Holidays in Nerja to choose the best moment to visit the city

In this post we present the main holidays in Nerja, because Nerja is only 30 minutes from Malaga Airport in your rented car.

List of Holidays in Nerja

San Antón in Maro

First of all, on 16 and 17 January. The owners of the animals lit bonfires in honour of San Anton so that he would protect them throughout the year, and in this way they would never get sick. Because San Anton is the protector of animals.

Nerja Carnival

The carnival of Nerja is celebrated during 3 days. It is one of the best celebrations of Nerja because it has many components strictly of Nerja.

Easter (one week of Holidays in Nerja)

We’ve already talked about Easter in another post. But even so we had to name it because it is one of the most important festivities in Nerja.

Foreign Resident’s Day

Between April and May a special day is celebrated for our foreigners who have decided to live in our village.

This day the associations of foreigners mount their exhibitors in the square of Spain.

May Crosses

May Crosses in Torrox

The 3rd of May is celebrated in Nerja the day of the crosses. In the most central squares of the village a floral cross is exhibited, which the villagers make months before.

If you want to know more. There is also another post about this festival in Nerja.

San Isidro

The pilgrimage of San Isidro is celebrated in Nerja every 15th of May. This feast of Nerja begins with a rociera mass in the Church of the Savior in tribute to the holy farmer.

Saint John

The magical night of San Juan is celebrated on the beaches of Nerja on the night of 23rd to 24th June. Because summer begins.

Virgin of Carmen

The celebration of the day of the Virgin of Carmen takes place on 15, 16 and 17 July.

Festival of the Cave of Nerja (Only Holidays in Nerja)

A festival that brings together wonderful artists year after year to delight us with their voices in the caves of Nerja.

Festival of the 3 Cultures – FRIGILIANA

It is a Festival that pays tribute to the 3 most important (medieval) cultures of our country. It takes place from the 28th to the 30th of August.

Fiestas of Nerja for the Day of the Tourist

Every September, Nerja takes a special day for all our tourists who visit our village year after year. This day is celebrated in the Balcony of Europe a lot of events.

Maro Fair

The Maro Fair, better known as the Fair of Wonders is held from 7 to 9 September in Maro. This event is in honor of the Virgen de las Maravillas, in the central plaza del Maro which has the name of its virgin.

Main Holidays in Nerja: The Fair

The Nerja Fair takes place on 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 October, on the occasion of the festivity of the patron saints of Nerja, San Miguel Arcángel and the Virgin of Angustias.

The last Holidays in Nerja: Maroween

Finally the night of 31th October. As its name indicates, it is the Halloween party that is celebrated in Maro. This feast of All Saints, is held on October 31 of each year.

In addition, on that day the Town Hall holds a competition for the best costume.

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