Bahía Sexi wants to show you so that you can enjoy Holy Week to the maximum in Fuengirola.

When does the Hoy Week start in Fuengirola in 2019?

The date of Easter is variable and can change from year to year. The date will always be between March 22nd and April 25th. It is associated with an astrological phenomenon that is related to the convocation of Constantine the Great of the Council of Nicea. The first Sunday after the first full moon of spring.

In 2019 Holy Week will be from 14 to 21 April.

The greatest attraction of Holy Week in Fuengirola are its processions, with the Nazarenes, penitents, costaleros… carrying their images:

Holy Week in Fuengirola

Holy Week Processions in Fuengirola

Palm Sunday:

La Pollinica: this brotherhood performs its Penitence season on Palm Sunday. Traditionally in Fuengirola the first procession that goes out is the throne of La Pollinica, so called because it represents Jesus mounted on a “pollino” or small donkey.

Holy Wednesday:

Hermandad del Cautivo, whose images are:

Our Father Jesus Captive, made in 1987 and blessed on December 8 of the same year. The image wears a white tunic and his hands are tied.

And Our Lady of Sorrows: like Christ, it is of Sevillian school and is probably dated to the 19th century.

Holy Thursday:

Between Thursday and Friday is when more brotherhoods go out in procession:

Our Father Jesus Tied to the Column and Mary Most Holy of Bitterness.

Our Father Jesus of Passion and Mary Most Holy of Hope.

Good Friday:

Most Holy Christ of the Expiration and Most Holy Mary of Sorrows.

Most Holy Christ of Charity, Most Holy Reclining Christ of Peace and Unity and Most Holy Mary of Love and Solitude.

Our Mother and Lady of Solitude.

Easter Sunday:

The throne of the Resurrected Jesus carries out the procession on Easter Sundays. It commemorates the passages of the New Testament that the Catholic Church celebrates the Easter of the Resurrection of Jesus. The throne is processioned by the Royal Sacramental Brotherhood and Brotherhood of Nazarenes of Our Captive Father Jesus, Our Lady of Sorrows and the Resurrected Jesus.

The image is a complete carving of Jesus with the naked torso and the head touched with the divine powers. It carries the banner with the acronym JHS (IHESUS). It represents the triumph of the flesh over death.

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