The most Famous People from Torrox that you will enjoy to know

Torrox is a historic town that has given a few famous people to the history of Spain. In this post we bring you two of the most outstanding famous people from Torrox.

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Do you know the famous people from Torrox? Learn from their history

Emilio Baeza

Emilio Baeza Medina was born in Torrox on 28 February 1892 and died in Malaga on 24 December 1980. He was a Spanish lawyer and politician of the Radical Socialist Party.

Emilio stands out for being the first mayor of Malaga during the period of the Second Republic.

He was also a councillor in the Town Hall of Malaga in 1919 and again in 1931. With the proclamation of the Republic in April 1931 he was mayor of Malaga.

However, the most important thing is that he created the Independent Radical Socialist Republican Party.

After the end of the Civil War he went into exile in Mexico. And he finally returned to Malaga in 1953.

It also has a dedicated street in Malaga: Alcalde Baeza Medina street, in the neighborhood of Ciudad Jardín.

The most famous people from Torrox is Almanzor

But if there’s one of Torrox’s favorite sons, it’s Almanzor. A powerful Muslim warlord. Compared to the Cid Champion. He was born in Torrox approximately in 938 and died in Medinaceli in 1002. Hayib de Córdoba (978-1002).

He was a descendant of an Arab family from Yemen established in the region of Algeciras since the Muslim conquest of the Iberian Peninsula.

He studied in Cordoba and, during the caliphate of al-Hakam II, held important administrative posts, such as director of the mint (967) or mayor of General Galib’s army (972).

In 976, the premature death of al-Hakam II placed Hisam II, a boy only eleven years old, at the head of the Caliphate of Córdoba.

So Almanzor took over the reins of power. That same year he was appointed guardian of the young caliph, with the help of his mother, Subh.

Two years later, in 978, after having turned Hisam II into a political puppet and postponed such influential figures as al-Mushafi and Galib.

Almanzor had himself named hayib or prime minister, a dignity that allowed him to exercise absolute authority over the entire Hispano-Muslim territory.

His first decision was to expel the Slavic mercenaries from the Caliphate army and replace them with Berbers. This measure gave him enormous popularity.

He also made a deep restructuring of his troops in order to put an end to their tribal organization.

Endowed with a charismatic personality and a great military talent, between the years 977 and 1002 he carried out a total of 56 campaigns in Christian lands without knowing defeat.

The most memorable deed of the Arab warlord occurred, however, on August 11, 997, when he destroyed Santiago de Compostela.

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