How to combat the heat on Torremolinos and enjoy the summer

Torrox is a beautiful cosmopolitan seaside village. It enjoys a great climate, but some summer days are very hot. So in this post we give you some tips on how to combat the heat in Torremolinos.

Due to its geographical location, Torremolinos enjoys maximum temperatures of between 15 and 30 °C and a humidity of approximately 75 %. Rainfall reaches 500 litres per square metre, with the rainiest months being November and February.

However, care must be taken in summer. Because some days between July and August the temperature could arrive the 35 grades.

But during the summer there can also be warmer days, especially between 12:00 noon and 17:00 hours.

That’s why in this post we talk about the climate of Torremolinos and how to fight the heat. And we leave you some tips to combat those days of maximum heat.

List of tips on how to combat heat in Torremolinos:

  • Have an ice-cream shake: Any bar in the centre.
  • Take a nocturnal sightseeing tour
  • During the summer the cultural attractions close later.
  • Bathing in the sea or in a swing pool. Avoid the hottest hours and take a bath in the sea.
  • Visit the Torremolinos water park.
  • Visit a tree park or forest.
  • enjoy fruits and vegetables: in Torremolinos and Málaga you can find fresh fruits and vegetables of the day.
  • Buy a Spanish “Abanico”
  • Have a good fan.
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun during the hottest hours.
  • On the beach, in general, it is very good thanks to the breeze coming from the sea, but remember to avoid staying under the sun from 11 to 15.

So the climate of Torremolinos is another plus point for you to choose this city for your next vacation. But beware of heat waves. And remember that in 5 minutes you will arrive from Malaga International Airport in your rental car.

Finally do not worry about the heat, all our rent cars have air conditional. Therefore you can choose the best temperature.

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