Torrox is the municipality with the best climate in Europe, and it is not just a slogan, it is perfectly accredited. It is also a municipality divided into two well differentiated parts: Torrox Pueblo in the mountains and Torrox Costa right on the coast.

What happens in Torrox when you have to carry a shipment, move, bring or carry some boxes, move an appliance or piece of furniture. Either within each of the two parts of Torrox or between them, or from / to another town. Well, there are several options, but the most recommended is to rent a cheap cargo van.

Because it is the new service offered by Bahia Sexi, a leading company in the passenger transport and vehicle rental sector.


New office in Torrox!

We are please to announce that next July 1st, we will open our new office in Torrox Costa at Calle La Noria (next to Aldi)


Why should you book with us?

If you are wondering why to book with Bahia Sexi Rent a car:

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You can also hire a moving company, but this option has some drawbacks, such as having to adjust to their schedule. However, by renting a cargo van, you don’t have to adapt to anyone, you can do it when it suits you best.

Another option is to try to do it in your own car, but you can end up scratching it or hitting it with the load, or it is even possible that the package to be transported does not enter the car and you have to disassemble it, if possible, with the risk of losing any part. or then they don’t fit. Besides that you may have to take many trips.

For all these reasons, the cheapest, safest, most comfortable option that fits your needs is to rent a cargo van. Because Bahía Sexi, a company with more than 25 years in the sector, offers cheap cargo vans of all sizes with absolute flexibility of schedules.

In our fleet you can find vans from the approximately 3 cubic meters of capacity of the Mercedes Citan, which is ideal for small shipments, even moving an appliance in Torrox.

Being an easy vehicle to drive through the winding streets of the historic center of Torrox, or also in any underground car park in the urbanizations of Torrox Costa.

Even the largest vans with a maximum authorized mass of up to three thousand five hundred kilograms in weight. They are perfect for making a big move from an apartment on the beach, bringing tools and materials if you are going to make a reform in a newly bought apartment, or transport an office or an office. Either within the municipality of Torrox itself or on medium and long distance trips.

Don’t be confused by our prices, Bahía Sexi has a highly qualified professional team that will advise you on any questions you may have.

And all our vehicles have all the pertinent documentation in order, in addition to following a strict mechanical control of set-up, cleaning and disinfection before being delivered to our clients.

Do not hesitate if you need to make a move or some transport in Torrox, renting a cheap cargo van is the best option. Don’t take chances with amateurs, choose professionals.


What are the necessary requirements to be able to rent a cargo van in Torrox?

 In Torrox, as in all of Spain, the only essential requirement is to have a valid driving license with a minimum age of 2 years. That is enough.

 But… is it very difficult to drive a cargo van?

 In no way is it the same as any other tourism. You just have to adapt a little to the dimensions since it will always be larger than a normal car. But there are even people who drive a cargo van find it easier than a passenger car, because when the driver is seated in a higher position his vision is much broader than in a normal passenger car.

 And if I’ve never rented a vehicle before or don’t know which cargo van is the best fit for my needs.

 Do not worry about that, as we have already indicated, Bahia Sexi has a qualified professional human team, who will advise, advise and find the vehicle that best suits your specific needs. Taking into account the time, the space you need, the transport distance, the weight and the volume of the load, etc …

 In addition, we will be happy to assist you by phone, e-mail, on our website or on our social networks to resolve any question you may ask us. Get in touch with us without any obligation.


What to do in Torrox

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