Discover the Mediterranean diet in 5 of the best restaurants in Motril

Do you know where to eat in Motril? Bahia Sexi suggests you 5 of the best restaurants in Motril, where you can try the healthy and tasty Mediterranean diet.

Let’s visit 5 of the best restaurants in Motril

The gastronomy in Motril is based in very fresh ingredients, especially fish and seafood because of its great fishing port and fish market. You can taste them at almost all the best restaurants in Motril.

In this area there is a special type of prawns called quisquillas, which are small but really tasty. Other specialty typical in Motril is the “Pulpo Seco” (dry octopus), as well as the tropical fruits, which are farmed in this area.

If you are going to spend holidays in Motril, you should also enjoy its tasty dishes. For this reason, Bahia Sexi introduces you 5 of the best restaurants in Motril. Visit them and choose your favorite.

the best restaurants in Motril

It is a traditional restaurants, where you can order fresh fishes and seafood from the Motril´s fish port. In addition, it has excellent location at the promenade of Playa Poniente. So you can enjoy your meal at its terrace, which is right in beachfront.

  • La Espicha

the best restaurants in Motril

In the old town of Motril you have the Bar La Espichá, where you can order the freshest fishes and seafood with cozy atmosphere. You can order both tapas and individual dishes.

  • Restaurant Gourmet Zarcillo

the best restaurants in Motril

In the town center is this fantastic restaurant, which have modern cuisine with traditional base. They take care every detail, especially the presentation of the dishes. You can order different dishes: Spanish food, sushi, vegan options, gluten free, etc.

  • Restaurante Museo del Azúcar

the best restaurants in Motril

One of the best restaurants in Motril is in the sugar cane fabric museum. So it is located in a very interesting place. After your visit to the museum you can taste the grilled meat, which is the specialty of the house.

  • Restaurante Bio Müller

the best restaurants in Motril

This is a different bar, because its specialty is the bio-cuisine. So you can order delicious and healthy dishes, while you relax at its pleasant terrace. You can also try the tapas. This local is also a bio-shop, where you can buy bio-ingredients.

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Images: Tripadvisor, Motril turismo

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