If you are thinking about spending a few days of your holidays in the Malaga coast, or you are travelling through Andalusia, a mandatory stop is without a doubt the Axarquía region. It is the easternmost region of the province of Malaga. The villages are located between the mountains and the sea. From Bahia Sexi we offer you cheap car hire in Frigiliana to enjoy without limitations of your visit. Frigiliana is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages of the Axarquía. It is a city located at the foot of the mountains of Malaga, which gives us the opportunity of sea and mountains thanks to its proximity to the coast. With a very pleasant climate, culture and a lot of history, what makes it an idyllic place that you will fall in love with.

It is a small town but very picturesque as one-third of its inhabitants are foreigners of dozens of different nationalities, so you will feel at home. If you are interested in knowing its history, its climate, customs and what to do in Frigiliana throughout the year do not hesitate to continue reading!

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Culture & Demographic information

History of the town

Already in the Bronze Age there are signs of human activity in the area. At this time, ending the Neolithic, there were settlements in caves throughout the area. Even today in Frigiliana a menhir of more than 3000 years ago is preserved. Its name is believed to come from Roman times as it comes from two Latin words, Frexinius (a character whose history is unknown) and -ana meaning villa or “place of Frexinius”. At that time it was only a Roman fort that was destroyed centuries later by vandal tribes.

It was with the arrival of the Arabs to the peninsula when it was born as a town. During his membership in the Nazari Kingdom of Granada grew with the production of oil, figs and silkworms.

After the arrival of the Catholic Monarchs, the Mudejars were forced to become new Christians. Tired of the repression they created a rebellion throughout the Kingdom of Granada that ended in 1569 at the Battle of the Rock of Frigiliana. The Muslims resisted for 20 days but were finally defeated and most died in battle, the rest were expelled from their land.

It is from the seventeenth century when the city settles politically, economically and socially. In these dates the town goes from having 160 inhabitants to 3,200. Frigiliana is possibly the town of the Axarquía that best preserved the Arab legacy in its streets. Strolling through its old town can transport you to the Moorish-Mudejar era. Their houses are white with Arabic decoration. The town has been awarded two years in the Contest of Improvement and Beautification of the Towns of Andalusia. So it is a good alternative if you want to visit a different place to the cities of the Costa del Sol. But with a charm that will make you enjoy every step, you take in its cobbled streets. To know first-hand the past of Frigiliana in the streets of the Barrio Alto you can find two large murals that represent the history of the people. The rest were expelled from their land.


The weather in Frigiliana

What is the climate like in Frigiliana?

As in the rest of the Andalusian coastal areas, the climate is pleasant all year round. The proximity to the sea makes the temperatures mild and regular for most of the year. There is an annual average of 18 degrees so we can say that it has a subtropical climate. It is located 300 meters from the sea but only separated from the coast by 6 kilometres. The influence of the sea next to the shelter of the mountain make the climate an eternal spring. The rainy days are scarce, being the rainiest months October and November and the driest July.


What to visit

It is time to use your car hire in Frigiliana and see firsthand what all this beautiful town has to offer. In the following sections we want to offer you a small guide that you can see in the place and surroundings. Its festivities and customs and to open your appetite we will tell you what are the typical dishes of the area that you should definitely try.

Also if you are thinking of a longer stay, this town offers relaxation and charm. So we show you some of the best hotels or places to spend your stay. From Bahia Sexi we hope that this guide will help you to travel and enjoy the experience at the highest level.

Monuments and places of interest

First of all, we want you to know which places you can visit in the area. For most of you can get there on foot by taking a pleasant walk, however for others you will need to give use to your car hire in Frigiliana.

The old town of the city

From the urban point of view the old town is purely Moorish, the layout of its streets, alleys and walls is preserved. The Mudejar neighbourhood has a singular beauty, houses with white walls adorned with red flowers and doors and windows coloured in blue that contrast with the sky and the sea. From the old town you can access a tunnel that connects with the famous Peñón de la Sabina.

Peñón de la Sabina

Despite not being a very beautiful place this rock became very famous in 1936. The heavy rains caused this gigantic rock to fall off the mountain threatening to fall on the town and destroy it completely. It was a news that alarmed the whole country. However, it was possible to maintain its fastening with steel cables until today.

Castle of Lizar

Located at the top of the town was an imposing castle which now only a few ruins remain. The castle dates from the ninth century. The Christians destroyed it in their eagerness to leave no trace of the Muslim passage through the peninsula. Although there are only a few ruins left, your visit is essential. Since from the top you can see an incredible panoramic view of the whole mountain range and the coast.

Palace of  Condes de Frigiliana or “El Ingenio”

It is a large building of Renaissance style that was built with materials from the Arab castle. A huge mansion that belonged to Count Don Manuel Falcó and Álvarez de Toledo. Currently, the building has been converted into the only cane honey factory in Europe. You want to taste it is delicious!

Archeological Museum

For those interested, you can also visit the Archaeological Museum of Frigiliana. In it you can still find remains of Neolithic, Phoenician and Roman.

Time to eat in Frigiliana

For those who enjoy tasting traditional food of the places you visit or simply like to eat in this section. We want to tell you that you have to try before leaving the town. The most typical dish of Frigiliana is “choto, a dish of kid meat with almond sauce and potatoes that will make your palate enjoy. Although other dishes are also traditional such as migas, sweet potato with honey, San Juan cakes, Moscatel wine and sugarcane made in the town. Since 2006, La Ruta de la Tapa has been held in the village of Frigiliana 3 Culturas Festival (which we will talk about later). In this event all the bars and establishments of the town offer tasting and drinking dishes for only 2 euros. I assure you that you will want to try them all!

How is the gastronomy in Frigiliana?

Frigiliana is a really nice town in the Costa del Sol, where its wonderful weather invites to enjoy outdoor. The gastronomy in Frigiliana is based on the Mediterranean diet. This area has especially fresh fishes and tropical fruits. You will discover it at any of this 5 restaurants in Frigiliana.  The most traditional dishes are “Puchero de Hinojos”(Fennel crumb) y Migas of semolina.


Let’s know 5 excellent restaurants in Frigiliana

You can take your strength in one of this 5 great restaurants. Then you will be  ready to continue sightseeing. So explore de picturesque streets of Frigiliana and enjoy its tasty gastronomy.

  • Las Chinas Resturant

You can taste excellent meet at its pleasant terrace, while you admire the wonderful views. In addition, you will find adequate prices and high quality products.

  • Gloria Bendita restaurant

It is a different restaurant, which serves original and creative dishes. The Gloria Bendita restaurant is a great fusion between oriental and Mediterranean cuisine. In addition, it has a large terrace, where you will also enjoy the sunshine.

  • Taberna del Sacristán

It is located in the picturesque square close to the church. You can taste the traditional dishes at its nice terrace. It is one of the best restaurants to eat meat, which is the specialty of the house.

  • El Boquetillo Restaurant

This restaurant fuses the Mediterranean and British cuisine. It looks like a rock pub, but you it is an ideal place to  enjoy your meal and the fantastic views.

  • El casino

El casino serves the traditional dishes, such as the specialty of the house, the Oxtail stew. It is worth booking a table on the terrace to admire the fantastic views.


Choose the accommodation you really need

If you plan to spend more than one day in the town and have already decided to take a rental car in Frigiliana we recommend some of the nicest and nicest hotels in which to rest, you will feel even better than at home.


Hotel Rural Almazara

A hotel of pure Andalusian style located in the middle of nature. Which offers tranquillity and relaxation among an idyllic landscape. It is located between Nerja and Frigiliana just 5 minutes from both towns so you will have a privileged position with your rental car to visit the whole area. The hotel also offers a pool, jacuzzi and sauna service.

Hotel Villa Frigiliana

A comfortable and cheap hotel, located on San Sebastián Street. It has a pool, restaurant and cocktail bar. It is a totally recommendable option if you come as a family since its rooms are spacious. The hotel is inside the town and you can also go with your pet if you have a small supplement.


La Posada Morisca

Overlooking the sea and the mountains, it is a hotel with a charm of Arabic heritage located on the outskirts of the village. Stands out for offering tranquillity, good personal treatment and unique views. It has a swimming pool and public parking where you can leave your car hire in Frigiliana. In addition, it also supports pets.


Camping El Pino

If you are one of the people who prefer the tent or the bungalow this is the nearest campsite. Located on the outskirts of the municipality of Torrox, only 900 meters from the beach and 15 minutes by car from Frigiliana. This campsite has a swimming pool, sports courts, restaurant and leisure areas. You already know everything there is to know if you have decided to spend your holidays in this beautiful town. The rest of the experience you will have to live it for yourself. And we remind you once again that if you need a car hire in Frigiliana to enjoy all of its surroundings in Bahia Sexi we offer a great variety of vehicles. We hope you enjoyed the articles and tell us your experience after your holidays. I bet you will be looking forward to returning, here we wait for you back traveller!


Social events and more!

Festivities of Frigiliana

At this point we make a summary of all the parties that are celebrated in the town throughout the year. Events that you must enjoy first hand if the dates of your holidays coincide.

Popular Dances Contest

Celebrated at the beginning of August in this festival thousands of people gather to witness dances a picturesque mix of traditional dances from all corners. An international meeting of culture and traditions shown through dance. The editions of the festival are held in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas.

Cross day

Held on May 3 in many municipalities of Andalusia. This festival shows the most beautiful image of the town paying tribute to the season of flowers, spring. On this day the streets are adorned with crosses covered with flowers and visitors are thanked with honey tortillas, migas and other dishes watered by Moscatel wine. A day to spend in the street enjoying the food and drink of the area in the company of tourists and residents.

Festival Frigiliana Tres Culturas

This festival is celebrated annually at the end of August. It is a series of cultural events organized by the city council that pay homage to the three cultures that have left their mark in medieval Spain: Islamic, Hebrew and Christian culture through gastronomy, dance and music. Leisure activities, concerts, exhibitions and conferences are merged. If you want to know a little more in-depth Spanish history and culture this festival will open the doors and will not leave you indifferent.

San Antonio Fair

Being the patron of the municipality, the festivities dedicated to San Antonio are held from June 9 to 13. The town is decorated with lights and music during the holidays, numerous activities throughout the day and night. Tents are enabled to eat and drink and to enjoy dancing and meeting people from all over the world. It is undoubtedly a party dedicated to fun, both for children and adults. Do not forget to enjoy the 13th day of the fireworks show that will illuminate the sky with stunning views.

Friday of Sorrows:

Holy Week begins in Frigiliana on the Friday before Passion Week. That is because what we call Viernes de Dolores (Friday of Sorrows) begins. This brotherhood was founded on August 14, 1771.

Palm Sunday:

Then we move on to Palm Sunday with the blessing of olive branches and palms in the Hermitage of San Sebastian. From here comes the procession on the way to the church of San Antonio where the holy mass is celebrated.

Holy Thursday:

It is celebrated the Holy Supper the priest washes the feet of twelve neighbors who represent the apostles. In addition, these neighbours are dressed like the apostles and wear some 18th century masks. Then comes the pass of Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno, Cristo de la Caña and the Virgen de los Dolores (Our Father Jesus of Nazareth, Christ of the Cane and the Virgin of Sorrows).

Good Friday:

This is the most spectacular day of Holy Week in Frigiliana. After the celebration of the Way of the Cross through the streets of the village. At dusk in the parish church there is a staging of the death and detachment of Jesus. Once night falls with the procession of Jesus lying in the Holy Sepulchre carried and accompanied by the brothers of his brotherhood. The tragic sense of passion and death that gathers in the streets of Frigiliana thousands of people in the procession of Solitude. In this procession only women can take part, independently of their race, condition, nationality or creed. In addition, their vesturiario must be strictly of rigorous mourning. This procession plunges the Old Town into a total and disturbing darkness. The corners where it passes through the faint light of the candles that carry hundreds of women in mourning are illuminated. This procession is a true spectacle, in which silence is only broken by an arrow sung for this purpose.

Easter Sunday

The Brotherhood of the Resurrected puts an end to the Holy Week celebrations on Easter Sunday. This step leaves at noon accompanied by the Band of Music of the town. While the neighbours from the decorated balconies, throw rose petals.


What to do in Frigiliana at Christmas?

Frigiliana is one of the most beautiful towns of Andalusia, which is about 7 kilometers far from Nerja. The weather in Frigiliana is wonderful even in winter, because of its mild temperatures and its 320 sunny days a year.

These days are special Christmas events and Bahia Sexi recommends you these activities to live the experience of Frigiliana at Christmas:

  1. Go along with the Pastoral around the streets of Frigiliana. A pastoral is a group of people, who sing Christmas Carol.
  2. Taste traditional Christmas dessert. If you like the sweet desserts, you are lucky, because there are a lot of them in Frigiliana at Christmas. For example:
    • Pestiños
    • Mantecados.
    • Turrón.
    • Roscón de Reyes is typical when the 3 Kings come to give preset to the children.
  3. If you are a religious person, you cannot miss the midnight mass. So you have a date at midnight on the 24 th December at the San Antonio church.
  4. Spain has a peculiar tradition at New Year Eve. In this way, the Spanish have a special dinner with friends and family. Later at midnight, they take grapes when the bells rings. So if you are able to eat one grape for each ringing, you will be happy and  lucky in the new year.
  5. The Cavalcade of the Magi is very special for the children, who wait forward to them. It is very cheerful and colorful and go around the town.

Other activities you can do 

Apart from everything the town has to offer, there is a lot to visit in its surroundings. If you are thinking of having one of our cars, here are some recommendations that may be fun.

Quad Tours

Between the villages of Torrox and Nerja, just 10 minutes by car from Frigiliana, we can find a quad rental place. An adventure that can be done as a family to visit the fields and mountains of the Axarquía area. For a low price you can enjoy these vehicles and travel on a 2-hour tour that will take you more than two days on foot!

Walk along the river Chillar

One of the most charming and refreshing activities we can do as a family especially in the summer months. The river Chillar is located in the Natural Park of the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama. It is a route of about 8 kilometres that offers us to walk between nature and take a bath.

So we recommend wearing comfortable shoes and a swimsuit and go in warm months to enjoy the water without having to step on the beach.

Buggy Tours

In the same way as quads we also have the option to rent buggies and take a walk through the mountain and stop for a nice picnic.

Sunbathe at the beach

And how could I miss the beach? Despite being a mountain town, the beach is only a few minutes away. And we can visit it without problems with our rental car in Frigiliana de Bahia Sexi. The closest beaches are those of Maro and Nerja, if you want to know them in greater depth in this post we describe them to you in detail.


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How will you get to Frigiliana

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