A little about the municipality of Torremolinos

Torremolinos is a tourist city on the Costa del Sol in Málaga, which, being a humble fishing district of Málaga capital, became an independent and prosperous city from the 1960s onwards, thanks to the great explosion of tourism. due to its climate, quality of its beaches, and the friendly and professional treatment of its inhabitants to all its visitors and tourists.

At present it is one of the capitals of tourism, not only in Andalusia or Spain, but in all of Europe. Therefore, if you are moving, you have just bought an apartment on its coast or the surrounding area, or you are a transport professional, Bahía Sexi offers you the rental of transport vehicles.

Why rent a transport vehicle with Bahía Sexi?

Bahía Sexi makes available to all its customers a large fleet of cars and cargo vans at very competitive prices that are beneficial for your pocket. That will perfectly cover all your possible cargo transportation needs. But do not be confused with our affordable prices, quality and customer service is our philosophy and our principles.

Because if you have to move your house, flat or apartment, move or relocate an office, office or business, however large it may be, renting a cargo van is the most comfortable and cheapest option. Because hiring a removal company is always more expensive, and they usually use trucks that cannot access all the urbanizations of Torremolinos, nor enter some of the narrow streets of the old town of Torremolinos. In addition, in case of hiring a removal company, the client has to adapt to the company’s agenda, that it has availability of its trucks, schedules, personnel… but if you rent a cargo van, you set the schedule and availability yourself , no strings attached.

In order not to go with ties, schedules, availability of third parties, there is always the possibility of making the move in your own vehicle, but this also has its own drawbacks, such as that you run the risk that the load does not fit well or damage both your vehicle as the objects that you are going to transport, or perhaps you have to remove the child seats…

The Bahia Sexi Fleet

Bahía Sexi has a large fleet of cargo vans, so that its clients can choose the one that best suits their needs at all times. Since, within its catalog of vehicles, we can find from the smallest and most manageable vans, ideal for transporting small boxes or any electrical appliance, with which its clients have the possibility of easily entering any urbanization, garage or community parking lot or street No matter how narrow it is in the old town of Torremolinos, like the Mercedes Citan, with a capacity of 3 cubic meters.

Up to the largest capacity volume of three thousand five hundred kilograms of maximum authorized mass. Ideal for removals and also all these vehicles are very manageable to circulate with the traffic of the city. Going through all the medium stadiums between the smallest and the one with the highest capacity.

But not only in Torremolinos and its surroundings you can move easily with our vans, since the cargo vans are perfect for any size of package and distance, whether it is to travel a medium or long distance. They perform well on the highway and also on mountain roads, in case you change from the coast to the mountain or vice versa.

Bahía Sexi and its customer service

In addition, at Bahía Sexi we know that customer service is a priority and fundamental issue, as we have already indicated, one of our principles is customer service, so do not hesitate to ask us any questions and we will solve all your questions related to the rental of cheap cargo vans in Torremolinos and surroundings.

And not because we say so, but because Bahía Sexi is one of the best valued companies on Google in its field of customer service. And all this, thanks to our team of highly experienced and highly qualified professionals.

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