Famous People from Nerja that you will like to know

In this post we introduce you to some famous people from Nerja. Because Nerja is a beautiful coastal town that is about 40 minutes from Malaga Airport by rented car.

Miguel de Miguel

The first of the famous people from Nerja we meet is Miguel de Miguel. He was born in Nerja in 1975 and is a famous Spanish musician and actor. He has participated in numerous television series.

Also in 2011 he jumps to the international scene with the series La reina del Sur (The Queen of the South). He was co-star of the soap opera RCN ¿Quién mató a Patricia Soler? together with Itatí Cantoral.

In cinema he has acted in films such as: San Vicente and ¡Ay amor, cómo dueles! He has also participated in theatrical productions such as Las Troyanas, La carroza de plomo candente, Romeo y Julieta and La tercera palabra.

The most famous woman from Nerja is Nuria Fergó

Nuria Fernández Gómez was born in Málaga on 18 April 1979. Her stage name is Nuria Fergó. She is a spanish singer and actress. She rose to fame in the first edition of the competition Operación triunfo 2001.

Due to she debuted in the record market with Brisa de esperanza in 2002. Nuria Fergó has three platinum records and one gold record as a soloist.

She has given more than 500 solo concerts in Spain throughout her career.

The singer has acted as presenter of galas or events and image of several commercial brands. Thanks to her popularity, she has also worked in film and television in various roles as an actress.

In 2018 her song “La vida son solo dos días” is chosen as the soundtrack for the Vuelta Ciclista a España 2018.

Manuel Pezzi

Manuel Pezzi Cereto is a politician and university professor born in Nerja, Malaga on December 7, 1947.

He is also a professor of Physical Geography at the University of Granada. He has also published numerous works on karst in the Cordilleras Subbéticas. Manuel has also coordinated a large edition of a Basic Atlas of Andalusia.

He was also Secretary General of the PSOE of Granada and Secretary of Organization of the PSOE of Andalusia. He was also senator for the province of Granada (2004-2008), served as the socialist spokesperson for Education and Sports and in the next two Legislatures, Member of Parliament (2008-2011 and 2011-2015).

The most famous actor from Nerja is: Miguel Joven

Maybe the most famous people from Nerja is Miguel Joven Braun, although born in Lübeck, Germany, is known for playing the role of Tito in Verano Azul (1981). One of the most famous series in the history of Spanish television.

Miguel Joven was the last of the children’s actors selected by the director Antonio Mercero. The boy, then six and a half years old. The director chose him in the locality when the rest of the cast was already working on the series.

When they were waiting for an actor to be sent from Madrid, Francisco Olaya Ayo, who ran the beach bar where the filming crew ate, convinced those responsible for the project to test Miguel.  Because he was the son of Alberto Joven, a waiter at the beach bar.

In this way, Miguel Joven became Tito, the naughty boy who was the adventure companion of the Piranha in the series.

To take advantage of the popularity, Miguel Joven and Miguel Ángel Valero (another actor in the series) were paired up in the musical duo Los Pirañas and recorded the album Comer, comer.

They also shot two films: Padre no hay más que dos (1982); and Chispita y sus gorilas (1982).

After that experience, Miguel Joven retired completely from the show and dedicated himself to finishing his studies and later working in Nerja.

However, his presence is usually habitual in the spaces of nostalgia for television and tributes that are periodically made to the series.

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