Let’s know 5 excellent restaurants in Frigiliana

You can take your strength in one of this 5 great restaurants. Then you will be  ready to continue sightseeing. So explore de picturesque streets of Frigiliana and enjoy its tasty gastronomy.

How is the gastronomy in Frigiliana?

Frigiliana is a really nice town in the Costa del Sol, where its wonderful weather invites to enjoy outdoor. 

The gastronomy in Frigiliana is based on the Mediterranean diet. This area has especially fresh fishes and tropical fruits. You will discover it at any of this 5 restaurants in Frigiliana. 

The most traditional dishes are “Puchero de Hinojos”(Fennel crumb) y Migas of semolina.

Do you want to know our recommended restaurants in Frigiliana?

 Bahia Sexi recommends you some of the best 5 restaurants in Frigiliana. If you won’t to know which is the best one, you will have to try all of them. 

  • Las Chinas Resturant

You can taste excellent meet at its pleasant terrace, while you admire the wonderful views. In addition, you will find adequate prices and high quality products.

  • Gloria Bendita restaurant

restaurants in Frigiliana


It is a different restaurant, which serves original and creative dishes. The Gloria Bendita restaurant is a great fusion between oriental and Mediterranean cuisine. In addition, it has a large terrace, where you will also enjoy the sunshine. 

  • Taberna del Sacristán

restaurants in Frigiliana

It is located in the picturesque square close to the church. You can taste the traditional dishes at its nice terrace. It is one of the best restaurants to eat meat, which is the specialty of the house.

  • El Boquetillo Restaurant

This restaurant fuses the Mediterranean and British cuisine. It looks like a rock pub, but you it is an ideal place to  enjoy your meal and the fantastic views.

  • El casino

El casino serves the traditional dishes, such as the specialty of the house, the Oxtail stew. It is worth booking a table on the terrace to admire the fantastic views.

Come to discover Frigiliana with our car hire

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In conclusion, the gastronomy in Frigiliana is one of its charms. You will discover the friendly waiters and the tasty dishes at the 5 recommended restaurants in Frigiliana. So take the car hire of Bahia Sexi and enjoy your vacations in Frigiliana.

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