Places to visit in Torremolinos t hat you will like to discover!

Torremolinos is a tourist and historic city with many places to visit. Because it has a lot of places to visit in Torremolinos. But that’s why in this post we want to highlight just some of the most important places.

The most main places to visit in Torremolinos is: San Miguel Street

First of all, Calle San Miguel is the busiest pedestrian street in Torremolinos, and one of the busiest in Europe. It is the commercial axis par excellence of the town and the main tourist area. At the end of which is the Nazari tower that gives its name to the municipality and the Church of San Miguel, from the eighteenth century.

The Swordfish Hotel

Also the Hotel Pez Espada is since its construction an emblem of the tourist take-off of the Costa del Sol in the mid-twentieth century.  Its architecture represents a milestone of what was called the “style of relaxation”. It has been of Cultural Interest since 2006.

Churches and temples

  • The church of San Miguel is the oldest temple in the municipality.
  • The church of the Virgen del Carmen houses the image of the patron saint of Torremolinos.
  • Madre del Buen Consejo Church.
  • The church of Cristo Resucitado.
  • The Mother Church of the Church.
  • And the church of Santa María del Mar.

In addition, to these churches are added the Chapel of the Sanatorio Marítimo, from 1929, and the hermitage of San Miguel in the area of Los Pinares de los Manantiales.


Torremolinos has 7 kilometers of coastline divided into several beaches. The main ones are:

  • The Alamos
  • Playamar
  • The Bajondillo
  • The Carihuela

Don’t Forget visit of Torremolinos: Green Zones and Parks

The Molino de Inca Botanical Garden is a 4 hectare botanical garden. We found it in the zone contiguous to the Municipal Nursery of Torremolinos. There are also the original springs of Torremolinos, Inca and Albercón del Rey.

La Batería Park is a park in the northern area of Montemar. With an approximate surface of 74.000 m². In the center is a large artificial lake. In addition, the lake is navigable for pleasure craft. It was an old defensive infrastructure, so that the three artillery sites are visitable. Some cannons and two underground bunkers are preserved from where projectiles were supplied to the firing direction located on the cliff.

And remember that Torremolinos is only a few minutes from Malaga International Airport in your rented car.

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