Bahia Sexi is a company with more than 25 years of experience in the sector of passenger transport and vehicle rental. And now it also offers cheap cargo van rental in Salobrena.


Why should you book with us?

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If you have to make a move, transport a bulky box, an appliance, or you just made a big purchase. You do not need to hire a moving company, which will always be more expensive and expensive, and you will have to adapt to their schedule … Therefore, to make your work easier, Bahia Sexi offers this new cargo van rental service also in Salobreña . In this way, your carriage will be much faster, easier and more manageable option and with fewer inconveniences is our cheap cargo van rental in Salobrena.

If you need to carry a bulky object through the winding streets of the old town of Salobreña. If you have just bought or are reforming an apartment on the beach and you have to bring some furniture, tools or materials from Motril. If you are going to make a move in Salobreña. If you have bought an appliance or a piece of furniture at Ikea and you need to bring it to Salobreña. If you need to move an office, an office, a company or your business from one place to another in Salobreña, La Guardia or La Caleta …

For all these situations of a transport either within the municipality itself or medium and long transport distance, in which the cargo does not fit in the trunk of your car, even if you have the option of removing the rear seats. Because, in addition, that option always means that you can hit or scratch your vehicle or have to force the load and it can break or damage.

That is why the fastest, most flexible, most comfortable and cheapest solution is always to rent a cargo van. Since if the load does not fit completely in your car, you will have to disassemble it with the added problem that a piece may be lost, leaving the furniture or whatever object unusable.

In addition, Bahía Sexi offers a wide range of vehicles of all sizes, and you will also have the possibility to choose when you really need it. The size is very important depending on the volume and number of packages you need to transport. But thanks to the large number of vehicles that the Bahía Sexi fleet has, you can choose from a Mercedes Citan that has a capacity of just over 3 cubic meters, with which you can drive through any narrow street in the old town of Salobreña, or enter any underground car park in the urbanizations of the Salobreña promenade.

Even the most spacious ones that can carry a load of 3,500 kilograms, so with a single trip you can make the entire move, saving a lot of time and money.

Furthermore, all Bahia Sexi vehicles follow a strict selection, maintenance, disinfection and cleaning procedure, before being delivered to the customer. And of course they have all the documentation in order, do not settle for amateurs, and very important do not get confused despite our prices.

And Bahia Sexi vehicles for cargo transportation are modern, clean, efficient and ecological. Also with us you will have the opportunity to choose between diesel or gasoline versions, with automatic or manual transmission. And if necessary, you also have the option of renting a GPS navigator.


What requirements do I need to meet to rent a cargo van in Salobreña through Bahía Sexi?

 You only need to have your driving license B (the one for passenger cars) valid for two years.

 But is it very difficult to drive a cargo van?

 Not at all, driving a van is even easier than driving a car. Because your field of vision is also wider since you are in a higher position than the rest of the vehicles. You just have to be careful with the dimensions that are a little larger.

 What if I don’t know anything about these vehicles and I don’t know which of them can be better for me?

 It is not a problem, because in Bahía Sexi you have the best prepared professionals, who will advise you and can recommend the vehicle that best suits your specific case. Taking into account both the distance, the time, the type of load, the weight of the load and its volume.

 And if you want more information, you can contact us through our website or by phone without any commitment, and from our office we will assist you and we will be delighted to answer all your questions.


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