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Culture and demographic information


There are some remains that evidence the human presence since the Neolithic era near the Gaudalfeo River and the coast. In this area there were also remains of the presence of the Romans.

Later between IV and IX century when the Romans abandoned the area, the population was not safe on the coast, so they decided to move to inland.

In the X century, under the influence of Muslims, the inhabitants began to come back to the coast and develop more the agriculture through terraces, irrigation ditches “acequias” and the cultivation of sugarcane.

Motril continued to grow thanks to the riches of sugarcane and in the XVII century it is already the most important city on the coast even Francisco de Quevedo makes reference to it in one of his works.

From XVIII century the sugarcane industry had a strong competition with the production of it in the colonies so the motril economy worsened and the cultivation of cotton began to develop but without much success. It is from the XX century that begins to grow subtropical fruits to leave the sugar cane as a minority crop.



Motril´s History Museum

The building is a nice house “Casa Garces” of XVII century where you will find all the ancient remains found in Motril.  You will know its history as well as the historical figures with new innovative technologies in this way it is more attractive to everybody.

Art Gallery José Hernández Quero

It is a museum with many artistic works of the painter from Granada, Jose Hernández Quero. There are also some temporal exhibitions.

Geominero Center of Motril

It was a real mine that nowadays you can visit, in this way it will show you all the information of the mine industry through multimedia messages using the most modern technology. It is a different and entertaining museum at the same time.


A route through the sugar cane and the rum of Motril

The sugarcane was the main crop in whole area of Costa Tropical in this way a great industry around the sugarcane emerged to becomed the main source of income of the city. The Muslims introduced this crop in Motril in the X century and it was after it was exported to America and not the other way around. This industry converts Motril in the capital of sugar in Europa and generated so much wealth that pirates and thieves wanted to seize it during years. Cheap Car Hire Motril Service shows you this route where you will know everything about the sugarcane and the rum:

Interpretation Center of Sugar Cane

In the Park Peoples of America you will find this museum that show to the visitor mainly botanical and scientific information about the sugar and the sugar cane. Here begin our sugar route.

Pre-Industrial Museum of Sugar Cane

It is the only museum of its kind in Europe that preserves pre-industrial machinery for sugar in addiction it has a very didactic exhibition with which to learn about the process of making cane sugar. This activity was the biggest economic support of Motril and the Costa Tropical for a long time, that’s why sugarcane was the sweet gold in this area.

Sugar Museum “Fábrica del Pilar”

This fabric was working during more than 100 years still there is a steam engines of this time. Nowadays its warehouse is a showroom where there are temporal exhibitions moreover the entrance is free.

The Rum Cellars “Ron Montero

The sugarcane is also the main ingredient for making rum therefore emerged other industry with the sugarcane: The Rum.

Francisco Montero Martín formed the company “Ron Montero” in the early sixties and still nowadays it continues to develop its products of high and very recognized quality despite the fact that the cultivation of sugarcane and its industry has totally declined in this area. Ron Montero is a successful company that continues to elaborate its products in a traditional way and with the best raw material. The visit to the rum cellars lasts 1 hour and you can also taste the rum.


Let´s know the city

Motril is the main town in the Costa Tropical, therefore it has the most important services in this region. For example the district hospital, the publish university at a distance, official school of languages, the Conservatory of Music, etc.

Thanks to its subtropical climate, it is the only place in Europe where you can find custard apples and others tropical fruits. For example: avocados, mangoes, papayas, bananas. You can also find greenhouses for the cultivation of vegetables such as cucumber or tomato.

Motril has two parts, the town and the port, moreover the villages that belong to it such as Torrenueva, Calahonda, Carchuna.

Old town

Motril is a town with a commercial environment which streets full of shops encourage to buy their visitors. Shopping is always a good plan in Motril.  There are some interesting monuments to visit:

Sanctuary “Virgen de la Cabeza”

It is on a small hill, where there was an Arab castle where Boadil´s mother lived. The Catholic Kings ordered to build the sanctuary when they conquered this area.

Passage “las Explanadas”

This place is a meeting point in Motril where the city hall organizes some cultural activities. There are many pubs and clubs in this area that is the main zone in the nightlife.

Park of people of America

It is a beautiful garden with 34000 square meters and it is the green lung of the city. A stream crosses the park whose sound will help you forget that you are in the centre. It finishes into a lake where an elegant geyser emerges. In this area of the park there is a stage where there are usually cultural activities and concerts. For example the “Quiskilla Motril Festival” where local groups act. Here it is located the tourist office and the interpretation center of the sugar cane.

House of “Condesa Torre Isabel”

Nowadays it is the culture area of the  city hall,  but it was a palace of a noble family from Motril. They built the palace in XVII century with neoclassic style. There is a beautiful courtyardinside it.

Encarnación Church

Previously it was a Mosque of the Nazari era. When the Catholic kings recapture this territory, they  destroyed it and build this Gothic-Mudejar style church.

Calderon de la Barca Theatre

This building of 1880 is Italian style and completely renovated. Nowadays here there are most of the cultural events of Motril.

Palace “Casa de los Bates”

It is a palace of XIX century which you can visit and book a tropical fruit tasting. The most beautiful is its Generalife garden of XVIII and the Winter garden of XIX century. They are great places to discover. The lookout terrace is also an interest point where you can admire the mountains of Sierra de Lujar, as well as the vega and the beach.


 Port of Motril

Near the port there is a small village which belongs to Motril and its name is Varadero-Santa Adela. The Motril´s Port is the biggest and the most important in the Costa tropical. It has 193 moorings.

Thanks to its modern facilities has a huge traffic of goods that come to Spain mainly from Africa. Recently it also has a direct connexion with Melilla, Nador and Alhucemas by ferry. You can travel with your car rental Motril by ferry to visit Morocco.

This port is also a fishing port, where come the boats which fish during the night. They arrive very early morning and take the fresh fishes to the “Lonja”, that is a fishes market to distribute it to smaller fish shops.

It takes only 1 hour far from Malaga Aiport and 40 minutes from Granada Airport. The most comfortable way to arrive there is with a car rental in Motril. Bahia Sexi offers you the best service and the best prices.


The weather in Motril

The subtropical climate

Motril is in the Costa Tropical of Granada. It is located between Sierra Nevada´s Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea what give rise a unique privileged climate in Spain. It has mild temperatures with an average of 18 degrees. Its winters are not too cold and the summers are not too warm. Usually enjoy more than 300 sunny days a year and July and August are usually the driest months.


What to visit

The best beaches

The motril´s beaches are 5 km far from the center of the city. With Bahia Sexi cheap car rental the distances will not a problem for you. You can enjoy the beaches with the independence of traveling with your own car rental.

The beaches of Motril and its services have high quality. Most of them have the blue flag that is a European prize for the best beaches. They have dark sand and little stones, as well as the clear waters that invite the visitor to have a refreshing bath. The cliffs arrive to the coast; therefore the beaches can be small and quiet or bigger and lively beaches.

Playa Granada

It is 1 km long of fine and dark sand. Every year win the “Blue Flag” what guarantied the high quality of this beach. This is a semi-urban area but with many services and a camping, Camping Playa Granada.

Here you will find the only one golf course on the entire Costa Tropical, “Los Moriscos” that has a very nice restaurant and urbanization with Arab style and the same name “los Moriscos”. This golf course has 18 holes and it is funny and easily to walk- from its privileged location you will admire the snow in “Sierra Nevada” while you are playing golf at the beach.

Playa Granada was the vacation residence of the kings of Belgic, Balduino and Fabiola, who loved Motril. But unfortunately in 1993 he died right here.

Poniente beach

It is the biggest and the closest to the town in an urban area, so it is a busy beach with a familiar atmosphere. There are the best chiringuitos (beach bar) and pubs. It is 2 km long of small stones and clear water that is enable for disabled.

Calahonda beach

It is a small sailor village which belongs to Motril. This nice beach is famous for its very clear waters and its depth because of this Calahonda wins every year the Blue Flag and it is a popular destiny to dive. Here you will find all the services to spend a great day at the beach such as chiringuitos, free parking for your cheap car hire Motril, enable for disabled, etc.

In Calahonda you can admire the remains of an old lighthouse from Muslim era its name is the “Farillo” (in English means little lighthouse) of XVI century. It also worked as a watched tower which has 2 canyons.

Carchuna beach

Between the Farillo and the Sacratif cabe is located this small village which belongs to Motril. The beach is more than 3 km long which has the Blue Flag every year. This beach is similar as Calahonda beach with clear and depth waters. It has many services such as chiringuitos, parking for you cheap car rental Motril, promenade, etc.

In Carchuna there is a castle for 4 canyons but el wars with the French and later with the English soldier left it very deteriorated.

Torrenueva beach

Torrenueva is a village which belongs to  Motril has a dark sandy beach and less depth than the others which is 2 km long. It is very busy because it is in an urban area with a lot of urbanizations. The promenade is really nice where you can walk at the sunset and take an ice cream in the famous ice cream shop “Perandres”. You will find all the services that you need such as chiringuitos, showers, etc.


Time to eat in Motril


The base of the Motril´s gastronomy is the Mediterranean Diet which cooks very fresh foods with oil olive. The blue fishes that live in area of Mediterranean Sea are the stars in the most of the dishes such as “sardinas”, “boquerones”, etc. You have to taste the “espetos” that it is fish pierced with a stick that is cooked to the fire on the beach. The tropical salad with avocado, papaya, tuna fish, sweet corn, etc. is a delicious specialty.

In Motril you can also taste the local gastronomy with tapas that it is small snacks offered free to accompany your drink.


Choose your accomodation

Don´t worry if your accomodation is not closes the centre because it is a good idea to rent a car in motril with Bahia Sexi to arrive there easily.


Elba Motril Beach & Business Hotel****

It is right in front of the beach whose rooms have fantastic views of the sea. It has great services for its guest, for example: miniclub, solarium, restaurant, pool, etc. and it is close the golf course.


Playa Granada Club Resort****

It is at the beach and everybody knows it because of luxurious facilities and the best service. You will enjoy the miniclub, fitness center, tennis club, spa, etc.



Casa Carmen

it is close to the golf course in Playa Granada, so it is ideal to golf players and famlilies because it has enough place for 4 people.

Lupi Apartment

It has a full equipped kitchen, 2 bedrooms, terrace and pool. It is close to the beach



Camping playa Granada

It is a second category camping despite being a small campsite it has some services like shower and restaurant. It is very close to the beach.

Camping Playa Poniente

It is second category camping which is 150 far from the beach. It has garden pool and you can book just here to horseback riding and surfing.

Camping Don Cactus

It is a first category camping with excellent services between the beach and the mountains.


Social activities and more!

Visting nearby towns

If have already a car hire in Motril, you would move easily and visit the nearby towns. We recommend you some of them:


The city of Alhambra is one of the most beautiful cities so it is an essential visit and it takes only 40 minutes by your car rental from Motril.


It is a cheerful city with modern facilities and a great cultural events where there are things to do.


It takes only 20 minutes by your car hire from Motril. This town has an interest history and many historical monuments, but you can also visit its aquarium or its water park.


It is a typical Andalusian town with white houses. You can visit its amazing caves. It takes 30 minutes by your car hire from Motril.

 Motril the most important city in the Costa Tropical where you will discover its history that is very close to cane sugar as well as the cleanest beaches in this region. Come with us to visit it with cheap car hire from Malaga Airport to Motril.


Motril Christmas Activities 2020

 The lighting in Motril has been on since December 4th.  Actually a part of the lighting, the one in the streets of the centre. Because the neighbourhoods have been lit progressively. And there has been no official lighting act to avoid crowds.

 This Christmas is not going to be very similar to that of previous years. Because the coronavirus health crisis will also mark this Christmas in Motril. But in spite of all the excitement, it will be present. 

 In addition to the lights, the Motril Town Hall has planted more than 5,000 Pascueros.

 As far as the parade is concerned, there is no choice but to sharpen the imagination to the maximum to make it possible that this year the celebration of the festivities does not pose a risk to health. Better times will come. That is for sure.

 Nativity scenes, flea markets, open-air concerts, children’s activities complete the festive events that last until the eve of Epiphany.

 Normally the 5th in the afternoon was the great Kings’ Parade. It began after receiving their majesties in the city’s port. It went through the main streets of the city.

 And it was organised by the Town Hall in collaboration with the Association for the Three Kings’ Parade in Motril.

 However, this year will also be different, it has not yet been approved whether to do a static parade as planned in Almuñecar. 

 But whatever happens, we wish you a happy holiday season and we wish you good health for the new year to come.


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