If you have to move in La Herradura, renting a cargo van is the cheapest, most comfortable and easy option to do it. But also if you have to transport a piece of furniture, change the furniture in an office or an office, you have bought an appliance or a large box and you have to bring it or take it to or from La Herradura. We offer cheap cargo van rental in La Herradura.


Why should you book with us?

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For all these situations, and some more, like imagine that you have to make a reform at home or you have just bought an apartment in La Herradura and you need to bring materials, tools or furniture. Well, renting a cargo van will always be cheaper and more comfortable than hiring a moving company. And you can also do it when it suits you, you do not depend on the schedule of the moving company to make the necessary postage.

Although you always have the option of doing it in your own car, but this option also has a series of drawbacks, such as that the load does not enter the trunk, although you can fold down the rear seats. In addition to that you can scratch your own car, or spoil what you are going to transport. Or it simply does not fit and you have to disassemble it, with the possibility of losing a piece leaving said object useless. That is why it is highly advisable to rent a special vehicle for cargo and transport such as the vans offered by Bahia Sexi expressly for these situations.

For any journey, be it long or medium distance or within the same population center of La Herradura, the cheap cargo van is the most sensible option to make a shipment.

Because thanks to this new service offered by Bahia Sexi in La Herradura, you can rent the cargo van that best suits your specific needs. Since Bahia Sexi has a fleet of vans to rent at your entire disposal. From the smallest, which is the Mercedes Citan, with a capacity of just over 3 cubic meters, it is a compact and urban van, which is perfect to enter any underground car park, and to move around some areas of the upper part of La Horseshoe. The vans can be small, medium or large. Being the largest with a maximum authorized mass of 3,500 kilograms, with which you can make a complete move in a single trip.


What do I have to do to rent a cheap cargo van in La Herradura? 

 First go to Bahia Sexi, not have an expired driving license and only 2 years old. 

 But what if I’ve never rented a cargo van? And I don’t know which one can be adjusted to what I need? 

 There is no reason to worry, because Bahia Sexi is a company that has a team of professionals at your disposal. They will be happy to advise and advise you, so that you can choose which of our vehicles best suits your specific needs. Taking into account the size and weight of the load, the distance to travel, the time you will need, and answering any questions that may arise. 

 How difficult is it to drive a cargo van? 

 This is a question that many people ask, however, it is just a legend. It is exactly the same as a car. Even easier because it has a greater field of vision, since it is higher than other cars. You just have to adapt a little to the dimensions in case you need a van of the largest. 

 Do not be left with doubts, call and ask without any commitment, you know that for Bahia Sexi customer service is essential. Get in touch by phone, at our offices or through our website. 


Why trust Bahía Sexi?

Well, because it is a company from here with extensive experience in renting a car and passenger transport, since it has been operating in this sector for more than 25 years and always at the first level of excellence. Also at Bahia Sexi, thanks to our experience, we know that customer service is essential because for us our customers are the most important thing and it is not a simple procedure.

Do not be fooled by the affordable prices of Bahia Sexi for the rental of vans in La Herradura, all our vehicles periodically pass all the regulatory reviews, and follow an exhaustive procedure of cleaning, disinfection, mechanical tuning and with all the documentation in order before being delivered to our customers.

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