Enjoy the Gastronomy of Fuengirola

Enjoy the Gastronomy of Fuengirola thanks to Bahia Sexi and this post. Because to enjoy the good food in vacations feels very good. And Fuengirola enjoys one of the best gastronomies of the Costa del Sol.

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Enjoy the Gastronomy of Fuengirola

Typical dishes of Fuengirola are:

  • fideos a la banda
  • pescaíto frito
  • espetos (fish, generally sardines, grilled)
  • ensalada malagueña and tortas de Fuengirola (traditional recipe)

The most typical dish of all: El espeto

First of all, the espeto is a typical dish of Málaga and consists of espetar, that is to say, to thread fish. Traditionally sardines, in thin and long reeds, to roast it with firewood on the sand of the beach.

Not to be confused with espetada, a typical dish of Portuguese gastronomy.

In addition, the technique consists of inserting the sardines through their loin and that all are placed on the cane equally.

Traditionally, a small mound of sand was placed to nail the reeds and on the other side the wood already made charcoal.

When it became an activity where a professional skewer cooks for a restaurant, so the skeeters went to the ingenuity of placing sand inside a boat and raise it on trestles.

Nowadays there are many restaurants and even town halls that place along the promenades, boats in some cases of metal, so that they can be filled with sand and facilitate the work. The advantage of these modern containers is that they can be easily oriented with respect to the breeze.

In addition, although sardines are traditional, many other foods can be skewered. This is why it is also common to skewer other fish such as horse mackerel, gilthead bream, sea bass, etc. In these cases, the rod is introduced through the mouth of the animal. It is also common to see squid or other large molluscs.

Gastronomic events in Fuengirola

There are also gastronomic events in Fuengirola, which are held twice a year:

  • The Tapas Fair
  • The Galician Gastronomic Days

How you can arrive to Fuengirola

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