The Cave of Nerja, beautiful to be discovered by yourself!

The cave of Nerja is a cave located in Maro, a hamlet of the Spanish municipality of Nerja (Málaga).

In addition, the Cave of Nerja is proposed as a “Place of Spanish geological interest of international relevance” for its paleontological and geomorphological interest.

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Discovery of the Cave of Nerja

On January 12, 1959, when five young people from Maro and Nerja decided to go and catch bats at a well known as La Mina.

Once they entered that cave, they found a current of air. They searched for it with the flashlight and saw that it came from a narrow fissure that they could not cross because two stalactites prevented it.

The next day they came back with tools. Then one of them penetrated through the narrow chimney until he found a cant from which he could jump to the ground. From here he warned the others and crawling through another narrow passageway and then rising they managed to reach a large gallery where the light of the lanterns was lost.

There they found some skeletons lying next to some ceramic bowls.

It would not be until the second visit, when a doctor and a photographer. Those who took some photos were published in the newspaper Sur, making known internationally the “Cueva de Nerja” (Nerja Cave).

Opening to the public the Cave of Nerja

After several explorations, the authorities become aware of its scientific and monumental importance. That is why the Delegation of Archaeological Excavations of Malaga prepared the cave for the visits.

Inaugurated in 1960 after several discoveries of more gallery and passageways.

Asset of cultural interest

The enormous patrimonial wealth of the Cave of Nerja made that, a year after its opening to the tourism, it was declared Historical Artistic Monument.

In 2006, the Cave of Nerja was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest with the category of Archaeological Zone.

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