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The municipality of Manilva is located in the extreme southwest of the province of Malaga, 97 kilometres from the capital of Málaga and 35 kilometres from Gibraltar.

Between the river Manilva and the border with the province of Cadiz, the lands of this municipality cover five urban centres: the town of Manilva itself, Sabinillas, El Castillo, Hondacavada and the Port of the Duchess.

The terrain has the orographic characteristics of the Campo de Gibraltar, and has a succession of short hills crossed by short streams that flow directly into the sea (Alcorrín, Martagina, Indiano, Estanquillo).

On the hill of the Martyrs, the village is located less than three kilometres from the coast.

Manilva is a municipality that stands out for its beauty, which has clean and crystal clear waters, tempered by a splendid sun.

 In the coastal landscape, in addition to having a first-rate marina (Puerto de la Duquesa), which is currently the centre of most tourist activity, there are welcoming hotels and housing estates, inviting you to spend a good beach, sun and sea holiday.

Although the main activity in the municipality is tourism and to a lesser extent agriculture and fishing, the area has preserved its customs.

During the Roman domination the municipality reached special importance, the Romans left traces of their culture, as is the case of the Roman villa of Sabinillas and the remains of a possible tower on the hill of El Hacho, as well as the ceramic remains of walls found in the Haza del Casareño.

The crenellated tower of Punta Chuchera and that of the Duchess can belong to the 15th century. The sites corresponding to the Muslim domination are located in the interior.


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La Duquesa Marina is located in the town of Manilva. It is the biggest tourist attraction in the area where quiet beaches and a whole commercial offer are just a few steps away.

The gastronomic offer is composed not only of the typical products of the land but also of other more exotic styles such as the Hindu, the French or an Argentinean cuisine. In 2018 it was awarded the Blue Flag.


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The gastronomy of Manilva is based on the varied Mediterranean diet, where olive oil is the main ingredient. The typical dishes are made with local products such as grapes, raisins, goat cheese, honey, grapes, etc..

As it is a fishing area, like the surrounding villages, its culinary specialties are based on dishes whose main ingredient is fresh fish and shellfish.

Sea bream, red mullet, grouper and tuna, prepared in different ways, are the most common dishes in gastronomy, but the most popular are baked sardines.

Asparagus soups, tomato soups, clam soups and cuttlefish stews, spinach or chard pumpkin soups and octopus salmorejo are part of the gastronomy of the municipality.

The high quality of the Muscat wines produced in its land is also outstanding.

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