The cheap car hire Salobrena service provides you details about this beautiful village. It is a wonderful town in the south of Spain, in Andalusia, specifically on the Granada´s Coast. Salobreña has a subtropical weather in Spain, quiet beaches with clear water, tastly gastronomy, subtropical fruits, and much more…

It is only 100 km far from Malaga Airport, so you can arrive to Salobreña in about 1 hour with one of our cars of Bahia Sexi car hire service.  Almost at the same distance is the Granada Airport which is other possibility to take your car rental. Come to discover Salobreña with us!


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The Weath

Salobreña is a pretty village in the “Costa Tropical” of Granada, which has this name because of the warm weather of this region. This subtropical weather allows everyone to enjoy their holidays at any time of the year. Salobreña has mild winters with an average temperature of 18 degrees also its summers are not as warm as in the rest of Andalusia. Salobreña offers to tis visitors about 300 sunny days per year.

It is the only one place in Europe where there are custard apples because of its special climate. It is not the only tropical fruit that you will find here. There are many exotic fruits that we rarely find elsewhere such as “nispola”, “maracuya”, “carambolo”, “lichi”, “guayaba”, “azufaifa”, etc.

 The Town Salobreña

Salobreña is on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and built on a large rock with an Arab castle at its top. It is surrounded of “vega”, that is fertile lands where tropical fruits grow. Salobreña is full colours: blue like its Mediterranean Sea, white like its houses and green like its vega.

When are traveling with your cheap car hire to Salobreña in the N-340 you will discover this white town and its amazing Arab castle on the rock. It is a wonderful skyline of the town which invites you to discover each corner of Salobreña.

Old Town and the Attractions of Salobreña

Salobreña´s old town has an Arab and Andalusian mixture because its houses are white but its streets are narrow and meandering and at the top there is the castle. Let yourself be carried away by the charm of its streets and do not miss anything. Bahia Sexi car hire services show you the attractions of the Salobreña´s old town:

  • The castle

It is the most important monument in Salobreña whose location is in a strategic place to defender the town from the attacks. This castle from medieval times is very well preserved and has 8 towers and the wall that surround it as well as refreshing gardens inside. In the Nazari era was a rest home but later it was a jail. This castle appears in the book “Tales of the Alhambra” of Washington Irving. The views are wonderful from here because you can admire amazing views of the sea, the meadow and the snow-capped mountains of Sierra Nevada.

  • The church “Nuestra Señora del Rosario”

This building of XVI century has Mudejar style; moreover the church is where there was a Mosque. The church´s square was until 1789 a Christian cemetery.

  • Archaeological museum

This interesting museum is in the building where there was the old city hall. It has 2 floors, on the 1st floor you can visit the remains that the ancient civilizations rested here and on the 2nd floor is where Gabriel Guirado (artist from Salobreña) shows his work.

  • Boveda medieval

It is a picturesque street which has a semicircular vault. Through this street merchants brought their merchandise to the old medina (Arab market).

  • “Paseo de las Flores”

This nice street close to the castle is a beautiful garden where lived the first inhabitants from Salobreña. In this area there were many hidden remains of ancient civilizations. In October there is a craft market.

  • “Paseo del gambullon”

This street connects the lower part of the town and the “vega” with the old town and it continues the “Paseo de las Flores”.

  • Lookout and park “el Postigo”

It is a balcony in the north face of the old town where you have wonderful views from the mountains and the valley. There is a nice stair which goes to the beach.

  • Peñon de salobreña

Nowadays is part of the promenade, but it was a small island where there were many Roman remains.

  • Casa roja

The owner of this red palace was also the owner of the sugar factory. He ordered to build it in 1904. The most representative of this house is its tower in the center of its facade as well as its red color. It also has a big garden where there is a concert in summer. Nowadays this palace is property of the city council where are the offices of social services and the foundation of José Martín Recuerda.

  • Parque de la Fuente

This beautiful garden has a lot of plants, flowers and a small lake where pigeons, peacocks and ducks live. It has a funny playground for children. The best time to visit it is in summer when there are cultural events, concerts and you can rest in the terrace´s bars.

  • Salobreña’s Auditorium

It is a modern building where there are many cultural events and congresses.

  • Sugar Factory

It was the only sugar factory in Europe which transforms the sugar cane into sugar and alcohol. The building is from 1860 and it worked until the 90´s. It is the only sugar factory in Europe that is still complete.


Beaches of Salobreña

“Punta del rio” beach

It is a very quiet beach which is not close to the urban area. It is the last beach before Motril. You can go there with your car hire from Salobreña. It is more than 1 km and it has little stones y clear waters. However you have there some services such as surfing school, restaurants

“La Charca” Beach

This beach is between the Peñón and the end of Verde River which is in an urban area. Many families come here to have a nice beach day, so it is usually busy and cheerful. It has some services such as restaurants, supermarket and diving schools.

Guardia beach

It is the biggest beach in Salobreña which is in a natural environment. It is perfect for people who look for a quiet beach with nautical services and sunbeds rental.

Caleton beach, “Pargo” beach and “Cambron” beach

These 3 beaches are very similar and you will find them in the route to Almuñécar with the N-340. The best choice is to go there with your rental car from Salobreña because they are hidden between cliffs and nature. They are also small and rocky and its water is very clear so it is ideal for underwater fishing. You can go there easily on foot, but you have to let the rental car Salobreña close to the road.


A bit of History of Salobreña

In Salobreña there were remains of Prehistory, since there were villages in the near hills. Until in the XIII century BC the Phoenicians arrived and found the city of “Selambina”, but in VI century BC the Carthaginians conquered it. Selambina had a strategic location so the Romans gained it very soon, in II century BC, but they changed its name to “Segalvina”.

Later the Muslim came who stayed here from the year 711 to 1490. They changed again the name of the town to Shalubinya that is the origin of its actual name. They developed the agriculture, specifically the crop of sugarcane. Finally the Catholics Kings expelled the Muslims from here. They reinforced the castle and they continued using it to defend the city.

In XVII century the sugar cane crop loses importance and they start to grow cotton. In XIX century the sugar cane crops became important again because of new techniques from Cuba. And in XX century the economic boom causes a great growth of the town especially from the 60´s because of the tourism.


Accomodation in Salobreña

There are several kinds of accommodation in Salobreña for all budgets. Bahia Sexi rent a car services in Salobreña show you the best ratted:


Hotel Miba

It is a new and modern hotel with the best views to the town and the Mediterranean Sea. Its location is close to the road N-340 and it has a parking free for your rental car in Salobreña, so it is the perfect place to disconnect. In this hotel you will have pool, sky bar and a very good restaurant.

Best Western Hotel Salobreña

This hotel is on a cliff with amazing views to the Mediterranean Sea. The centre is 3 km far from the hotel, but the distance is not a problem with your car hire Salobreña. Moreover it has free parking for the guests and more services such as pool, congresses room, restaurant, etc.


Hostal San Juan

It has different kind of rooms: simple, for families and apartment. It is in a great location close to everything with Arab decoration.

Hostal Jaima

This hostel has spacious and cozy rooms. It is close to the old town.


With Airbnb Salobreña you can book different accommodation from a studio to a villa. Nevermind if it is not close to the center, because you can take a car rental in Salobreña to move freely in the area.


Salobreña Christmas activities 2020

 Salobreña Town Hall has prepared an “atypical” Christmas to adapt to the circumstances of the pandemic. Without giving up the excitement of these dates.

 The traditional street lighting in the municipality is already on and this year brings some novelties. There are also two contests in Salobreña, for shop windows and façades.

 On the one hand, a ‘Shop Window Competition’ has been prepared in which the shops of Salobreña can participate.

 The other competition is aimed at the residents of Salobreña, Lobres and La Caleta-La Guardia who will be encouraged to decorate their facades and balconies.

 A different Kings’ Cavalcade

 This year, due to prevention measures by the Covid-19, the Three Kings’ parade will not be held as in previous years. In which the neighbours would go out into the streets to receive it and sweets would be handed out from the Kings’ floats and pages.

 But so that the children do not remain without the illusion of the visit of their Majesties the Kings of the East. For this reason, there will be three teams of Three Kings with their pages that will pass through different areas of Salobreña, Lobres, La Caleta and La Guardia, on foot or by vehicle and to the sound of carols so that all the children can see them but safely.



The Fest and the Nightlife in Salobreña

Easter Week in Salobreña

This week in Salobrena the people celebrates the death and resurrection of Christ. There are beautiful processions through the main streets. On Friday the procession of Virgen de la Soledad is the protagonist because only the women can take her.

Cross day in Salobreña

In May the people decorate the streets and the courtyard with flowers and crosses made of flowers. It is a colourful fest and the people drink, eat and dance flamenco at the streets.

San Juan

The night between the 23rd and the 24th the people celebrate San Juan. It is a magic night when you can ask a wish and burn it in the bonfire so that it becomes a reality. At midnight everybody washes their faces in the sea because that will give them beauty all the year..

Virgen del Carmen Day

She is the virgin of the fisherman and on the 16th of July they take her in procession through the streets and the sea.

Virgen de Rosario Day

The neighbors go in pilgrimage from the church to the beach. They wear their flamenco dresses because it is a cheerful fest. There is also a handicraft fair in the Paseo de las Flores.

Nightlife in Salobreña

In the promenade and close to the Peñon there is the best party atmosphere at night. Bahia sexi rent a car services recommends you the most rated pubs and discotheques:

  • Pub Sunem beach: a great place to have a drink and dance with the best music. They usually organized thematic night, humours monolog, parties, etc. it is close to the Peñon.
  • Studio J.A: since 1982 it offers the best cocktail while you hear jazz, funky, etc. there are also billiard and a great atmosphere in the old town.



Salobrena is by the Mediterranean Sea, so in its market you can find very fresh fish and seafood. On the other hand it has fertile lands where tropical fruits, legumes and vegetables grow. Therefore the gastronomy in Salobrena has really fresh food that they cook with olive oil like the Mediterranean diet which is one of the healthiest.

In Salobrena you can also taste the local dishes with tapas which are small snacks offered free to accompany your drink. The Paella is also a good choice to lunch as well as the “Sangria” is a good choice to drink. It is a delicious mixture of red wine with soda, pieces of fruit, cinnamon and sugar.

The typical dishes of Salobrena that Bahia Sexi rent a car services recommends you some of them:

  • The rockfish made in the oven to salt.
  • Espetos de Sardinas that is a blue fish skewer that is cooked over the fire.
  • Pulpo seco: dry and aired octopus cooked on the grill with a lemon squirt.
  • Migas: it is made with flour semolina, water, olive oil and salt that the people eat it accompanied by fried fish, fried green peppers or even melon. It is the typical dish when it is a rainy day


There are many restaurants and bars where you can taste these dishes. You can go to the promenade and there some options close to the Peñon if you prefer to stay in the old town there are also good places to go. The prices are no expensive, you can find menu from 8 euros.


Market in Salobreña

You can visit the Salobrena’s market to find the freshest food and you will discover the great variety of fishes and seafood as well as the colourful of the tropical fruits. Close to the market there is the outdoor jumble sale that comes to Salobrena every Tuesday.

Nearby towns

You can visit the nearby towns easily with your car hire from Salobrena. We recommend you the most interesting town to visit:

From Salobrena to Almunecar

The most touristic town of the Costa Tropical therefore it has more services such as water park, aquarium, botanical garden, parrot park, etc. In addition Almunecar has an ancient history and many remains of it.

From Salobrena to Motril

It is 5 minutes far from Salobrena by your car hire. Motril is the biggest town in the Costa Tropical and it has the only golf course in this region.

From Salobrena to Granada

Everybody knows Granada as the Alhambra’s city and its visit is essential. However Granada has other many attractions such as the Albaycin neighbourhood, the really amazing lookout of “San Nicolas” as well as the old town is wonderful.

From Salobrena to Sierra Nevada

When you are in Salobrena, you can be at the beach and in about 1 hour and a half you can be in the snow in Sierra Nevada. It is the only one ski station in Andalusia. You can enjoy the snow if you drive there with your car rental from Salobrena.

From Salobrena to Nerja

Nerja is a picturesque and cheerful town that has an international atmosphere. The streets are narrows and they end in the “Balcon del Europa” that is an wonderful lookout to the Mediterranean Sea. The most important attraction is the cave which is so nice.

From Salobrena to Malaga

Malaga Airport is the most important in Andalusian. It is also an amazing city with ancient history and as the same time it has modern tourist facilities. Here you will find that always there is something new to do, such as cultural events, museums, shopping, etc.


Salobrena is a town in the heart of the tropical coast of Granada which not many people know their virtues, so you can enjoy a quiet holiday without crowds. Salobrena offers you the best climate in Europe, quiet beaches with crystal clear waters in a privileged environment where you can enjoy a delicious gastronomy. Don´t doubt it and come to know Salobrena with cheap car hire from Malaga airport.


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Getting to Salobreña

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