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Culture & demographic information

History of Torrox

The Phoenicians were the first to arrive on these shores to trade however the Romans were who founded the city. It was located where nowadays the light house is and its name was Caviclum. The Romans stay here from the century I to the V. Later came the Visigoths but the Muslim conquered this territory in the century VIII. Torrox was an important city that belonged to the Caliphate of Cordoba. Torrox produced silk, sugar cane, figs and raisins of excellent quality for the export. They built a fort to defender the area. In 1488 the Catholics conquered the city and expulsed the Muslim and the area was almost depopulated. In 1570 the Catholics Kings gave this land to the Christians to avoid this depopulation. During the time of Napoleon (1810-1812), the French occupied the castle that the Muslims had built. When they lost the war of independence they destroyed this castle leaving only its ruins. Another historical episode was a strong earthquake in December 1884 that left much damage in the city, for this reason the king Alfonso XIII visited the city. In XIX century was a time of wealth due to the production of cane sugar, in this moment the most luxurious houses were built.


The Town

Torrox is located in the Costa del Sol East in Málaga. It is between the Sierra de la Almijara´s Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea in the “Axarquia” region. It is divided into 2 parts: Torrox Town and Torrox Costa. There are 4.6 km between them that it only takes 8 minutes by your car hire in Torrox. Torrox has more than 18000 inhabitants who live in Torrox Town or Torrox Costa. There is the biggest German colony in Spain that lives here all year.

Torrox old Town

The old town is on a hill this from where you can see excellent views. This town has the typical Andalusian style because it has narrow streets. Many flowers pots decorate their white houses. It is a quiet town that invites the visitors to discover all its secret corners. The most interesting monuments are:

  • The church “Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación”

It is the most important church in Torrox. In the same place there were an old Mosque but when the catholic came to Torrox they decided to destroy it and to build a new church. It was in XV century and it has baroque style.

  • The Convent “Nuestra Señora de las Nieves”:

It belongs to the order of the friars minimos of San Francisco de Paula who ordered to build the convent in XVI century. Its style is Baroque and Mudejar.

  • The House “La Joya”

It is a palace in the heart of the old town. Its owners were an important family who earn a lotof money exporting raisins and nuts. The king Alfonso XIII stay overnight in this house when visits this region in 1885.

  • Constitución square

It is nice to walk through this square that has the most symbolic buildings of the city, such as the church or the house of the Joya.

  • The sugar factory “el Ingenio”

There were 2 sugar factories, “el Ingenio Alto” and the “Ingenio Bajo”. The first one is the oldest which worked to Muslim and Catholic, but the catholic burned it in the rebellion in 1569. Then the Muslim try to build it, but the Catholic Kings expulsed them before they finished. Juan Triviño rebuilt the Ingenio Alto and it worked from XVII to XIX century. Pedro de la Barreda finished the Ingenio Bajo in XVII. It is located in the neighbourhood of Rabitilla that is between Torrox Town and Torrox Costa. It could be a great idea to go by your car hire from Torrox because it is not close to the centre.


Vegetation in Torrox

From the point of view of the vegetation in Torrox is within the Mediterranean Region, Province Bética.

The potential vegetation found in Torrox is that of a thermophilic oak grove which, together with the “Quercus suber” cork oaks, would form the climatic stage of Torrox.

However, due to the agricultural and livestock activity has led to the disappearance of these communities. Therefore, most of the municipality is currently made up of less evolved serial stages of lesser size and biodiversity such as jarales- bolinares and eriales.

There are a number of plant species in Torrox that are protected:

  • Marine Zostera. Zostera.
  • Limonium malacitanum. Everlasting Malagueña.
  • Intermediate Calicotome. Erguen.
  • Pancratium maritimun. Azuzena of sea.
  • Balearic buxus. Boxwood.
  • Linaria pedunculata. Linaria.


The weather in Torrox

Is the weather in Torrox the best in Europe?

Everybody knows that the weather in Torrox is the best in Europe. Do you know why? If you would like to spend your next vacation under the sunshine even in winter, you should come to discover Torrox and surroundings.

Why Torrox has the best climate in Europe?

Torrox is picturesque town in the Costa del Sol, which has a nice old town with Andalusian style, as well as beautiful beaches. This town has a privileged geographical situation. For this reason, Torrox has a unique climate, which is characterized by mild temperatures throughout the year. The average annual temperature is about 18 degrees. In addition, Torrox shows off about 2900 hours of sunshine a year. In this way, you will enjoy your vacations under the sunshine even in winter. This amazing weather allows also growing tropical fruits such as avocados and mangoes. You can also enjoy outdoor almost everyday.


Discover the weather in Torrox season by season

Live a warm winter in Torrox

Winters in Torrox are not too cold. The maximum temperature is about 22º, as well as the minimum is about 6º. In this way, the temperature never drops below 0º. There are some festivities and events to have fun in winter such as:

Celebrate the spring in Torrox

Temperatures rises in spring and the fields becomes green and they are full of flowers. Springs in Torrox are unstable weather, because there are warm days, rainy days, windy days, etc.

  • Easter
  • Cross day

Summer in Torrox is a party

Torrox is a very touristic town and the most of its visitors come in summer. For this reason, the atmosphere becomes cheerful and lively. The most of the festivities are from June to August. So fun is guaranteed. These are the most popular summer festivities:

  • San Antonio Romeria
  • San Juan festivities
  • Turista day
  • Virgen de las Nieves y San Roque
  • Virgen del Carmen

How to combat the heat in Torrox and survice the summer

But during the summer there can also be warmer days, especially between 12:00 noon and 17:00 hours.

List of Tips: how to combat he heat in Torrox

That’s why in this post we talk about the climate of Torrox and how to combat the heat. And we leave you some tips to combat those days of maximum heat.

  • Bathing in the sea or in a swing pool. Avoid the hottest hours and take a bath in the sea.
  • Visit a tree park or forest.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables: In Torrox and Málaga you can find fresh fruits and vegetables of the day.
  • Have an ice-cream shake: Any bar in the centre.
  • Buy a Spanish “Abanico”
  • Take a nocturnal sightseeing tour
  • During the summer the cultural attractions close later.
  • Have a good fan.
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun during the hottest hours.

On the beach, in general, it is very good thanks to the breeze coming from the sea, but remember to avoid staying under the sun from 11 to 15. So the climate of Torrox is another plus point for you to choose this city for your next vacation. But beware of heat waves. And remember that in 30 minutes you will arrive from Malaga airport in your rental car.

Enjoy de wet fall in Torrox

The temperatures are very pleasant in autumn because they are not as high as in summer. In the same way, there are still many sunny days. However rains also come this months, so it is the wettest season. This time of the year is the harvest of the tropical fruits, such as the mangoes, avocados and custard apple. So it is a great opportunity to taste them. You can also have fun in the October festivities of Torrox. Its privileged geographical situation causes mild temperatures throughout the year. The average annual temperature is about 18 degrees, so this region has the best climate of Europe. Torrox shows off 2900 hours of sunshine per year to enjoy your vacations. This amazing weather allows also growing tropical fruits such as avocados and mangoes.


What to visit

Beaches and attractions in Torrox Costa

It is no more than 40 years old, but there are some remains of ancient civilization, which used lo lived here. For example:

  • The castle and the light house

The Catholics Kings ordered to build a castle to defender this area, later the French rebuilt it in Napoleon era. However the French destroy it when they left it. Nowadays there is no castle anymore but there is a picturesque light house.

  • Clavicum: The Roman Villa.

There are some Romans remains whose name was “Clavicum”. They lived here from the century I to VIII and nowadays there are remains of a Romans villa, baths, etc.

  •  Ferrara beach

It is the longest beach in Torrox which has dark and fine sand. It is in an urban area, so it is busy beach with family atmosphere. The blue Flag guarantees the excellent quality of the beach and its services. It has also a wonderful and cheerful promenade. When you come here with your car rental from Torrox Town, you will find it easily because it is close to the light house.


Beaches in Torrox park and El Peñoncillo

It is a small sailor village. It has a watcher tower of XV century “Torre Calaceite”.

  • Playa Mazagarrobo

The beach is very quiet because it is in a semi-urban area. This is no close enough to go on foot, therefore the best way to arrive here is with your car hire from Torrox. It is on the road N-340 so it is easy to find it.

  • Playa Calaceite

It is a natural environment for that reason it is very quiet beach. If you want to spend a beach day far from agglomerations, this is your beach. It is only 400 meters and it has dark and fine sand which is a hidden corner that tourists still do not know.

  • Wilches Beach

The Wilches Beach is a hidden treasure that knows a few people. This a small beach is in a natural environment where you can enjoy of its fine and dark sand. It is no difficult to arrive here with your car hire from Torrox with the N-340. It is worth this trip to enjoy a quiet day at the beach surrounded by nature.

Beaches in El Morch

This small village belongs to Torrox but it has its own identity since 1200 BC. It has a watch tower to defender it from the pirates attacks whose name is “Torre Vigía de Güi”. The economic pillars of El Morche are fishing tourism and greenhouse agriculture. It is easy to arrive here with your rental car from Torrox because it is in N-340.

  • Beach El Morche:

It is a cheerful and busy beach with familiar atmosphere. Its sand is dark and fine and its waves used to be no too big, so it is the perfect beach to enjoy with the kinder. You will find everything that you need for a beach day, such as restaurants or sunbeds rental. There is a nice promenade to walk and enjoy the sunset.

  • Beach “El Cenicero”

It takes no more than 10 minutes from Torrox Town to this beach if you come with your car rental from Torrox. It is in an urban area, so it has many services such as restaurants, parking, sunbeds rental, etc.  The beach is 1200 meters long of dark sand which is recommended to families.


The Torrox´s market, let’s buy something good!

The City Council plans to improve the Torrox´s market. The Torrox´s market is in the Plaza de la Constitución. Because it is going to transform it into a new gourmet gastronomic space.

The project to remodel the venue is a definitive commitment to the historic centre of Torrox. It will also serve to attract both residents and visitors to the nerve centre of the municipality. “This action also endorses our position as Gastronomic Capital of the province of Malaga,” he said.

Torrox´s market in Plaza de la Constitución

The Plaza de la Constitución Torroxeña “is one of the most beautiful in the province and Andalusia. It is also right in the heart of this white village. So the future gourmet market will represent a dynamic touch so fashionable in these times. Also this summer is going to work.


Time to eat in Torrox

Gastronomy and Restaurants

The traditional gastronomy of Torrox is based on the Mediterranean diet that is one of the healthiest in the world. This way of cooking uses olive oil to prepare tasty dishes based on fresh foods. As is the whole province of Malaga, in Torrox the people also eat a lot of fresh fish from the area fried in olive oil. You can order in the restaurants as “pescaito frito”. The most typical dish of Torrox gastronomy is the “Migas”. The ingredients are flour semolina, water, olive oil and saltz and you can eat it accompanied by many things such as “pescaito frito”, chorizo, fried green peppers or even melon. It is the typical dish when it is a rainy day. There are many good restaurants to taste the Torrox´s gastronomy. If you want to drink something and and try some tapas, you should go to the town hall of Torrox town. There are several places where you will find it for example bar la plaza o bar Paco. But if you prefer a properly restaurant where you can order more variety of dishes, you have to go to Restaurant Pata Negra in urbanization Laguna Beach.


The typical food from Torrox:


The migas, migas ruleras or migas de pastor are a common culinary preparation for people who devote themselves to Spanish transhumance.

It is mainly made with pieces of toasted breadcrumbs accompanied by meat and chopped vegetables.

In addition there are many popular variants. Because it can prepare with wheat flour: the so-called migas de harina, typical of southwestern Spain.

Before they were part of the daily diet, little by little they have been transformed into a dish of weekly frequency. They are generally served hot, and may be a dish or an accompaniment. They are usually accompanied by a glass of wine.

The other: Potaje de Hinojos

Puchero de hinojos (fennel stew) is a speciality of Granada and Malaga cuisine. It consists of a stew of white beans flavored with fennel accompanied by different pork meats. It is a stew that serves hot.

The main characteristic of this dish is the flavour provided by fennel. The fennel season runs from January to March in the Mediterranean mountains.

The fennel adds to the stew after one hour of cooking. You can elaborate like all the cooked ones with diverse pork meats. Also you can add sausages, lean meats, ham bone … You can also add a certain amount of rice that gives thickness to the broth.

The legume to use is usually the white bean in the case of the province of Granada, and chickpeas in the case of Malaga.

The best paella restaurants

If you want to enjoy the best paella restaurants in Torrox, don’t miss this post. Because paella is one of the most typical dishes of Spain and Andalusia. And also in an exquisite dish to enjoy. That’s why we bring you in this post some of the best restaurants where they serve the best paella on the Costa del Sol.

If you want to know more about Torrox and the Costa del Sol, visit our blog.

The Girl Sea

An ideal place for your family or business meals to be a success, located on the famous promenade of Ferrara beach in Torrox Costa.

Because it is a perfect place to celebrate all types of business meals, friends, birthdays or any other type of celebration. Where good food gathers a group of people around it.

In addition we must add its rich landscape of the beach. By which one arrives at a wide landscaped zone and of leisure for enjoyment of the smallest.

One of its specialities is La Paella.

Restaurant El Picadero

First of all, it’s a first-class restaurant. Because its specialties are paella, meat and fish. It also has an extensive menu with the most exquisite dishes of international and Spanish haute cuisine.

More than thirty years of experience for tourists in Torrox-Costa. It also offers a complete service for parties, and for other special occasions.

Pepe Oro beach bar

The Chiringuito Pepe Oro is located on the beach of El Peñoncillo. It is a luxury enclave in Torrox Costa. This beach bar is a perfect place to relax with friends. And also to sit in front of the sea and enjoy long, relaxed after-dinner meals. It also has chill out areas and wifi for its customers.

The base of its culinary offer are the Rice and exquisite Paellas. They are also very famous for their sardinian spits, which always come out with the perfect roast. These are the delights of their own and of the many tourists who visit the place, mainly in summer.

Also they have a Variety of Wines and sangria of luxury, to accompany the paella. Their good quality-price ratio contributes to always leaving a better taste in the mouth.


The best Ice Cream Shops 

One of the best ways to combat heat is to enjoy an ice cream. Due That’s why in this post we present you the best ice cream shops in Torrox.

Enjoy the ice cream parlours in Torrox during your holidays. You can find them on the Paseo Marítimo, facing the sea. Perfect to enjoy an ice cream, a black and white or a hailstorm in the company of family or friends.

In spring the Torrox ice cream parlours open until the end of summer. But some of them are also open all year round. Most of them are on the promenade.

In Torrox, it is traditional to have ice cream all year round, partly due to the German colony in this area. Because it influences customs.

Many of these ice-cream parlours make their own handmade ice creams, achieving a product of very good quality and very healthy. The recipes are transmitted in the families from parents to children and are family businesses.

Buenavista II Ice Cream Shop

Great views and good treatment. All the flavours of the ice creams are very good, we recommend without a doubt the one of Kinder Bueno. The cakes are very good and don’t get heavy. It has a great variety of flavors of teas and has several terraces, outdoors and closed. It is open all year round. It also offers a varied menu with cakes, breakfasts, chocolate, homemade ice creams…

Vistamar Ice Cream Shop

We can’t let this ice-cream parlor pass us by as one of the best in Torrox. Because a few months ago it won the prize for the best ice cream in Spain. Because Antonio Blanco Zambrano from Vistamar Ice Cream Store in Torrox Costa won the competition between the best specialised artisans in Spain.

Artisan Ice Creams Los Cordobeses

Good handmade ice creams and a great variety of flavours in the heart of Paseo de Torrox. Good service and pleasant treatment. The ice cream shop of the Cordobeses, in Costa del Oro open in spring until the end of summer.


Choose the accomodation you really need

Torrox is a well-known holiday destination so it has a very good accommodation offer for all budgets.



We recommend you the best rated hotels in torrox:


It is a small and family hotel in Torrox Town whose owners are English so there is an interesting mix of Andalusian and English atmosphere.


It is located in Ferrara Beach and recently renovated. This hotel has a funny and family atmosphere where enjoy yours holidays. It has pool, spa, free wifi, etc. If you would like to know more about this amazing hotel, visit our blog:

Bahia Sexi with Iberostar Torrox


You will find it in Torrox Costa in front of the beach and here you will rest on your holidays. It has an amazing pool with sea views as well as activities for children in the afternoon.




It is only 900 meters far from the beach and has a quiet and family atmosphere. You will have sunny places for the winter as well as shady places for the summer. You can also book a bungalow. Its services are laundry, playground, pool, wifi, etc.




It is 200 meters far from the beach however all the apartments has terrace with beautiful sea views. These apartments offer the visitors the best facilities such as pool, sunbeds, full equipped kitchen, etc.


They are located in Peñoncillo beach and they have garden, pool, BBQ place and free parking for your car rental in Torrox. Each apartment has wifi, full equipped kitchen, hair dryer, etc.


Bed & Breakfast


This villa is on a hill and has wonderful views of the Sea. If you are looking for a different accommodation in a family atmosphere, this is your B&B. it is in a natural environment far from the bustle.


This B&B is a country house with an Andalusian style. It has pool, tennis court and an outdoor restaurant. It is only 800 meters far from the beach so it is a very quiet place. With your car hire you can move freely throughout the area.


Find Torrox Holiday Rentals and best prices

In this post we show you how to find holiday rentals in Torrox. And don’t worry because finding accommodation in Torrox is easy. Because there is a wide range of hotels, apartments, aparthotels, chalets, hostels, villas and campsites. Also with this post we make it even easier for you to stay during your holidays in Torrox.

But if you want to know more about Torrox, visit or blog. Everyday you can find new information about Torrox and Costa del Sol.

Rental offers in Torrox and nearby villages

The range of accommodation in Torrox and neighbouring towns such as Rincón de la Victoria, Vélez Málaga or Nerja is wide and varied. You can also choose between one- and four-star hotels. There are also low-cost holiday apartments with one, two or three bedrooms. And for the most demanding villas and luxury villas with private pool, close to the centre, close to the beach, in the countryside.

In Torrox you will find all types of accommodation available:

  • cheap accommodation
  • accommodation to go with children
  • pet accommodation
  • offer accommodation
  • special apartment offers for groups
  • all-inclusive hotels
  • hostels and tourist apartments.

You can also find modern accommodation, charming accommodation, luxury accommodation or more exclusive accommodation to relax and enjoy your holidays in Torrox.

Find in the Centre of Torrox Holiday Rentals

The most popular and overcrowded accommodation area in Torrox is in the centre, close to the Paseo Maritimo. It also has access to all types of services, restaurants, bars, pubs, shops and public transport.

There are hotels, hostels and houses on the promenade, some with private swimming pools. The most common in Torrox are vacation rental apartments. These can be studios or 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. In addition, most of them have a view of the sea. The common areas have swimming pools, gardens and tennis courts.

How to find holiday rentals in El Morche

El Morche, also with promenade has quite a few apartments, some hotels and cheap accommodation. There are also plenty of bars and beach bars throughout the area. In addition its fine sandy beach is usually very crowded.

The Peñoncillo area, quieter and with less crowded beaches, also has holiday accommodation.


Social events and more!

Festivities in Torrox

Torrox the town with the best climate in Europe as its slogan says. In addition to the climate can boast of Holidays. In this post we bring you the most important  of the Holidays in Torrox:


The first of all the Torrox Festival Days is the Carnival. Because it is celebrating in February. With its concentration of murgas.

The Crosses of May and Holy Week

Las Cruces de Mayo and also Semana Santa, about these spring Holidays in Torrox we have already written some post. Because they are one of the most important Holidays in Torrox. But still we must leave them marked.

The Pilgrimage of San Antonio

The San Antonio pilgrimage is held around 13 June.

The Magic Night of San Juan

On the night of 23rd to 24th June it is customary to spend it on the beach to celebrate the verbena de San Juan. Also with their bonfires on the beach.

Holidays in Torrox by the Patrons of the Town.

On 5 August the festival is celebrated in honour of the village’s patron saints, the Virgen de las Nieves and San Roque. It also celebrates those days the Festival of Choirs and Dances International

Fair in the district of El Morche

The second week of August the fair of El Morche is celebrated. El Morche also has an extensive beach and a promenade.

Holidays in Torrox: Virgen del Carmen

The 15th of August is the festivity of the Virgen del Carmen, because she is patron saint of sailors and fishermen.

The Pilgrimage of San Roque

The pilgrimage of San Roque, celebrated on August 26, 2006 took place its first edition with the aim of raising funds to restore the roof of the church of Our Lady of the Incarnation. This pilgrimage coincides with the Day of the Tourist in which the tourist is the protagonist and in which diverse activities take place for the enjoyment of all the visitors.

The Candelaria

At the end of the first week of September the candelaria is celebrated. A rural festival that consists of people going to the cortijos to spend the weekend with friends. There they enjoy food, drink, dance and at night a large bonfire is burned in each farmhouse. Its origin is related to the celebration of the end of the harvest.

The Feria in Torrox is held on the first weekend in October.

Holidays in Torrox: the day of the migas (breadcrumbs)

El día de las migas, a festival of national tourist interest. It is celebrated on the last Sunday before Christmas. Migas is a traditional dish. The fiesta de las migas began in 1980.


Come to know the Spanish traditions in Torrox at Christmas

Where will you spend your Christmas holidays? Bahia Sexi suggests you Torrox at Christmas, where you will live the Andalusian traditions with the best climate of Europe. 

Torrox is a nice town in the Costa del Sol, which is well-known for its wonderful climate. So you will spend a warm holiday in Torrox at Christmas.

There are more than 300 sunny day a year, so even in winter you will enjoy the sunshine. In addition, the average temperature is 17º. Winters is the colder season, however the minimum usually is about 6º.

Torrox has 2 parts. One of them is the old, which is very picturesque and it has the typical Andalusian style. The other part is more modern and it is at the beach.

What to do in Torrox at Christmas?

There are many possible plans and special events in Torrox at Christmas. So let’s know them:

  • There is a Christmas Market, where you can buy handmade products.
  • The Sunday before Christmas Eve, Torrox invites all its visitors to taste their most typical dish, the Migas. It is a great party and many people come from everywhere to eat Migas.
  • Theater for kinder
  • Once a week there is a Christmas afternoon. There are dance shows, Christmas Carols and funny activities for children.
  • On the New Year Eve night there are many funny parties until the sunrise. But at midnight the Spanish have a peculiar tradition: they eat one grape with each bell to have happiness and lucky in the new year.
  • There are also Music Concerts
  • Before the 3 King arrive, the real postman come to Torrox to pick up all the children’s letters.
  • On the afternoon of the 5th Januar the 3 Kings come to Torrox with a fantastic Kings Parade.


May Crosses in Torrox, get to know this old tradition!

Since the Reconquest, carried out by the Catholic Monarchs, this feast has been celebrated. The Christians made their crosses with religious elements.

But others of profane character are also incorporated. The Cross in Torrox, celebrated on May 3, is especially characteristic, since it is a series of altars staggered in odd number that rises in the form of a pyramid.

In Torrox it has the particularity of being elaborated with pots instead of only with flowers.

In the preceptive stepped altar many elements of adornment are put, among them the shawls and the cloths of lace. The altars are preferably placed inside the houses in the courtyards. The festival is also organized around them, in which typical food and tapas predominate.

In the highest altar is placed the most important symbol of the Cross, a crucifix with a mirror behind it. Aromatic plants are also placed on the floor and offerings of fruits of time are placed on top…

Other Characteristics of May Crosses in Torrox

It is also characteristic to place a but (the sin of eva) with scissors (the perfect measure of the compass) nailed. Although there is also the belief that the scissors nailed to the but is for that person who lacks the Cross is cut to the tongue.

On the sides of the altars there are vases of flowers in which there are always white carnations, and their surroundings are flanked by a great quantity of leafy flowerpots.

Normally it is a celebration that begins at noon and then lasts until well into the early morning.

Croos in other cities of Andalusia

Of course, each year it acquires more followers. And it is also true that it is a celebration a long of more parts of Andalusia. It is especially noteworthy in Cordoba and Granada. Where the whole city is a big party for the event.

And all this just a few minutes from Malaga International Airport in your rented car.

Don’t miss it, and enjoy with your family!


Magic Night of San Juan in Torrox, enjoy the fireworks and food!

As every month of June you can already feel the heat because summer is coming. And the shortest night of the year because it is the Magic Night of San Juan in Torrox.

The Magic Night of San Juan in Torrox from June 23rd to June 24th is one of the most awaited of the year, summer begins.

The eve of San Juan has a special meaning in Torrox. Because on that magical night, the burning of the traditional Júas (Judas), the jumping of the bonfires and a series of rituals in which water plays a fundamental role come together.

In addition, in the historic centre you leave in the direction of the Torrox river to get your head wet with verbena in the Pontil neighbourhood. But also in the coast the popular moragas and bonfires are carried out.


Enjoy the best activities in Torrox in August:

Free Cinema in Torrox

Summer is synonymous with beach, but what if you can enjoy the beach while watching a movie? Torrox Town Council offers an extensive programme of free summer films so that you can enjoy a pleasant evening with your children.

In addition to the film sessions on the beach will be every Thursday until the end of August. But also this year there will be more screenings than last year. In addition, films can be seen in El Peñoncilo, Torcasol and in the historic centre of the municipality, where the sessions will be held in a magical setting such as the Picasso Gardens.

Gastronomic summer camp for children in Torrox

Because your kids love cooking and want to become real chefs. In the third edition of the Children’s Gastrotorrox Camp organized by Torrox. Which is also the gastronomic capital of Malaga.

The International Choir Festival

The 3rd and 4th of August is the International Festival of Choirs and Dances of Torrox in the square of La Almedina.

Homage to the Virgen de las Nieves

Another interesting activity will be on Sunday the 5th. Because it is a tribute to the Virgen de las Nieves, patron saint of Torrox. Which will be done with a verbena in the Plaza de la Constitución.

Concert in Torrox

Also on Friday 10 August will take place the summer concert of the association ‘Vive la Música’ Torrox. Because from 22.00 hours, the festival begins in the Plaza de la Constitución.

The Morche Fair

The El Morche Fair will take place from 11 to 15 August. And then the traditional Festival de los Fandangos de Güi. Which will be on Friday August 24 in the esplanade of the river Güi.

We encourage all neighbors and visitors to discover our culture through this extensive program of activities.


Day Trip to nearby towns

With your car hire in Torrox you can visit the nearby towns easily. We recommend you the most interesting town to visit:

From Torrox to Nerja

Nerja´s old town is cheerful and picturesque. Its narrows streets end in the “Balcon del Europa” that is an amazing lookout to the Mediterranean Sea. You can visit its cave which is so nice.

From Torrox to Malaga

Malaga Airport is the most important in Andalusian. It also an amazing city with modern tourist facilities and at the same time it has ancient history. Here there are many cultural events and always there is something new to do.


This town is close to Torrox, it is only 15 km. It is the typical Andalusian town with white houses that it is famous because of its sweet wine and its raisins.


You only need 2 hours to arrive to this English colony.  With your car rental from Torrox is so easy go there. Here you can visit the Rock and the monkeys which live there.


Marbella is the city of the glamour and you can visit it in 1 hour by car. You can walk through Puerto Banus and feel the luxury of its boats and its boutiques. You will discover the old town full of history and charming corners.


As the same distance as Marbella you have Granada that is the Alhambra’s city and its visit is essential. However is not the only attraction; the Albaycin neighborhood the really amazing lookout of “San Nicolas” and the old town is really amazing.   Torrox has the best weather in Europe, quiet beaches and everything that you need to have an unforgettable holiday. Don´t miss the opportunity to visit Torrox and surroundings with your cheap car hire Malaga Airport of Bahia Sexi services.



Nightlife in Torrox

The atmosphere at night in Torrox is lively, especially in Torrox Costa. The most of the pubs are close to the promenade even some have a terrace to drink something at the beach. But there are also some pubs in Torrox town. In summer the pubs are more crowded by the arrival of tourists. If you want to go out we recommend you some funny places where you can drink and dance:

  • Sala viva

It is a great night club where you can dance to the rhythm of Latin music. It is in the promenade in Ferrara beach, close to the light house.

  • Pub O’Connor’s

In Torrox Town there is an Irish pub with a pleasant atmosphere where to drink beer, playing darts or dancing.

  • Luan Café

The best bar in Torrox with all the sport on 3 screens, billiards, darts and at night music videos of all times and with the best service and atmosphere.

  • The Amigos Social Club cocktail bar in Torrox

It is a bar with a great variety of events during the week. Because there is also an open microphone, karaoke, bar contest, bowling, pool table and live bands. Very friendly and cordial staff. A definitive “must-see” if you are in the Torrox area.


Do you know the famous people from Torrox

Emilio Baeza

Emilio Baeza Medina was born in Torrox on 28 February 1892 and died in Malaga on 24 December 1980. He was a Spanish lawyer and politician of the Radical Socialist Party. Emilio stands out for being the first mayor of Malaga during the period of the Second Republic. He was also a councillor in the Town Hall of Malaga in 1919 and again in 1931. With the proclamation of the Republic in April 1931 he was mayor of Malaga. However, the most important thing is that he created the Independent Radical Socialist Republican Party. After the end of the Civil War he went into exile in Mexico. And he finally returned to Malaga in 1953. It also has a dedicated street in Malaga: Alcalde Baeza Medina street, in the neighborhood of Ciudad Jardín.

The most famous people from Torrox is Almanzor

But if there’s one of Torrox’s favorite sons, it’s Almanzor. A powerful Muslim warlord. Compared to the Cid Champion. He was born in Torrox approximately in 938 and died in Medinaceli in 1002. Hayib de Córdoba (978-1002). He was a descendant of an Arab family from Yemen established in the region of Algeciras since the Muslim conquest of the Iberian Peninsula. He studied in Cordoba and, during the caliphate of al-Hakam II, held important administrative posts, such as director of the mint (967) or mayor of General Galib’s army (972). In 976, the premature death of al-Hakam II placed Hisam II, a boy only eleven years old, at the head of the Caliphate of Córdoba. So Almanzor took over the reins of power. That same year he was appointed guardian of the young caliph, with the help of his mother, Subh. Two years later, in 978, after having turned Hisam II into a political puppet and postponed such influential figures as al-Mushafi and Galib. Almanzor had himself named hayib or prime minister, a dignity that allowed him to exercise absolute authority over the entire Hispano-Muslim territory. His first decision was to expel the Slavic mercenaries from the Caliphate army and replace them with Berbers. This measure gave him enormous popularity. He also made a deep restructuring of his troops in order to put an end to their tribal organization. Endowed with a charismatic personality and a great military talent, between the years 977 and 1002 he carried out a total of 56 campaigns in Christian lands without knowing defeat. The most memorable deed of the Arab warlord occurred, however, on August 11, 997, when he destroyed Santiago de Compostela. Get to discover all of that with your car rental and driving along this beautiful place!


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