Discover the monuments and heritage of Benalmádena

In this post with Bahia Sexi you can discover the monuments and heritage of Benalmádena. Not only sun and beach has Benalmádena. You can also enjoy its history and discover the monuments and heritage of Benalmádena.

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Discover the Monuments and heritage of Benalmádena

Castle of El Bil Bil

This building on Antonio Machado Avenue was built during the Second Spanish Republic. Which is one of the references of the municipality of Benalmádena.

Archaeological site:

There are several sites from the Ancient Age that can be found in Benalmádena. Among the most remarkable is the indigenous site with Phoenician influences of the Cerro de la Era. Because since the 2nd century B.C., the Romans were present in the municipality, of which several villages dedicated to the exploitation of marine resources such as the Benalroma site stand out. And also Torremuelle. One of the most interesting sites is Los Molinillos. Which was used for the production of oil during the Roman High Empire and also salted from the third century A.D.52.

Colomares Castle

It is a monument in homage to Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America by Doctor Esteban Martín and Martín between 1987 and 1994. In addition, several architectural styles and different materials can be observed.

It was also the scene of the birds of prey show that takes place today on the summit of Mount Calamorro.


There are three watchtowers within the municipality:

  1. Torremuelle
  2. Broken Tower
  3. Bermeja Tower.

Some of them are part of the system of fortifications of the coast of Eastern Andalusia as a defensive system of the Kingdom of Granada. Which were restored or rebuilt to protect the Spanish Mediterranean coast from Berber pirates.

El Toro Caves

The Cueva del Toro is the most important prehistoric site in the municipality since it was discovered in 1969. It was occupied and used as a sanctuary some 18,000 years ago in the Upper Palaeolithic. In it you can find cave paintings emphasizing the one that represents an acephalous bovine. It is located in Monte Calamorro. The municipality has other more recent caves, from the Neolithic period, the Cueva de los Botijos, the Cueva de la Zorrera and the Cueva del Sahara, whose remains are exhibited in the Benalmádena archaeological museum.

La Niña de Benalmádena:

It is one of the icons of the city and is in the centre of a fountain in the Plaza de España. Which is a bronze sculpture by Jaime Pimentel.

Isabella Wreck

It is part of Benalmádena’s heritage because the history of this boat is imprecise since its discovery in 1961. However, the latest research carried out since 2002 has been decisive in determining the real history of the wreck. It is also an Asset of Cultural Interest.

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