Romeria de San Isidro in Nerja a festival for visitors

With the month of May comes the good weather, the Crosses, flowers, apricots, spring … and also the most awaited festival by all Nerjeños and visitors The pilgrimage of San Isidro in Nerja.

What does the festival consist of?

This day is a holiday in Nerja, and consists of a pilgrimage that begins with a Rocío mass at 11 o’clock in the morning. And then a fruit offering in the church El Salvador, on the Balcony of Europe.

In addition, after the mass, there is a tribute to the farmers with traditional dances and Nerja folklore groups also on the balcony of Europe, in front of the church. Because let us remember that San Isidro is the patron saint of Labradors.

After finishing the dance, the pilgrimage begins, led by oxen pulling the main wheelbarrow carrying the figure of San Isidro. A large row of carriages, horses and pilgrims populate the streets of Nerja as they enjoy their walk to the sound of music.

Everyone dances and sings sevillanas, rumbas and folk songs. Women and men wear their best outfits, many of them made by themselves throughout the year.

Typical dress

They wear gypsy dresses or faralae skirts, adorned with a beautiful flower that collects their hair. And shoes or boots according to the clothing.

The men and some women are dressed in short suits or camperos. They consist mainly of a wide-brimmed hat, a plain white shirt, a sash, as well as pants and gaiters.

It is a very special day, in which they gather in groups of friends, families and neighbors. All of them enjoy their floats decorated to the last detail. Loaded with food made by themselves the day before, and drinks to liven up the road.

Tourists also enjoy this party because they camp along the way. In addition, they enjoy the sun while waiting for the passage of the carriages and walkers.  They wait for the pilgrimage to pass with umbrellas, chairs and food, and taking photographs.

At each stop along the way, you can dance, eat and even rest.

Once the saint is deposited in the hermitage, a rest is taken for animals and walkers that unfold around the enclosure. It is used to eat and replenish strength and can continue with the feast of booths, canteens and bars throughout the enclosure.

It is enjoyed during the whole afternoon until the closing and later cut of the music that puts an end to a long day of celebration.

Every year this festival exceeds all your expectations, it is very visited by all our tourists, who repeat year after year on this date.

When is San Isidro in Nerja?

The 15th of May of each year, in honour of San Isidro Labrador, patron saint of farmers.

Where does it take place?

The pilgrimage goes from the church El Salvador (Balcony of Europe) to the hermitage of San Isidro (caves of Nerja), through the main street of Nerja (C / painted) and all the national N-340 to reach the entrance of Maro and up to the parking lot of the cave of Nerja.


As every year at 11:00 the Rociera Mass begins in the Church of El Salvador. A mass rociera most of it is sung after the beginning of the offering of fruits.

At 12:00 there is a tribute to the peasants. Where there are performances of rocieros choirs.

Also around 14:30 the Saint arrives at the enclosure of the Cave of Nerja. There is also a reception by the authorities.

At 15:30 there are more performances by groups and more types of music. You can also dance.

Around 17:00 there is a prize-giving ceremony for the riders, horse-drawn carriages and mechanical traction carriages.

The Pilgrimage will end at 23:00 although, as it is more and more traditional, the party will last all night.

And all this spectacle and folklore is just over half an hour from Malaga Airport in your rented car.

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