This work by Jaime Pimentel predicted the resurgence of the local economy and its link with tourism and more international culture, since it was initially sculpted to be awarded at an international film festival.

A prediction that will later be reinforced by the twinning with the famous sculpture of the Manekken Pis in Brussels.

The presence of several nationalities in the municipality sometimes generates singular contrasts such as the representation of the Passion of Jesus in the streets or the possibility of attending the commemoration of the end of the Second World War, since in Benalmádena it there is the veteran group of the British legion.

The village of Benalmádena rises to 280 meters above sea level, being an exceptional point of view on the coast, which, as we have already said, was, in the time of the Catholic Monarchs, the “Vigia de la Costa “, with the towers of the Dock and that of Quebrada.

From the church square you can see how the town and the important development of the urban center of Benalmádena Costa or the old farm of Arroyo de la Miel, name that receives the old sugar mill that existed in the eighteenth century .

This situation means that the city retains the most traditional architecture, with narrow streets and white houses.

The great tourist development of the region has endowed Benalmádena with very important infrastructures and services.

It therefore has one of the largest tourist ports on the coast (Puerto Marina), one of the first amusement parks built in Spain (Tivoli Word) or one of the most famous casinos in the region (Casino Torrequebrada , opened in 1980).

But it also keeps hidden treasures, such as its archaeological museum where, since 1970, a magnificent collection of pre-Columbian pieces has been exhibited, a collection that begins with the heritage that D. Felipe Orlando received from his grandfather.

And it is that this Mexican of Spanish origin inherited a good number of pieces from pre-Columbian archaeological sites and, when he came to Spain and remained to live in this city, he refused to sell them and made them. donate with the only wish that they would. be exhibited in the location.

With the awakening of archaeological interest, remains of Neolithic settlements have been found in the caves of the Sierra de Mijas or pieces found off the coast that also have their place in the museum, such as a statue of “Diana Cazadora “.

Another curiosity of this city is the Colomares Castle, which began to be built in 1987 at the initiative of D. Esteban Martín, in homage to Columbus.

This castle, with an extraordinary view of the sea, has an architecture that combines Mudejar, Gothic and Renaissance elements.

And there is also Bil-Bil Castle which, originally, was the home of a private individual who wanted to give it the appearance of a castle by the sea.

In short, in Benalmádena we find two possibilities well differentiated: being able to enjoy a typical Andalusian town, white, with narrow and steep streets; or find the most modernized face, with the beach and leisure.



But what would the weather be like when you rent a cheap car in Benalmadena?

Ok, now that you know the city, let’s think about the weather and where you can go with your cheap car hire in Benalmadena.


The climate we enjoy in Benalmádena is typically Mediterranean, with mild temperatures throughout the year and virtually frost-free during the cold months.

In addition, the protection that the Benalmádena mountain range supposes for the winds coming from the north, they configure an environment where temperatures are generally between 1 and 2 degrees in the neighboring municipalities.

Below, a graph showing the evolution of temperatures throughout the year.


The term municipal is divided between the subhumid of Malaga, with a record between 600 and 700 mm and which would encompass the mountain area of ​​the municipality.

And Málaga Seca, which in Benalmádena oscillates between 500 and 600 mm, a sector in which its three cores are included: Benalmádena Pueblo, Arroyo de la Miel and Benalmádena Costa.


Come and know the 5 best restaurants in Benalmadena


Lime & Lemon

This is a good restaurant on the promenade, which has a pleasant terrace. Thus, you will enjoy a tasty meal and a magnificent view of the sea. It offers a creative selection of delicious tapas and dishes.

Fama Tapas Bar

If you want to taste delicious and original tapas, Fama Bar is your place. Right by the sea, you can enjoy an excellent meal while enjoying the sea view on the lively promenade of Benalmadena.


This restaurant is renowned for the quality of its food and service. It is a great place to have a great time with a group of friends. The house specialty is fish and paella. But the meat is also delicious.

Vinoteca Moncloa

It is located in the city center. It is a great place to try Spanish wines and delicious tapas. Plus, it’s one of the few bars in Benalmadena, which serves free tapas with your wine. The staff are very attentive and polite.

Toro Puerto Marina

In the famous Benalmadena Marina you can order a delicious meal in the exclusive atmosphere of the marina. The specialty of the house is the typical Spanish dishes, such as we corquetas, gambas al pilpil, etc.


Discover the gastronomy of Benalmadena

Because in the gastronomy of Benalmádena we can discover the characteristic food of Andalusia. But it also focuses on seafood, such as its “pescaíto frito” (fried fish), seafood, rice dishes …

These are dishes that more than one will want to try.

First of all, we will discover two typical dishes only from the region of Benalmádena: the

  • cocotte de cachorreña
  • crumbs of milk in

You can find them in some restaurants of Benalmádena.

However, the gastronomy that attracts and is known around the world is the Andalusian cuisine of Malaga, and since Benalmádena is a coastal site, the cuisine focuses on seafood.


  • In this sense, what triompheplus are:
  • sardine skewers
  • the “pescaíto frito” (fried fish)
  • cuttlefish ouseiches
  • shrimp
  • Coquinas
  • clam
  • shrimproses
  • of
  • police officers

and an infinite number of products that ferontvotre waterDoing mouth.

Also, we cannot forget the rice. Rice lovers will be able to savor authentic paella specialties:

  • seafood
  • paella auxmixta
  • black rice
  • with lobster

and many other options, just coming to Benalmádena.

Before all this, you must enjoy a good starter: salads, porra antequerana, gazpacho, white garlic, Iberian ham or Malagueña salad.

In conclusion, we can say that Benalmádena offers an exquisite culinary variety in its restaurants that must be tasted. We are sure that more than one already has a desire that he wants to suppress.


Monuments that are worth a visit with your Benalmadena cheap car hire

Let’s drive around the city with your Benalmadena cheap car hire and find some beautiful places to visit.

Colomares Castle

Although it has the shape of a castle, it is truly a monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus and the arrival in the New World, in homage to the discovery of America.

Located in Benalmádena Pueblo, it was built between 1987 and 1994.

There are different architectural styles developed with brick, concrete, natural stone or wood. Inside, it has stained glass windows of great beauty.

Church of Santo Domingo

It is the oldest church in the municipality of Benalmádena and is located in Benalmádena Pueblo, occupying the area where the city was born historically and in a privileged vantage point overlooking a large part of the coast.

To access this church there are two options: cross the pedestrian areas of Benalmádena Pueblo or take a free elevator that leaves from the car park located in the El Chorrillo area.

Stupa of Lights

Located at the top of Benalmádena Pueblo, it is the largest Buddhist stupa in the western world.

It is crowned by a golden cone that can be seen from the entire coastal strip that connects Benalmádena and Fuengirola.

It is a Buddhist monument for world peace, prosperity and harmony.

Historic Center of Benalmádena Pueblo

It is located in the mountains, about 300 meters above sea level and is the original urban center of Benalmádena, which retains its old typical Andalusian village structure.

In this place was originally a castle and a fortress which housed the houses of the city and of which some vestiges remain in the region of El Muro.

The daughter of Benalmádena

It is a bronze sculpture designed by the sculptor Jaime Pimentel that has become the symbol of the municipality. It is part of the main source of the Plaza de España in Benalmádena Pueblo.

Bil Bil Castle

It is an Arab-style building decorated with azulejos and bas-reliefs of the Nasrid tradition, surrounded by gardens in which there are several sources of Muslim inspiration.

It was built at the beginning of the 20th century in Benalmádena Costa as a country villa for a wealthy family and in 1980 the town hall acquired it as a cultural facility which hosts exhibitions, concerts and conferences.

A curious fact is that it is the public building in which more civil marriages are celebrated throughout the province of Malaga.



Take your cheap rental car in Benalmadena and go eat the best food!

The gastronomy of Benalmádena is typically Andalusian, but centered on seafood, its “fried fish”, its seafood, its rice dishes … Delicious dishes that will become a more attractive excuse to visit Benalmádena.

First, we will start with two typical dishes only from the Benalmádena region; the casserole of cachorreña and the milk crumbs.

In some of the most traditional restaurants in town, as well as some of the bars in your life, you can find them without difficulty.

However, the cuisine that seduces and is known all over the world is the Malaga-Andalusian cuisine, and as Benalmádena is mainly a beach site, cuisine based on seafood.

Fried sardines, “pescaito” (chopitos, boquerones , chipirones, puntillitas, calamaritos), squid or cuttlefish, prawns, coquina, clams, prawns, shrimps, carabineros, sea bream, sea bass, rose and a long etc.

In addition, rice lovers have the opportunity to try some of the specialties of one of the best specialists of the Costa del Sol; seafood paella, mixed paella, black rice, lobster rice and many more options.

We cannot forget the starters: salads, antequerana porch, gazpacho, white garlic, Iberian ham or Malaga salad.

In short, for the quality, variety and quantity, you won’t have to complain about the culinary delights that Benalmádena has to offer.

The most characteristic dishes of the gastronomy of Benalmádena and which you cannot stop trying when you visit the municipality are the migas con leche, the sardine spit, the casserole of cachorreña and the fried fish.

You will find them in one of the three population centers: Benalmádena Pueblo, Benalmádena Costa and Arroyo de la Miel.

Among the fried fish, the most typical of this coastal town are anchovies, horse mackerel and red mullet.

Would you like to visit Benalmadena at Christmas?

Benalmádena is a lively town on the Costa del Sol, which has many interesting attractions to have a good time on vacation. For example you can visit Selwo Marina, the Mariposario, Tivoli World Theme Park, etc.

 The climate in Benalmadena is fantastic due to its sunshine and mild temperatures. So you can go out for outdoor fun almost every day. This way you can also enjoy the beach even at Christmas.

Puerto de Benalmádena is one of the best marina, which has both a residential area and a leisure area with many international shops and restaurants.

Are you taking advantage of your cheap car rental in Benalmadena?

Don’t forget to go to the beach with your cheap rental car in Benalmadena. You will have many choices:

  • Playa Arroyo de la Miel: The Arroyo de la Miel beach, together with the Bil Bil beach, is a very popular area, with a high level of services. It is located in Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena.
  • Arroyo Hondo: Arroyo Hondo is a beach with a large influx of people, next to the Costa Azul hotel.
  • Benalnatura: Benalnatura is a small beach located in the Levante of Las Viborillas beach, in Benalmádena. It is one of the
    •  few nudist beaches on the Maltese coast. It is located in a small cove surrounded by lush vegetation.
    • Bil Bil: Bil Bil, with Arroyo de la Miel beach, is a very popular area.
    • And much more!!
  • The journey does not end there, take advantage of your cheap car hire in Benalmadena and drive around the city to discover the secrets of this city.
    Let us know what you thought of the city and if your guide was helpful to you and our car hire. 😉
    Enjoy your vacation!