Christmas is coming! Are you thinking about a different holiday in Salobreña at Christmas? You will spend sunny and warm days off close to the beach. Anyway, if you miss the snow, Sierra Nevada is only one hour away by car.



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Come to discover how is Salobreña at Christmas

Would you like to spend a warm Christmas in Salobreña? In this town the sun shines almost everyday. In addition, the temperatures are about between 8º and 22º. So if you want to spend your Christmas vacation away from the white Christmas, this is your ideal destination.  

However if you miss the snow too much, you can spend a fun day at the ski resort Sierra Nevada, which is 1 hour far from Salobreña by car. 


Let’s know the special event in Salobreña at Christmas

There are a lot of special events in Salobreña at Christmas, for all ages. For example:

  • There is a Christmas Concert of the Cantares choir, as well as a Coral Contest. 
  • This year is the first time that there is a living Nativity Scenes.
  • On the 28th December will be the San Silvestre Race. 
  • The first days of Januar there are many activities for children such as storytellers, kids’ parties. And the 3 Kings Page comes to pick up the letters of the children.
  • The holiday finishes with the expected 3 Kings Ride. 

There are also other traditions, each family has its own. But all Spanish people do the same at New Year’s Eve: they eat 12 grapes, one grape with each bell. And if you can do it, you will have happiness and good luck in the new year. You should try it!


Are you interested in the gastronomy of Salobreña at Christmas?

Christmas is a time to meet with the family to share special moments and take special dishes. Let’s know the typical desserts in Salobreña at Christmas:

  • Turron is a sweet dough with almonds and honey.
  • Mantecados is made with lard and almonds
  • Pestiños are typical in Christmas and Easter, which is dough with honey fried with olive oil.
  • Roscon de Reyes is like a big donut, which has hidden surprises inside.


Do you need a car hire to explore Salobreña and surroundings?

Do you want to explore Salobreña and the nearby towns freely? In this case, you need a vehicle. If you don’t have you own car, you have 2 options: 

  • You can take the public transport, although in this area the only public transport are buses. Anyway, it is a cheap way to travel. The problem is that you will have to waste your time waiting for the bus. 
  • On the other hand, you can book our car hire in Salobreña, which will give you comfort and freedom to travel where you want. In addition, you can forget the bus schedules and wait times. 

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  3. Of course, our office is also at your disposal to pick up your car rental.

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In conclusion, Salobreña at Christmas is an experience, which is worth living. For this reason, book our car hire with Bahia Sexi and don’t miss anything in Salobreña and surroundings. 



Images: Tripadvisor