Bahia Sexi wants to show you the best 5 restaurants in Cabo de Gata, where you can taste some typical dishes. Here we recommend 5 of the best restaurants in Cabo de Gata, only  aproximately 100 minutes from the International Malaga Airport:

El Mich Bar Restaurant in San José

It is one of the 5 best restaurants in the region of Cabo de Gata because Bar Restaurant Terrace is a very pleasant and quiet. In addition with a relaxing view to the garden and to the swimming pool.

The menu is very attractive, with Mediterranean dishes with oriental touches. Everything is exquisite and of high quality. Reasonable prices. It is also a good place to go for tapas. The attention of the waiters is very good.

Fusion cuisine and high quality tapas, highlights its menu of European breakfasts perfect to gather strength and make the most of the days.

Special mention of the German breakfast with typical Bavarian mustard, sausages and beer.

Restaurant El Jardín

The Garden is a restaurant you can enjoy a good, healthy and tasty artisan cuisine. Its dishes and menus seek a conjunction of ingredients, giving each a unique style.

The kitchen of this restaurant is for all audiences. That’s why in addition to ‘classic’ dishes there are dishes for people with certain food intolerances (gluten, lactose, egg …). And because there are also dishes for vegetarians and vegans.

We don’t lose sight of the local, nor the natural. That’s why all the products are organic.

Octopus Restaurant

We consider this restaurant as one of the 5 best in Cabo de Gata because it is the best in its specialty. The Octopus, highlights the excellent grilled octopus, fresh and abundant. Their waiters are always very attentive and efficient.

On the other hand also highlights its terrace, very large and with a large collection of flowers and plants that provide a very special charm.

It is a restaurant, we put appetizers to our customers.

It is not a tapas bar, although its aperitifs are tapas (colloquially in Almería).

Restaurant-Nature Hotel in Rodalquilar

This is a luxury hotel and restaurant in the town of Rodalquilar. It consists of a large dining room with ample views of the playazo of Rodalquilar.  It also has an entrance porch and a large terrace overlooking the sea.

At the entrance there is an antique marble and Arabic brick bar. It also has a large central skylight that gives it a great luminosity.

Mediterranean haute cuisine: “A select cuisine that mixes top quality products and modern processing with the deepest traditional roots of Andalusia.

Dishes of the most current Mediterranean cuisine based on the use of top quality products. From meat to fish and vegetables.

La Sal Restaurant

This is a restaurant in Las Negras. With a cuisine that stands out for offering simple but very careful preparations.

Always based on the selected ingredients of first quality coming mainly from the zone.

Presenting the best Fish, Vegetables and Fruits of the place. Also enriched with other products such as Galician Meat.

It combines the cozy, local and simple atmosphere. This restaurant offers a careful, healthy meal, with seasonal products, along with the daily offer of Fish.

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In conclusion, there are many good restaurants in Cabo de Gata. In this reason, Bahia Sexi suggests you some of the best. You should try them and decide which is your favorite. So remember book a car hire of Bahia Sexi and have fun in Cabo de Gata!