Squares of Torremolinos that you would like to visit

Throughout history, Torremolinos has been a place with character, with essence. There are a lot Squares of Torremolinos must be visited. A space of freedom and encounter that with the passage of time, was gaining in neglect.

That is why there are several squares and pedestrian zones in Torremolinos that are worth visiting. Here we bring you the most important.

The Plaza de la Costa del Sol

Named plaza, this enclave had traditionally been the backbone of traffic in Torremolinos. But since February 14, 2.019 with its inauguration as the Plaza Costa del Sol is a real square.

A pedestrian place and open to the public. It is also the largest pedestrianization project in the province of Malaga.

What were two lanes of traffic has been transformed into an area for the walk, with green areas, about thirty benches to rest, two ponds, space for cultural activities and a large pergola that gives it personality.

It is a space that vindicates our identity marked by the culture of water. The Plaza de la Costa del Sol is a neuralgic point that joins the different squares of the city.

Pedestrianization will extend to the rest of the center to radiate life as does this unique pedestrian environment.

Also in this square in Torremolinos there are four sculptures by the sculptor, Elena Laverón.

Finally in this square is the fountain of 1873, and is the oldest furniture of Torremolinos. Its main decorative element, made of marble slabs, inspired the Water Way logo that follows the urban route that connects the different public fountains to remember the origin of the city.

San Miguel Street (Torremolinos)

The other emblematic pedestrian area of the city is Calle San Miguel. Because it is the busiest pedestrian street in Torremolinos. And also considered one of the busiest in Europe.

It is the commercial axis par excellence of the locality and main tourist zone.  At the end of which is the Nazari tower that gives its name to the municipality and the Church of San Miguel, from the eighteenth century.

The last of the famous Squares of Torremolinos is Nogarela Square

Nogalera Square is one of the most central squares of Torremolinos. It is next to San Miguel Street, which is always crowded with people, where is the suburban train station, surrounded by many bars with terraces, there is always very good atmosphere.

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