Today we discover the history of Fuengirola. Because in addition to sun and beach, you can enjoy Fuengirola all year round thanks to its history.

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Discover the History of Fuengirola

The origin of Fuengirola is Phoenician. However, it is possible that it was previously a basic settlement. In the texts of Hecateo, in 500 B.C., mention is like of Syalis. That is why it could have been one of the Punic colonies on the Malaga coast.  From the 3rd century BC and after the Second Punic War, Syalis, like all the settlements in the south of Hispania, became Roman domain.

During the Roman period Syalis became known as Suel. And the Romans left remains such as the baths and the villa of the Finca del Secretario (Secretary’s Estate) or the fish salting places on the slopes of the castle mountain. Valuable archaeological remains have also been found, including a statue of the goddess Venus and a funerary altar.

With Germanic migrations, the Vandals were here from the 5th century onwards. And after the Byzantines, the village was abandoned for unknown reasons.


After this period without information about the village, the Arabs, coming from North Africa, conquered the area. It called Sohail, like the castle that dominated the population. The castle was so called because, according to legend, the star of Sohail could only be seen from this castle. Sohail then had a quite extensive, fertile and small village term.  Illustrious writers and poets were also born in the village. But it would be burned and again the neighbors retreated to the mountains of Mijas.

Christian Conquest

On August 7, 1485, the castle of Sohail was conquered by the Christian troops, with the Count of Trivento in command of the squadron. After the conquest there was an attempt to repopulate the place with 30 neighbors, but the threat of invasions from North Africa and other factors such as the shortage of land near Fuengirola to buy, explain the failure of repopulation and in 1511.

Contemporary Age

During the Spanish War of Independence, Sohail Castle was in the hands of the French as a consequence of the French occupation of Spain. Being the scene of the so-called Battle of Fuengirola, which pitted a Spanish-British army against a Polish garrison at the service of France.

In 1822 some neighbours requested the creation of a town hall in the locality to the Diputación Provincial de Málaga.  The municipality of Mijas, for its part, submitted a report minimizing fishing activity and which noted that the census of Fuengirola was only 409 people. The Diputació gave the reason to the city council of Mijas and Fuengirola had to wait until 1841 to constitute its own city council.

The railway arrived in the city in 1916 and the car in the 20’s. From the decade of the 30’s began to build beachfront hotels. They are the beginnings of the avalanche of tourists that since the 1960s has not ceased to arrive in Fuengirola, completely transforming the municipality.

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