The History of Torremolinos might surprise you

The History of Torremolinos starts in the Prehistory. In this post we want to show you the History of Torremolinos. Because it is only five minutes from the Malaga Airport in your rental car.

Different Season in the History of Torremolinos


The first tangible evidence of human presence in Torremolinos dates back to the Neolithic period. A Neolithic people from Mesopotamia crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and settled here.

This dating is based on the study of the numerous remains of human skulls, bones, clay pots, axe points and arrows. All of them found in the excavations carried out in the caves of El Tesoro, Tapada, Los Tejones and El Encanto.

Ancient Age

The Phoenicians founded the city of Saduce very close to Torremolinos. However, it was the Romans who settled in the territory of the present Torremolinos.

There were remains of some public thermal baths in the Rock of the Castle, which is today the Castle of Santa Clara. In 1881 a storm unearthed the remains of a swimming pool with a coloured mosaic.  The most important inheritance left by the Romans was a road that linked Gades (Cádiz) with Malaca (Málaga). On both sides of this roadway they built villas and fish salting factories. Also in the 90’s a Roman necropolis appeared that confirms the existence of a village of about 2000 years old.

Middle Ages

With the Arab domination a new industry will appear: the mills.

The Arabs knew how to take advantage of the aquifer treasure and the great riverbed that was born in the mountains up to the beach. Nineteen grinding and milling mills built.

During the Arab domination the present Torremolinos was baptized with the name of Molina.

The vulnerability of the territory from the sea. The Nasrid dynasty (12th to 15th centuries) built a defence tower. This tower was at the end of Calle San Miguel.

Modern Age

After the Christian conquest of the Kingdom of Granada, Torremolinos was exposed to pirate raids.

The problem of piracy led to the construction of the Castle of Santa Clara in 1763. And also a battery of cannons in the nearby hills of Montemar. Today it can be visited in the Parque de la Batería.

The explosion of the tourism in The History of Torremolinos: Contemporary Age

During the first half of the 20th century, Torremolinos was a fishermen’s quarter in Malaga.

From the 1950s onwards, the tourism boom began. And the big Hollywood stars of the time came to spend their holidays in Torremolinos. Thanks above all to the proximity to Malaga International Airport.

Later it became independent from Malaga.

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