Illustrious people of Torre del Mar-Velez Malaga

In this post we present the illustrious people of Torre del Mar-Velez Malaga. Because Torre del Mar is a neighborhood of the city of Velez Malaga. And Velez Malaga a historic city with many illustrious characters.

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The most Illustrious people of Torre del Mar-Velez Malaga right now is:

Fernando Hierro

Because Fernando Ruiz Hierro, is the most illustrious people of Torre Del Mar-Velez Malaga. Because he was the coach of the Spanish national football team in the last World Cup in Russia. He was born in Velez Malaga on March 23, 1968.

As a footballer, he was international with Spain and ex-player of the Real Madrid Football Club. He was also captain of both teams. He began his career in the midfielder demarcation and later he delayed his position until the central defense. In which he stood out as a national and international referent in his time. And he became one of the best European footballers of all time. He developed most of his football career in the Madrid club (1989-2003). With which he played 601 games and scored 127 goals, achieving among other titles:

  • five leagues
  • three Champions Leagues
  • two Intercontinental.

He was an absolute international with the Spanish national team for 13 years (1989-2002). And captain since 1998, totaling 89 internationals and 29 goals. He participated in four World Cups and two European Cups.

After his retirement as a footballer, he held the post of sports director of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (2007-2011 and 2017-2018). Coinciding in its first stage with the “Euro-World Cup double”. He was also general manager of Málaga Football Club in the 2011/12 season. As a coach, he started as Real Madrid’s second coach in the 2014-15 season. He also directed Real Oviedo in the 2016-17 season and the Spanish national team in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Other illustrious people of Torre del Mar-Velez Malaga

  • María Zambrano, philosopher.
  • Evaristo Guerra, painter.
  • Antonio Ugena, composer and Master of the Royal Chapel.
  • Joaquín Blake, military.
  • Fray Alonso de Santo Tomás, Bishop of Málaga.
  • Pancho López, Marquis of Sonora, Viceroy of New Spain.
  • Esteban Vigo, coach.
  • José Carlos Fernández Tello, footballer.
  • Federico Vahey Alba, Minister of Grace and Justice of Isabel II of Spain.
  • Juan Breva, cantaor.
  • Rodrigo Vivar Téllez (1906-1991), National Councillor and solicitor in the Spanish Parliament from 1943 to 1977. He was also civil governor of Almería (1940-1942) and Vizcaya (1942-1944).
  • Amparo Muñoz, actress and Miss Universe 1974. (1954 – 2011)
  • Manuel Hijano Conde, painter.
  • Joaquín Lobato, poet.
  • Manuel José Anguita Téllez, prelate and apologist.
  • Julia Sevilla Muñoz, paremiologist.
  • José Bonilla Peña, artist.
  • Rocío Molina, National Dance Prize 2010.
  • Cayetano Galeote, Priest who murdered his own bishop.
  • Javi Guerra, footballer.
  • Francisco Bonilla, artist.
  • Aurelio Anglada, tenor.
  • Antonio Moreno Fortes, painter.

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