The Holidays in Torrox that you don’t want to miss out!

Torrox the town with the best climate in Europe as its slogan says. In addition to the climate can boast of Holidays. In this post we bring you the most important  of the Holidays in Torrox:

List of Holidays in Torrox


The first of all the Torrox Festival Days is the Carnival. Because it is celebrating in February. With its concentration of murgas.

The Crosses of May and Holy Week

Las Cruces de Mayo and also Semana Santa, about these spring Holidays in Torrox we have already written some post. Because they are one of the most important Holidays in Torrox. But still we must leave them marked.

The Pilgrimage of San Antonio

The San Antonio pilgrimage is held around 13 June.

The Magic Night of San Juan

On the night of 23rd to 24th June it is customary to spend it on the beach to celebrate the verbena de San Juan. Also with their bonfires on the beach.

Holidays in Torrox by the Patrons of the Town.

On 5 August the festival is celebrated in honour of the village’s patron saints, the Virgen de las Nieves and San Roque. It also celebrates those days the Festival of Choirs and Dances International

Fair in the district of El Morche

The second week of August the fair of El Morche is celebrated. El Morche also has an extensive beach and a promenade.

Holidays in Torrox: Virgen del Carmen

The 15th of August is the festivity of the Virgen del Carmen, because she is patron saint of sailors and fishermen.

The Pilgrimage of San Roque

The pilgrimage of San Roque, celebrated on August 26, 2006 took place its first edition with the aim of raising funds to restore the roof of the church of Our Lady of the Incarnation. This pilgrimage coincides with the Day of the Tourist in which the tourist is the protagonist and in which diverse activities take place for the enjoyment of all the visitors.

The Candelaria

At the end of the first week of September the candelaria is celebrated. A rural festival that consists of people going to the cortijos to spend the weekend with friends. There they enjoy food, drink, dance and at night a large bonfire is burned in each farmhouse. Its origin is related to the celebration of the end of the harvest.

The Feria in Torrox is held on the first weekend in October.

Holidays in Torrox: the day of the migas (breadcrumbs)

El día de las migas, a festival of national tourist interest. It is celebrated on the last Sunday before Christmas. Migas is a traditional dish. The fiesta de las migas began in 1980.

And finally remember that you can enjoy all these festivities in Torrox a few minutes from Malaga Airport in your rented car.

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