Bahia Sexi wants to show you the attractions of San Pedro. In this way, you can visit each corner in your own thing and you won’t miss anything. So read this post to do better organization of your vacation.

The Coastal Line the main of the attractions of San Pedro

The whole southern part of the municipality is beach. The southern limit is the moon coast itself, which consists of a succession of beaches, starting from Puerto Banús, San Pedro Alcántara and finally Guadalmina.

All these beaches are perfectly cared for, having been that of San Pedro Alcántara-Guadalmina (4900 m), with its new landscaped promenade, awarded the Blue Flag since 1993.

A rich historical heritage is another attractions of San Pedro

Baptismal font of the basilica of Vega de Mar

These archaeological remains are next to the Roman Baths of the Vaults. It is assumed that the Herculaneum route that linked Cadiz with Cartagena ran through this area.

It is an archaeological complex made up of the remains of a paleochristian basilica and a necropolis made up of more than two hundred burials. Discovered at the beginning of the 20th century.

This attraction of San Pedro is one of the best exponents of paleochristian art in Spain and Portugal. It has been a National Historical Monument since 1931 and is also of Cultural Interest.

Roman thermal baths of Las Bóvedas

The Roman baths are located between the mouth of the Chopo stream and that of the Guadalmina river. It is a Roman thermal building dating from the 2nd to the 3rd century AD.

These rooms used as hot, warm and cold water pools, whose temperature depended on their proximity to the praefurnium (oven).

It is also one of the few Roman remains in Spain of which more than the foundations have preserved. It has been a National Monument since 1936 and an Asset of Cultural Interest since 2007.

Trapiche of Guadaiza 

This building built as a sugar factory in 1823. The mill of the mill using the force of the water that arrived by an aqueduct of which some arches are conserved nowadays.

The building had numerous uses throughout its history and the reforms carried out by the Marquis to build the model farm have allowed the building to be preserved to this day. It is also a true example of the agro-industrial past of the agricultural colony of San Pedro de Alcántara.

Almenara Tower of Vaults

It is a watchtower from the 16th century next to the mouth of the river Gualdalmina. Its name comes from its location next to the Roman baths of the same name.

The Villa of San Luis

This building is in the church square. Built in 1887 as the family residence of the Cuadra Raoul family. Family that was the owner of the agricultural colony of San Pedro de Alcantara.

In 1887, Clara Raoul built her family residence. Calling it “Villa de San Luis”, in honor of her late husband and son.

How can you explore the best attractions of San Pedro

You will need a vehicle to explore San Pedro and surroundings freely if you don’t have yours. You can make 2 choices:

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