Enjoy the beaches of Benalmádena, get a good time swimming!

Enjoy the beaches of Benalmádena presented by Bahia Sexi. Because Benalmádena is a paradise of sun and beach with more than 20 kilometers of coastline.

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The Benalmádena coastline

Benalmádena has more than 20 kilometres of coastline of sand, gravel and palm groves that make up a total of 19 beaches:

  • Arroyo Hondo
  • Carvajal
  • Bil-Bil
  • La Morera
  • Arroyo de la Miel (Honey Stream)
  • Benalnatura
  • Source of Health
  • The Pearl
  • The Viborillas
  • Las Yucas beach
  • Malapesquera
  • Malapesca
  • Bermeja Tower
  • Melilleros
  • Saint Anne
  • Tajo de la Soga
  • Torremuelle
  • Torrequebrada
  • Torrevigía.

Furthermore, all the beaches are accessible from the promenade that crosses from one end of the municipality to the other. Also in these 20 kilometres we can find beach bars, restaurants and other tourist establishments.

The eastern beaches are wide and lanky, with public facilities and aquatic activities. On the other hand the western ones are rocky, many of them quiet and isolated between small cliffs. That is why they are ideal for fishing and scuba diving. There is also one of the first nudist beaches in Spain, called Benalnatura.

Enjoy the first nudist beach in Benalmádena


Situated between the beaches of La Viborilla and Las Yucas, Benalnatura is the only nudist beach within Benalmádena. A place where peace and respect are the cornerstone for the practice of nudism.

Its exuberant vegetation hides the access to the stairs that will take you to this peculiar beach. Undressing is an obligation and, if you are not more than 18 years old, the guardian of this paradise will probably forbid you to enter.

It is a cove about 100 meters long and 40 meters wide. It is also surrounded by rocky cliffs on both sides. And also a thick forest on its back, offers an atmosphere of tranquility.

How you can arrive to enjoy the beaches of Benalmádena

You will need a vehicle to explore Benalmadena and surroundings freely. If you don´t have yours You can make two choices:

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