Discover the history of Benalmádena

Discover with us the history of Benalmádena. Because Benalmádena is a great tourist centre but also a historical city. That’s why in this post we show you the history of Benalmádena.

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Discover the History of Benalmádena

Pre-Roman Period

From approximately the IX-VIII centuries B.C.. It is located on the left bank of the Arroyo de la Miel, a village known as Cerro de la Era. These settlers could have come from groups established in the vicinity in the previous era. Which in turn gravitated around what the classic sources call “Tartessos”.

From the 8th century B.C., on the coast of Andalusian lands there was a stable installation of Phoenician settlers from the city of Tiro in the Bay of Cadiz.

Roman Age

After the Roman conquest, a series of political, social and economic transformations will take place that will have an impact on lifestyles.

The latest discoveries reinforce the theory of the important role played by the coast in the exploitation of its fishing wealth during Roman times.

Other complementary activities were necessary for the development of these industrial activities, such as the manufacture of container containers, mainly amphorae for storage and transport.

Considering the itineraries of the classical fountains, the Roman Benalmadena would be located between Malaca and Suel (Fuengirola).

Between the 6th and 7th centuries, the coastal strip between Cadiz and Cartagena became part of the Byzantine Empire.

The Middle Ages

After the expulsion of the Byzantines in the 7th century, there is no news of the settlement in Benalmádena until the Nasrid period. The fact that written sources do not allude to Benalmádena does not necessarily mean that it is non-existent, but rather that it was of little importance in the general context of al-Andalus.

In 1456, the army of King Henry IV of Castile left Antequera and reached the ports of Málaga. From there, he continued his campaign, destroying everything in his path. Along the way, they set fire to and razed the town of Benalmádena, which was left forsaken. The Moors took refuge in the Sierra. But once this gale of the Christians is over, the Moors return to the place.

Modern Age

In the 17th century, the province of Málaga suffered epidemics, droughts and calamities such as a tidal wave, an earthquake (1680), as well as the closure of the port to English ships (1673), which paralysed the sale of agricultural products for export. However, Benalmádena continued with an agrarian-based economy. In the third quarter of the 17th century, Benalmadena’s economy grew slowly with the expansion of viticulture, figs, almonds and sweet potatoes.

Contemporary Ages

In the 19th century Benalmádena’s economic activity took off, not only in the agricultural sector, but also in the industrial sector.

In the middle of the 19th century, investors arrived in Benalmádena looking for land suitable for vines. The population increased considerably with the arrival of these new investors. The destruction of the vineyards by the phylloxera plague in the last quarter of the 20th century wreaked havoc throughout the province of Malaga. Unemployment, hunger and this plague together with epidemics of malaria, typhus and cholera are fed with Benalmádena.

The great demographic boom of the municipality occurred from the fifties and sixties. Because the birth and development of tourism on the Spanish coast.

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