Typical food of Torremolinos, searching for amazing taste!

They are  a lot of typical dishes and food of Torremolinos, in this post we want to introduces some of the typical food of Torremolinos. Look at our list:

List of typical dishes of Torremolinos

  •  The salad of roasted peppers.
  •  The sardine skewers.
  •  Gazpacho: it is a cold soup with ingredients such as olive oil, bread, vinegar, water. But it has other additions such as almonds or raw vegetables: generally tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions and garlic – seafood and crustaceans: such as coquinas, fine shells, prawns, razor blades, crayfish, carabineros.
  •  Salted fish.
  • Fried fish: it consists of battering the fish in almort or wheat flour, frying it in olive oil and sprinkling it with salt as the only condiment. Serve hot, freshly fried. It can be taken as an aperitif, for example with a beer or wine, or as a starter or first course.
  •  The typical Torremolinos cakes: one of the healthiest and most natural pastry products is the ‘Tortas típicas de Torremolinos’ (typical Torremolinos cakes). The cakes were traditionally made at home by the grandmothers of the Costasoleño municipality. But in 1908 a shopkeeper from Torremolinos came up with the idea of opening an establishment on Calle Hoyo to offer homemade delicacies to the public.

Other kinds of dishes of Torremolinos

In addition, because of its cosmopolitan character, there are plenty of restaurants with cuisines from other countries and internationally.

That is why in Torremolinos it is possible to find all kinds of restaurants, from fast food to gourmet.

Easily accessible in your rental car are the very popular all you can eat buffet-style restaurants.  These restaurants serve everything from oysters to pizza for a fixed price. Fresh fish and meats cooked to order.

There are more options at the Plaza Mayor complex, including almost every famous franchise. Also you can find this type of restaurant in Arroyo de la Miel.

Special mention to the chiringuitos on La Carihuela beach. They are considering the best chiringuitos in the municipality.

Which have traditionally served sardine skeets, as well as typical Spanish cuisine. In the same district of La Carihuela, there are many luxury restaurants for the Scandinavians and the British.

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