If you have just bought an apartment in Almuñécar and you need to bring furniture, make a move, move an office or an office, or have bought an appliance or a piece of furniture … You will always have several options to transport it, or do it in your own car, or to hire a moving company the simplest, cheapest, fastest, most manageable option and with fewer inconveniences is our cheap cargo van rental in Almuñecar.

Because Bahía Sexi, a company with more than 25 years of experience in the passenger transport and vehicle rental sector. Now it also offers this new cheap cargo van rental service in Almuñécar.


Why should you book with us?

If you are wondering why to book with Bahia Sexi Rent a car:

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What are the advantages of renting a van with Bahia Sexi?

For any shipment, cargo or move that you need to make the best option without a doubt is to rent a van. In this way you will not depend on third parties to make your transport, you can do it on the day and at the time that suits you, without depending on the schedule of a moving company, which will always be much more expensive.

In addition, renting a cargo van is also much more comfortable and easier than doing it in your own car, although you can fold down the seats, many times the load is larger than the trunk of your car.

You run the risk of scratching your own car, or damaging the object you want to transport. Everything is inconvenient.

That is why renting a van solves that situation quite a lot, because Bahia Sexi offers great flexibility when renting a van.

We adapt to your needs, find the cheap cargo van you need

And of course it also has a very wide range of vans so you can choose the one that best suits what you need to transport.

It does not matter if you have not rented a van before, at Bahia Sexi there is a team of professionals who can advise you on everything: both what type of van you need due to its size, duration of the trip, loading and unloading time …

Because in Bahia Sexi We know that customer service is essential, that is why for us it is a fundamental part of our service and we will be happy to advise and solve all your doubts regarding the rental of a cargo van.

Trust Bahia Sexi to offer a quality service with your cargo van.

Don’t be fooled by our affordable prices, Bahía Sexi is a professional company with all the permits in order.

And all our vehicles go through a very exhaustive selection, maintenance, mechanical, cleaning and disinfection process before being delivered to each of our clients.

Within the fleet that Bahía Sexi offers and to better adapt to each situation, you can find from the smallest vans such as the Mercedes Citan with a capacity of 3.1 cubic meters, which is ideal for transporting small appliances and fits perfectly in any underground parking.

Even the largest ones with a maximum authorized mass of 3,500 Kilograms. In this way, it is very easy to find the van that best suits your specific needs.

Do not hesitate, if you need to carry a shipment, move, transport a piece of furniture or an appliance, renting a cheap cargo van in Almuñécar is the best option, without a doubt.

Driving a van is very easy, it is even easier than driving a car. And all this because in the van the driver’s situation is higher than in any other car, that is why the vision is more open, encompassing more breadth. Only, in your case, you will have to get used to the dimensions, in the event that you are driving a van of greater capacity.

 What does it take to be able to drive a cargo van?

 Only the license to drive the car, the driving license B. That is not expired and with a minimum of two years old.

 How to choose the van that best suits your circumstances at a given time?

 If you’ve never rented a cargo van, no problem. You just have to get in touch with Bahia Sexi and we will adapt to everything you need.

 If you have any questions, don’t worry, don’t forget that Bahía Sexi is a company with extensive experience in the rental car and passenger transport sector. It also has a highly qualified professional team specialized in transportation. That is why he has a great capacity to face any challenge that lies ahead. 

 Therefore, if you need more information or advice, you can contact us through our website or by phone without any commitment. Because we will assist you from our office and we will always be happy to assist you. To give you a specialized service to resolve any vicissitude in your specific case.

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