If you are thinking of spending a pleasant holiday on the Malaga coast, one of the best options is undoubtedly the beautiful coastal town of Nerja. Located only 60km from the capital, it is one of the best options whether you want to enjoy the beach in impressive coves or visit some of its famous sites such as the “Caves of Nerja” or the “Balcony of Europe”. To enjoy your visit to this city and its surroundings, coasts and coves you will need mobility, so a good option would be to hire a cheap rental car in Nerja, in Bahía Sexi you can choose the car that best suits your needs to enjoy your visit.

However, in this post we wanted to focus on letting you know the city, its history, climate, gastronomy, “must see” visits and all the activities it offers.

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Culture & Demographic information

History from Nerja

The exact date of foundation of the city is unknown, the first records of it are narrated in some documents of the Arab poet Ibn Sadí. He was a traveller who passed through it in the year 917. At that time the city was already important by and acquired great fame for the manufacture of coloured tissues and silk fabrics.

The Arabs gave it the name Naricha or Narija which means “abundant spring”.

At that time it was part of the province of Rayyam, the population settled under the protection of its castles, of which we can still find traces on the road to Frigiliana.

Before this stage there is no reference to settlements in the area. However, there are theories that already in the Upper Palaeolithic there was human presence in the area, for example in the famous Caves of Nerja. There are also those who believe that there was a settlement in Roman times as there was a village called Detunda, the present day Maro, nearby.

With the arrival of the Catholic Monarchs, Isabella and Ferdinand, a period known as the Reconquest arose in Spain, when the Christians expelled the Muslims from the country. However, in Nerja, Christians, Muslims and Jews continued to live together for a time. Until a new order forced all non-Christians to convert or leave the region.

There are stories that tell that the now well-known “Salon Beach” was so named because it witnessed the exodus of hundreds of Jews who said goodbye with the word “Shalom”.

And just as sad was the end for the Muslims who were forced to leave a land where they had thrived for years.

Nerja was very depopulated during the 16th century until the old Christians were ordered to repopulate it and occupy the abandoned houses. In return, they were granted exemption from taxes.

The 18th century is known as the golden age in Nerja, its streets were improved, its buildings and churches were extended, it benefited from the wine, honey, sugar and flour trade and opened its doors to Malaga and Almeria with the construction of roads .

Today, this city is one of the most prosperous and visited towns in the province of Malaga. Tourism and its immeasurable beauty have made it one of the jewels of the Andalusian coast, so don’t hesitate to get a rental car in Nerja and fall in love once again.

Would you like to spend a warm holiday even in autumn? The climate in Nerja is considered the best in Europe. Moreover, it is a perfect holiday destination for its attractions, traditions, gastronomy, etc. Would you like to know more?

How big is Nerja? Demography and Area

The municipality, which has an area of 85 km²,9 has according to the municipal census for 2017 of the INE with 21 047 inhabitants and a density of 247.61 hab./km².

Its population centres are Nerja and Maro. The first of them had a population in 2.017 of 20.370 inhabitants. And the second 691 in total.

Moreover Nerja has always been characterized by being multicultural. That’s why there are a lot of nationalities. Being the most important nuclei Spain (obviously), the rest of the European Union highlighting British and Germans. But also Argentines, Moroccans… all of them coexist in Nerja.

The beautiful town of Nerja

It should also be noted that Nerja has many places of historical and natural interest, such as the caves of Nerja and the Natural Park of Maro-Cerro-Gordo. In addition to century-old traditions.

You can get to know them all by visiting our blog.

How to explore Nerja

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The weather in Nerja

What is the climate like in Nerja?

Nerja is a lively city, which is located in the eastern part of the Costa del Sol. Its old town is very picturesque, whose streets are in typical Andalusian style. The most important monuments are the Caves of Nerja and the “Balcony of Europe” viewpoint, which can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

It is on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, which influences the climate of Nerja . So thanks to it we can enjoy mild temperatures in both winter and summer. They vary between 8º and 31º during the year. In addition, there are more than 300 sunny days a year.

In conclusion, the climate of Nerja is a great advantage when you visit it. In this way, you will spend a sunny vacation, while enjoying the charms of Nerja. So don’t hesitate and come and discover Nerja with the Bahia Sexi rental car.

When is the best season to visit Nerja?

Nerja’s wonderful climate allows you to enjoy the outdoors almost every day. That is why we are going to introduce you to the charms of each season, and then the choice is yours.

Autumn in Nerja

This season starts with the October festivities. There is a lively atmosphere in the streets, where you can have fun at the festival, as well as eat and drink in the stands. It is a great opportunity to admire the beautiful flamenco costumes while dancing.

The first rain also comes in autumn. Migas is the typical dish of rainy days, which is made with semolina accompanied by fried fish and peppers.

Winter in Nerja

Winter is the coldest season, but temperatures do not go below 5º. It is the quietest time in Nerja.

The main celebration of the season is Christmas. Nerja is decorated with coloured lights and Christmas songs in the streets. You can go to the Christmas market, as well as visit the nativity scenes. On the 5th of January you can miss the 3 Kings Parade, which the children look forward to.

At Christmas you can taste delicious desserts, such as Turrón and Mantecados. In the same way, you can try the Roscón de Reyes, which is like a big doughnut with a special surprise inside.

Spring in Nerja

Temperatures rise and the sun reappears every day and the days are longer. That is why the good weather in Nerja invites you to enjoy the open air and why there are more traditional festivals and events:

The Day of the Cross
San Isidro pilgrimage

Summer in Nerja

It is the hottest and driest season. Temperatures are highest between 25º and 35º.

The water on its beaches is warmer in summer with about 23º. That is why it is ideal to take a refreshing bath to avoid the high temperatures of summer. Besides, the water of its beaches is calm and crystalline, which is ideal for the practice of water sports. For example, you cannot miss the Maro cliff, which has a wonderful sea bed. That is why it is the ideal place for diving.

How to fight the heat in Nerja and enjoy your summer

To speak of weather in Nerja is to speak of good weather, of having 300 days of sunshine a year. Moreover, it has a pleasant temperature almost all year round. But the sun could be very intense. That is why in this post we advise you: how to fight the heat in Nerja.

Therefore the temperatures in Nerja oscillate during the day between the 15 degrees of average in winter until the 32 in summer. whereas during the night the temperature oscillates between the 7 degrees of the winter to the 21 of the summer.

They are pleasant average temperatures that make this place a corner with a charming and mild climate.

But during the summer there can also be hotter days, especially between 12:00 noon and 17:00 hours.

That’s why in this post the we talk about Nerja’s climate and how to combat the heat in Nerja. And we leave you some tips to combat those days of maximum heat:

  • Having a fan.
  • Visit a tree park.
  • Eat fruit and vegetables: In Nerja and Málaga you can find fresh fruit and vegetables of the day.
  • Bathing in the sea
  • Avoid the hottest hours, and take a bath in the sea.
  • Have an ice-cream shake: Any bar in the centre.
  • Buy a Spanish “abánico”
  • Take a nocturnal sightseeing tour
  • During the summer period cultural attractions close later.
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun during the hottest hours.
  • On the beach, in general, one is very well thanks to the breeze that comes from the sea, but remember to avoid staying in the sun from 11 to 15.

So Nerja’s climate is another plus point for you to choose this town for your next holiday. But beware of heat waves. And remember that in 40 minutes you arrive here from Malaga Airport in your rented car


What to visit 

The city of Nerja offers many leisure activities both day and night adapted for the taste of all types of visitors. Beaches, sports, gastronomy, natural monuments and beautiful sites … Here is a list of what to do in Nerja.

Las Cuevas de Nerja

The cave of Nerja is a cave located in Maro, a hamlet of the Spanish municipality of Nerja (Málaga).

In addition, the Cave of Nerja is proposed as a “Place of Spanish geological interest of international relevance” for its paleontological and geomorphological interest.

Also you can learn everything about Nerja in our blog.

Discovery of the Cave of Nerja

On January 12, 1959, when five young people from Maro and Nerja decided to go and catch bats at a well known as La Mina.

Once they entered that cave, they found a current of air. They searched for it with the flashlight and saw that it came from a narrow fissure that they could not cross because two stalactites prevented it.

The next day they came back with tools. Then one of them penetrated through the narrow chimney until he found a cant from which he could jump to the ground. From here he warned the others and crawling through another narrow passageway and then rising they managed to reach a large gallery where the light of the lanterns was lost.

There they found some skeletons lying next to some ceramic bowls.

It would not be until the second visit, when a doctor and a photographer. Those who took some photos were published in the newspaper Sur, making known internationally the “Cueva de Nerja” (Nerja Cave).

Opening to the public the Cave of Nerja

After several explorations, the authorities become aware of its scientific and monumental importance. That is why the Delegation of Archaeological Excavations of Malaga prepared the cave for the visits.

Inaugurated in 1960 after several discoveries of more gallery and passageways.

Asset of cultural interest

The enormous patrimonial wealth of the Cave of Nerja made that, a year after its opening to the tourism, it was declared Historical Artistic Monument.

In 2006, the Cave of Nerja was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest with the category of Archaeological Zone.

Nerja History Museum

The Museum of Nerja offers a panoramic view of history and the environment in which it is framed. In addition to an analytical presentation of the themes and issues that characterize and singularize it.

That is why the Museum’s storyline is the rich local history. First of all, from Prehistory to the present day. It also focuses on the most important aspects of each historical period.

As an important cultural enclave not only in Nerja, but also in the region of La Axarquía. That is why the Museum of Nerja also offers an extensive calendar of activities throughout the year. Within the activities offered by the Museum there are:

  • Concerts
  • Theatres
  • Children’s workshops
  • Book Presentations
  • Poetic recitals
  • Exhibitions

That in addition to showing every two months, temporary art exhibitions in the room Ana Maria Marquez.

The Nerja Museum, dependent on the Cueva de Nerja Foundation, opened its doors at the end of 2011.

The building of the Nerja History Museum

It should be noted that the building has three floors for the permanent exhibition. There is also another floor where temporary exhibitions and all kinds of activities related to culture and diffusion are held.

The Museum of Nerja is in the heart of Nerja. It offers the visitor a journey back in time from Prehistory to the present day. Through its rooms, in an audiovisual and interactive tour through the history of Nerja. That is why the public will be able to appreciate the exceptional collection of archaeological pieces from one of the most important sites in Europe: the Cave of Nerja.


Time to eat in Nerja

The best 3 restaurants to taste traditional dishes

If you want to know better the culture and the gastronomy from Nerja, it is necessary to find the authentic places. So Bahia Sexi will recommend you places, where you will not find only tourists, but also people from the Nerja.

We have chosen these 3 restaurants in Nerja, because they have different styles and specialties. So you will have to try them to decide, which is the best one!

  • Bar El Pulguilla

Bar Cervecería El Pulguilla has a large lounge and a fantastic terrace, if you prefer to eat outdoor. The specialty of the house is the typical “Pescaito Frito” (fried fish), but they serve much more dishes, such as salads, meet and paellas.

You can order individual dishes and tapas as well. But the most frequent is to order some “Raciones”, which are several dishes to share.

  • Bar Redondo

Bar Redondo is the typical place, where you can try tapas, which are served with your drink and they are free! In addition, you can choose, which you prefer. You can also order Raciones to share. Here you can eat cheap in a lively atmosphere.

  • Restaurant 34

Restaurante 34 is beautiful restaurant with an elegant dining room and a terrace with fantastic views.

It has a complete menu, which offers fish, meat, vegetarian dishes and menu for kids. All the dishes are made with fresh and local ingredients. Some of them form their own finca.

But they are closed until the 21th December 2018.

The restaurants with the best views

Restaurant Benítez

In the central street of Carabeo de Nerja 300 meters from the famous Balcony of Europe. This restaurant offers in our cozy lounge or on the splendid terrace with panoramic sea views, the beaches of Carabeo and Burriana and the cliffs of Maro-Cerrogordo. Enjoy your lunches and dinners with the authentic flavour of traditional Spanish cuisine. Also with their specialties in:

  • Seafood Soup.
  • Fresh fish from the area.
  • Bull’s tail.
  • Pork knuckle.
  • Leg of suckling lamb.
  • Seafood Zarzuela.
  • Mediterranean cuisine.

María Bonita Restaurant

Restaurant in Calle Castilla Pérez de Nerja, next to Los Cangrejos square. It has a large terrace overlooking the sea. In addition its specialties are:

  • Paella
  • Fish Rice
  • Seafood
  • Meat
  • Pasta
  • Vegan

And also a Great Bar of National and International Liqueurs:

  • Wines
  • Whiskies
  • Cocktails
  • Mojito
  • Capiriñas
  • Orange Juice

Although in Nerja there are more places with very good views, these are the most striking examples.

The best ice cream spots

Albi Balcony of Europe

This ice-cream parlour has been offering a wide variety of home-made ice-creams and à la carte breakfasts for more than 20 years.

In front of its terrace is the viewpoint of the Balcony of Europe, the beautiful cliff and the beaches of Nerja.

Gelateria da Piero

Also 100% handmade ice cream. The ice-cream parlour is very well located on the Torrecilla beach, just a short walk from the centre.

Freschezza Ice Cream

Artisan ice creams made by themselves in Nerja with natural ingredients. The owner of the ice cream shop is Ismael Fernandez.

They have more than 30 ice cream flavors and the most popular are turrón, Huesitos, carapino, which has pine nuts, and after, which has mint.


Choose the accommodation you really need

From Bahia Sexi we have created some blogs with the most important information about this accommodation to make easier to choose one of them for you.


Hotel Mónica

Hotel Perla Marina

Hotel Parador de Nerja

Camping de Nerja


Social Events and more!

Places to go for a drink in Nerja

Buddha Lounge Bar:

In this cocktail bar in Nerja you will be able to enjoy the best cocktails in our chill-out terrace. There is also a wide variety of drinks and cocktails.

Service with authentic cocktail professionals. Friendly and close treatment at all times.

A perfect combination: unbeatable views, exquisite drinks…


Excellent bar, fabulous welcome from Steve, Mark and Emma, excellent customer service, friendly atmosphere and an excellent selection of cocktails at a bargain price.”

“By far the best bar in Nerja, Steve and Mark, the owners are excellent hosts and always have time to make you feel special with a warm welcome and excellent cocktails.

H20, cocktail bar in Nerja

Cafeteria, drinks and cocktails very good atmosphere and local very well conditioned with a wonderful terrace. besieged at the entrance to the beach burriana, good music and quite atmospheric.

Nightlife in Nerja

Most of the festivities in Nerja are held around the Plaza Tutti Frutti and the adjacent Calle Antonio Millón. Around this square, you will find a great variety of bars and discotheques where you can spend the best moments of your holidays in Nerja. Everyone is welcome here. But if you’re really looking for a LGTBI atmosphere, your area is Calle Pintada. In which you will find the atmosphere you are looking for.

Because although the gay scene in Nerja is not as well established as in other places on the Costa del Sol such as Torremolinos and Marbella.

Where you can enjoy Nerja’s Gay Bars?

However, Nerja is a gay-friendly destination where everyone can enjoy the nightlife. That’s why from Bahía Sexi we have composed a guide with the best gay bars in Nerja. Because maybe you decide to go to bed early or maybe you’ll put on your best clothes to give everything throughout the night. The nights in Nerja you know how they start, but never how they end…

Enjoy Nerja’s Gay Bars

  • Bogey bar (Calle Pintada 22) is a gay bar in Nerja
  • Blanco y Negro is also known for its good atmosphere (Calle Pintada 35).
  • H20, is a friendly gay pub in Burriana. Its main hall has a great place in which to dance and also seats and tables in which to drink in the meantime. The themed nights bring the point of hip-hop, R&B, pop, dance or electro to the night. It is a place, mainly frequented by young people, where you can dance until the early hours of the morning.



How its Christmas in Nerja

Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Nerja

First of all Nerja is not just sun and beach. In this post we present how to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Nerja. Because it is one of the best places to spend these holidays.

If you want to know more about the Costa del Sol and Nerja, visit our blog. Because every day we bring you more information and fun posts.

Those who decide to visit Nerja at Christmas can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, beautiful Christmas events and a brilliant Christmas decoration in the old town.

Christmas Eve in Nerja – 24 – 25 December

Christmas Eve is also a great family celebration in Spain. On Christmas Eve you get a big dinner with the family.  Restaurants fill up tonight and late in the afternoon many are still in the Plaza Tutti Frutti to celebrate with friends.

Christmas dinners and menus in the restaurants of Nerja

During this time many restaurants in Nerja offer a Christmas menu. The offers are very good and you usually get a great menu with appetizer, main course and dessert. Some drinks are also included.

New Year’s Eve in Nerja

On New Year’s Eve in the Plaza Balcón de Europa the great majority of young people congregate, and not so young, so that the ringing of the clock in the Tower of the Church will help us enter the New Year on the right foot. Afterwards the night is animated with performances and fireworks. And the traditional lucky grapes. According to tradition you have to eat one grape with each bell at 12 o’clock at night.

The Three Wise Men in Nerja – 6th January

Also on January 6, the day when the star of Bethlehem led the three kings to Jesus. The most important Spanish Christmas day and probably the most popular for children, because here the gifts are distributed to friends and family.

Among the children, the three Magi Baltasar, Gaspar and Melchor are better known than Santa Claus. Every year, on January 5th, in the Cabalgata de Reyes de Nerja, you can meet the three Magi in the Gran Cabalgata. A great event for children. The Cavalcade is also accompanied by many other participants in the Christmas costumes that throw large amounts of candy for the children in the audience. The parade usually follows this route:

Parque Verano Azul, Calle Jaén, Calle Diputación, Calle Granada, Calle San Miguel, Plaza Cantarero, Calle Pintada and finally the Balcón de Europa

And as every year Bahia Sexi wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And enjoy it with your family and friends as best as possible.

Would you like to spend the Christmas vacation at the beach? You should visit Nerja at Christmas. Although Nerja is well-known because of its beaches and sunshine, it is really nice at Christmas too. So Bahia Sexi shows you Nerja at Christmas.

Do you know the traditions of Nerja at Christmas?

You can also life the Christmas spirit at the picturesque town of Nerja. Moreover you can forget your hat and gloves, because the weather in Nerja has mild temperatures all year.

The Christmas holiday starts on December 22 with the lottery special draw and it finishes after the 3 Kings on Januar 6.

Let’s know the special cultural program

The town hall organizes many activities for all ages. So you can visit its website to know the cultural program of Nerja at Christmas. For example:

  • The Nerja Music band will play a Christmas Concert.
  • The first days of January there will be the family theater festival. The plays will be free.
  • In the afternoon there are “Chocolatadas”. And you can take Buñuelos or Churros with a cup of hot chocolate.

What to do in Nerja at Christmas?

Nerja at Christmas lives these special dates with the family, as well as at the streets, where you feel the special atmosphere. There are many traditions:

  • On the 23th Papa Noel (or Santa Claus) arrives Nerja. So there is a fantastic Parade and then everybody will have fun at the kids party.
  • You cannot miss “las zambombás”, which are Christmas Carol with flamenco style. They are typical in Andalusia.
  • The “Pastorales” will they go through the town while they sing Carol Christmas.
  • You can visit the nativity scenes, as well as the life nativity scenes.

You have to taste the Turrones and Mantecados, which are the typical Christmas sweets.

Do you know the peculiar Spanish tradition at New Year Eve?

This night the people have dinner with the family or friends. And later, there are a lot of parties everywhere to celebrate the new year until the sunrise.

In Spain there is a peculiar tradition at midnight. They eat 12 grapes with each bell to have good luck and happiness in the new year.

In Nerja there is a great party at the Balcon de Europa. And El Salvador church rings the bells at midnight while everybody try to eat all the grapes. Do you dare to try it?

The 3 Kings gives the illusion to children

The 3 kings Parade is the most expected moment for children. So it starts on Januar 5  at 17:00 from the Balcon de Europa. This year it will be more special because the Andalusian TV will be in Nerja to show it.

You have to try the Roscon de Reyes, which is a big donut with surprise hidden inside it.

Nerja Christmas 2020

 Nerja Town Hall, through the Social Services Delegation, and with the sponsorship of Obra Social La Caixa, has begun to deliver 450 Christmas baskets to the neediest families in the municipality. 

 This year, due to the situation in Nerja, there will also be a different programme. It is dedicated to shopkeepers and hoteliers, but also mainly to children so that they can live the spirit of Christmas and enjoy all the traditions.

 On 1st December the Christmas illumination was lit, and the traditional Nativity scene in the Town Hall can also be visited. However due to the pandemic and restrictions there will be no Santa Claus and Three Kings parades this year.

 But there will be special letter boxes in different areas of Nerja and Maro so that children can post their letters there. The Santa Claus mailboxes will be from 18 to 24 December and the Magi mailboxes from 26 to 31 December. 

 In addition, on January 1st, the Church of El Salvador will host a New Year’s Concert after the mass.

 There will also be two competitions in the village, for nativity scenes and Christmas trees. All families can participate in the Nativity Scene competition by sending a photo or video of their Nativity Scene to egalvez@nerja.es or through WhatsApp 661836447. 

 And the Christmas tree competition will consist of twelve associations that will decorate the trees that will be installed in the most emblematic places of the city. 

Discover the Holy Week and go to enjoy them!

As every year on the 1st full moon of spring, Holy Week will be celebrated in Nerja and all over Spain. That’s why every year different days are celebrated.

Holy Week in Nerja obviously revolves around liturgical acts and processions. For the Christian tradition of the passion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Liturgical Acts in Nerja

In Nerja we must highlight the liturgical acts that are celebrated in the following churches:

  • El Salvador
  • Saint Michael
  • Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias

As everyone knows, Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday and ends on the following Sunday, which is Resurrection Sunday.

Easter Gastronomy of Nerja:

Due to the Vigil the gastronomy is typified with the food:

  • Cod in both tortilla and fried
  • Chickpea stew.
  • Torrijas.
  • Fried milk.
  • Pestiños and roscos.

All these dishes are made without meat, according to Christian tradition abstinence and fasting are made on passion days, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

That is because we can say that the Holy Week of Nerja is a great time to visit Nerja. To enjoy the beautiful steps and centenary traditions. We can also see how the different brotherhoods procession.

The Holy Week in Nerja is one of the great cultural events in Nerja:

As in all Andalusia the Holy Week of Nerja is very felt. Many brotherhoods procession as the brotherhoods of Jesus Nazareno that is of century XVIII. And for that reason the oldest one.

The most significant processions of Holy Week in Nerja are:

The first of all the processions is El Domingo de Ramos, with a procession of palms and olive trees through the centre of Nerja.

On Maundy Thursday there is a procession of Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Most Holy of Hope.

On Good Friday those of the Holy Burial and Our Lady of Solitude.

And finally Resurrection Sunday in which the young brotherhood of the Resurrected leaves.

But here we leave you a complete guide:

  • Palm Sunday: Procession of palms and olive trees through the urban center.
  • Holy Wednesday: Pro-Cofradía de Nuestro Padre Jesús Cautivo y María Santísima de los Desamparados.
  • Holy Thursday: The brotherhood of Our Father Jesus of Nazareth (accompanied by Cyrene) and Mary Most Holy of Hope.
  • Good Friday: Jesus of Nazareth Confraternity procession of the Holy Burial and Mary Most Holy of Sorrows. In addition, on Good Friday, also in Maro, there is a procession of the Christ of the Cross on the Way of the Cross.
  • Saturday of Glory: In the church of El Salvador from 23:00 hours of the night the paschal vigil.
  • Resurrection Sunday: procession of the Brotherhood of the Resurrected Jesus and María Santísima de la Asunción.

May Crosses: how to enjoy them

A little history of May Crosses in Nerja

We’ve had evidence of this celebration since 1878. It is a celebration that evolved from some traditional acts that consisted in the songs that the young men of the town offered to the brides on the 30th of April.

That day from the twelve of the night, for that reason the saying of “echar los mayos (to throw the Mayos)” to the girls.

At the present time it is a celebration very famous in the popular culture of all Andalusia. In addition it has an important incidence in Nerja, Frigiliana and Maro.

The most characteristic thing about the day of La Cruz de Mayo in Nerja is that on that day floral monuments exhibite in the village. These floral monuments are adorned with manila shawls and other harnesses that serve to embellish the altars.

Also around the crosses portable chiringuitos are mounted to dress. In addition to animating them with music and folkloric dances typical of the locality. And like any other Andalusian party, you can also enjoy tapas at the portable beach bars.

Typical Gastronomy of the Cruz de Mayo in Nerja

In addition, each altar offers visitors typical gastronomy exclusive to this day, whose protagonist is the “cane honey”. All these dishes that are irrigated with the rich cane honey, the medlars, the sweet potatoes, cod and parsley omelettes, popcorn, and the main dish of this day “la arropía”, which is cane honey heated over a slow fire and then kneaded.

Other places in Andalusia to enjoy the Day of the Cross

In addition to the Cruz de Mayo de Nerja in many towns and cities of Andalusia also they celebrate the day of the Cross. As in Granada it is a great party all over the city. Cordoba is very similar to Granada. And right next to Nerja in Torrox.

Romeria de San Isidro in Nerja a festival for visitors

With the month of May comes the good weather, the Crosses, flowers, apricots, spring … and also the most awaited festival by all Nerjeños and visitors The pilgrimage of San Isidro in Nerja.

What does the festival consist of?

This day is a holiday in Nerja, and consists of a pilgrimage that begins with a Rocío mass at 11 o’clock in the morning. And then a fruit offering in the church El Salvador, on the Balcony of Europe.

In addition, after the mass, there is a tribute to the farmers with traditional dances and Nerja folklore groups also on the balcony of Europe, in front of the church. Because let us remember that San Isidro is the patron saint of Labradors.

After finishing the dance, the pilgrimage begins, led by oxen pulling the main wheelbarrow carrying the figure of San Isidro. A large row of carriages, horses and pilgrims populate the streets of Nerja as they enjoy their walk to the sound of music.

Everyone dances and sings sevillanas, rumbas and folk songs. Women and men wear their best outfits, many of them made by themselves throughout the year.

Typical dress

They wear gypsy dresses or faralae skirts, adorned with a beautiful flower that collects their hair. And shoes or boots according to the clothing.

The men and some women are dressed in short suits or camperos. They consist mainly of a wide-brimmed hat, a plain white shirt, a sash, as well as pants and gaiters.

It is a very special day, in which they gather in groups of friends, families and neighbors. All of them enjoy their floats decorated to the last detail. Loaded with food made by themselves the day before, and drinks to liven up the road.

Tourists also enjoy this party because they camp along the way. In addition, they enjoy the sun while waiting for the passage of the carriages and walkers.  They wait for the pilgrimage to pass with umbrellas, chairs and food, and taking photographs.

At each stop along the way, you can dance, eat and even rest.

Once the saint is deposited in the hermitage, a rest is taken for animals and walkers that unfold around the enclosure. It is used to eat and replenish strength and can continue with the feast of booths, canteens and bars throughout the enclosure.

It is enjoyed during the whole afternoon until the closing and later cut of the music that puts an end to a long day of celebration.

Every year this festival exceeds all your expectations, it is very visited by all our tourists, who repeat year after year on this date.

When is San Isidro in Nerja?

The 15th of May of each year, in honour of San Isidro Labrador, patron saint of farmers.

Where does it take place?

The pilgrimage goes from the church El Salvador (Balcony of Europe) to the hermitage of San Isidro (caves of Nerja), through the main street of Nerja (C / painted) and all the national N-340 to reach the entrance of Maro and up to the parking lot of the cave of Nerja.


As every year at 11:00 the Rociera Mass begins in the Church of El Salvador. A mass rociera most of it is sung after the beginning of the offering of fruits.

At 12:00 there is a tribute to the peasants. Where there are performances of rocieros choirs.

Also around 14:30 the Saint arrives at the enclosure of the Cave of Nerja. There is also a reception by the authorities.

At 15:30 there are more performances by groups and more types of music. You can also dance.

Around 17:00 there is a prize-giving ceremony for the riders, horse-drawn carriages and mechanical traction carriages.

The Pilgrimage will end at 23:00 although, as it is more and more traditional, the party will last all night.

And all this spectacle and folklore is just over half an hour from Malaga Airport in your rented car.

Night of San Juan in Nerja, what is it and how to enjoy it?

As every month of June you can already feel the heat because summer is coming. And the shortest night of the year because it is the Magic Night of San Juan in Nerja.

The Magic Night of San Juan in Nerja from June 23rd to June 24th is one of the most awaited of the year, summer begins.

The festivities begin at around 22:00 with a popular verbena (street party). At 24:00 the bonfire takes place, with the traditional burning of the “juas” and the fireworks display. Families and friends gather on the beaches to celebrate the beginning of summer, until late at night.

This festival has been celebrated since the 18th century. Because families go to the beach to celebrate the arrival of summer.

Today a giant moraga is offered to visitors and tourists in Burriana. At midnight the popular “juas” are burned and the young people jump the embers and bathe in the sea, asking for three wishes.

In the past it was forbidden to bathe before this date, when the bathing season began.

Neighbours and visitors share barbecue and beach. Also with the traditional espetos de sardinas and the confectionery specialty of the “tortas de San Juan” made with flour, sugar and matalaúva.

What’s on Nerja in July? Let’s arrange a good plan

Nerja is a beautiful town on the coast of Malaga. That’s why during the summer there are many activities. In this post we bring you what is on Nerja in July.

If you want to know more about Nerja and the Costa del Sol don’t miss our blog. Because every day there are new interesting posts.

Well, every July day you can enjoy the beach. Because of its climate we can assure you that every day of July in Nerja will be good and sunny.

In addition to enjoying its gastronomy, history and nature places such as the caves of Nerja and the natural spot of Maro-Cerro Gordo. Also in July is one of the most important festivals of Nerja:

The Virgen del Carmen, known as the patron saint of the sea and sailors. This celebration takes place between the 15th, 16th and 17th of July 19th. The 16th is also the most important day. Because it is when the Virgin is taken out in procession by the sea. It ends with a boat ride to the beach of Calahonda, just below the Balcony of Europe.


These are the water parks near to Nerja!

Because a water park is a great way to spend a summer’s day. Which can be an unforgettable day for the little ones of the house. But also fun for the older ones.

From swimming pools with waves, to slides and many more attractions. There are even passages of terror.

If you enjoy your holidays in Nerja it is highly recommended to go to one of these water parks that we present you.


AquaTropic is located in the town adjacent to Nerja on its east side. It is a salt water aquatic park next to Almuñecar beach in the Velilla area. It also has a lot of attractions.

  •  Waterfall
  •  Soft slopes
  • Slides of all kinds
  •  Wave Pool
  • Black Hole

And many more that you can discover and enjoy in this water park near Nerja.


This water park is located in Torre del Mar about 20 minutes drive west from Nerja. It also has countless attractions. In addition to a very new area of Virtual Reality. And its new attraction the Magic Hole.

There is also an area for the little ones of the house.

If you want to have a good day while enjoying your holidays in Nerja, don’t forget to go to Aquavelis.

Other water parks a little less close to Nerja

Aqualand in Mijas

Less than an hour by car following the A7 is Mijas. And there is the largest water park in Andalusia. Here you will find more attractions than in any other water park.

Aquaola in Granada

Next to the capital of the Alhambra, in Cenes de la Vega, is Aquaola. A water park on the road between Sierra Nevada and Granada. Taking advantage of the slopes of several mountains is Aquaola. Essential if you go to Granada in summer to spend a day or an afternoon there.


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