The Squares in Torrox that you will like to discover!

First of all, Torrox Pueblo, must be differentiated from Torrox Costa. Because one is in Coast and the other in the Mountain. But both has a lot of squares of Torrox. Also the both Torrox are very near. In addition the two Torrox are in southern Spain on the Eastern Costa del Sol.

Just 44 km from Malaga Airport and less than 10 km from Nerja and its famous cave. Access is quick and easy via the Mediterranean Motorway in the direction of Motril – Almeria if you are coming from the Western Costa del Sol or Malaga.

The village is 145 metres above sea level. You can arrive there in your rental car from the Malaga Airport in few minutes.

In Torrox Pueblo, traditions and craftsmanship are well preserved. This is why you can buy handicrafts using forge, wood, esparto grass and cane. Of course you can also enjoy a dish of its varied cuisine: migas, gazpacho, potatoes to the poor, roscos, arropía, as well as wine from the land.

But in addition to other historical and natural attractions of Torrox that we have already seen in other post. Here are two places worth visiting that may go unnoticed:

The Gate of Torrox

We find it at the confluence of the streets “Alta” and “Baja”. It is a place which the people of the village call “Puerta del Sol”.

It is a passageway that communicates, through it, with a network of narrow streets of marked Arabic layout.

In the nineties it was covered with exposed brick and forms part of the “Almanzor Route”.

The main Squares of Torrox: Constitution Square

This square in the centre of Torrox Pueblo is the nerve centre of the town. If you come to Torrox it is worthwhile to stop by the Plaza de la Constitución in the centre.  Its buildings end in striking Roman busts. The Casa de la Joya, the Town Hall and in the background the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación.

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